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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by The Internet, Apr 13, 2017.

  1. The Internet Member

    Thinking this over some more...

    If TYT would link to a forum here and would encourage their members to engage in discussions, I'd let them name the forum any damn thing they want. Call it "Ass Wipes from Hell." Anything.

    "Members: 7" is just so sad. If The Wrong Guy ever leaves I fear I will be alone with my fish videos and the occasional comment from Death Hamster.
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  2. The Internet Member

  3. TYT

    eat shit and die
  4. The Internet Member

    I will add this to the list of possible TYT initiative names:
    - Ass wipes from hell
    - Eat shit and die
    - Anti-corruption
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  5. AssassinAnon Member

    fuck tyt they're a bunch of race baiting swj's leftist propaganda. anon should never be associated with these fascist white hating liars.
  6. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Me and other regulars are often guests. Just sayin
  7. The Internet Member

    The place used to have a lot more regular contributors.
  8. The Internet Member

    You gotta take the good with the bad because nobody is perfect.

    The good part I see at TYT: they are in favor of Net Neutrality, internet privacy, anti-corruption efforts, human rights, and dox or gtfo. That is a lot of good that overlaps with what people at WWP care about.

    Maybe you are upset with some Black Lives Matter faggotry and dumb things some black people say. That is understandable. But the basic point of BLM has to do with police shooting statistics. A higher percentage of black people are shot by cops than whites. This is not due to blacks being more violent. That fact indicates there is a problem we should think about. I can't see any reason to argue with that point.
  9. AssassinAnon Member

    Anon should be a equal mix of opinions so we should do a thread for Ben Shapiro too
  10. The Internet Member

    I don't care that much about opinions. My thing is making sure Americans have good access to facts. We don't need so many opinions when the public are well informed. But if you want to talk about Ben Shapiro, whoever he is, go for it. There's plenty of room for new threads here.
  11. AssassinAnon Member

    'the public are well informed' i don't think they are if they believe every trump supporter is a nazi, Ben Shapiro only uses facts while tyt lets;s their feelings get in the way
  12. The Internet Member

    We know that every Trump supporter is not a nazi. There are plenty of rich people who don't give a fuck about race but hate the idea of paying taxes. There are also people who like pretending global warming is not a thing, maybe because they work in some area related to fossil fuels, trucking, or automobiles.
  13. AssassinAnon Member

    Global warming if definitely real, i'm just saying if tyt have a thread then breitbart should be allowed on to
  14. The Internet Member

    I think you are a victim of mind control. Facts do not have two sides.

    The initiatives I've mentioned, like Net Neutrality, can have two sides. If you want to make an argument against Net Neutrality, feel free.
  15. AssassinAnon Member

    if you go for tyt for facts then you're the brainwashed my friend
  16. The Internet Member

    I go to a few different places for facts and I'm guessing you do the same. But you talk about "sjw" or "lefties" or "TYT" in the same way that Scientology talks about psychiatrists.

    So what if some leftie wants to talk about Net Neutrality. Why should I care that the person is a lefty?
  17. AssassinAnon Member

    tyt just piss me off mainly ana who thinks she's better than everyone and how they cried like children when trump won the election. Cenk tries to be funny but never is and and they clearly never give the right a chance i have plenty of good reasons not to like tyt
  18. The Internet Member

    Those guys are not going to waste time posting to threads. Prepping for live video is hella time consuming.

    So what if somebody I do not like wants to talk about Net Neutrality? Nobody gives a fuck who I like and do not like and that is as it should be.

    On discussion forums ideas matter. People, not so much.
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  19. AssassinAnon Member

    i agree
  20. The Internet Member

    Good. So let us move on to a few issues.

    I'm in favor of Net Neutrality because I want ISPs to ignore the content of the info sent to and from my router. I don't want them deciding to make certain content easy or hard to download. Fuck that. Their cost is in maintaining the hardware necessary to meet bandwidth demands. Let them make money that way. Once they start monetizing content they can start to control content. No wants.

    I'm in favor of internet privacy because there are private and state controlled intelligence organizations out there who dig for dirt on people. They use detailed info about people to control them. These organizations are all going to want access to databases containing personal info and browsing histories. Fuck all those organizations, especially the Russian ones.

    I am sick of all the money corrupting congress. We've got to make elections cheaper and more accessible to good people who want to represent citizens rather than donors.

    TYT are on my side on all these issues. Most people here are also on my side. Seems like a good fit.
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  21. AssassinAnon Member

    Most people agree with you the left and the right are all against cyber surveillance, there are some search engine's like duckduckgo which don't save or share your searches unlike google. use Tor if you really wanna go incog go for the hardest security setting if you really wanna hide but it'd difficult to navigate.
  22. AssassinAnon Member

    On the topic on isp's highly doubt they will ever not give out info
  23. The Internet Member

    Used to be ISPs could not give out your info without a court order until this:
    The Republicans all voted for this law even though most Republican citizens are against it. This fact is good evidence that the Republicans care more about their big money donors than the people they represent.
  24. AssassinAnon Member

    i don't think it was trump as the mastermind behind the decision though, i think trump had nothing to do with it, it was the senate tbh

  25. The Internet Member

    So who put a gun to Trump's head to make him sign this shitty bill against his will?
  26. AssassinAnon Member

    majority of the senate and comcast
  27. The Internet Member

    No they did not hold a gun. Trump shits on the Senate whenever he feels like it. I bet he is looking forward to using his veto power when that day arrives. And I doubt Comcast made a deal with Trump. Trump is more likely to make deals with people related to real estate development. My guess is Trump does not give a fuck about this issue. The Internet is not really his thing.

    Of course everything I just said is my own personal retarded speculation and not facts. But the fact remains that Trump sold us out here.
  28. AssassinAnon Member

    well comcast did pay the senates who pushed the bill
  29. The Internet Member

    Yep. Notice that the senators who voted for the bill were your guys, the Republicans.

    Me, I wish we did not have to deal with our two party system. I don't want to be on either "side." I want to go issue by issue.
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  30. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    You should be able to start threads now. If there is a problem tell a Mod.
  31. AssassinAnon Member

    Thanks, i can now.
  32. The Internet Member

    Hey AssassinAnon I have a question. Seems you agree with me that net neutrality and internet privacy are good and letting rich people and corporations buy politicians is bad. Now we see Trump signing bills into law that do away with net neutrality and internet privacy. At the same time the Republicans in congress are writing legislation to do away with campaign finance reforms and Trump has said he is with them. That means that you and Trump disagree on three major issues.

    So how come you are not harshing on Trump for going against what you want?
  33. The Internet Member

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  34. You said wwp works better if you're registered.
  35. White Tara Global Moderator

    Well it does, in the sense that you get access to the dome, pm use and alerts and stuff like that. Although I dont sock up, I can see how it has its uses for trolling and heavy opining and stuff. So either way its all good to me.
  36. Turkey is alive and kicking today​ with 1000 arrests linked to Gulen.
    I'd post a link but it's TI's thread let him have the glory..
  37. The Internet Member

    "The Young Turks" is a metaphor meaning "rebels," not "the youth in Turkey."
  38. Then they should change their stupid name to young rebels.
  39. The Internet Member

    All the world's a stage,
    And all the men and women merely players;
    They have their exits and their entrances[...]
    ~ The Pittsburg Pirates
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  40. AssassinAnon Member

    I have i'm right leaning Moderate but not a trump supporter

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