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    Any other alohafags out there? Since we're living in a freakin' touristy, tropical Giligan's Island place, we should integrate that somehow...hula dancers in Anon masks handing out fliers would be pretty wtf. Get a halau down there. Or coconuts. Or something.

    Theme idea I had today (is this the right thread to propose?):
    'We're From Space lol' or 'Apparently We Are From Space' or something like that.

    Theme benefits:
    lulz: Satirising the mental belief that we are controlled by the Marcabs.
    serious business:
    -highlighting L. Ron's psychotic ideas about why shit may be fucked up
    -brainwashing they go under to the point of believing this shit
    -why battlefield:earth was so freaking bad
    -good opportunity to play OTIII playing mentalness

    Costume potential = high.
    Spacemen / Aliens (xenu lol) / rockets(?)
    We have had success with pirates and party themes. Themes are much more interesting to photograph -> increase press interest?
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    December= Partyvan. I know we did PARTY HARD, but how about that holiday spirit? :awesome:

    This would be about Scientology's antagonism to the government. Including but not limited to:
    1. Operation: Snow White [lol, SNOW]
    2. Clearwater hearings of 1982
    3. Supreme Court Rulings from multiple countries
    4. FBI investigations
    5. Tax exempt status via blackmail of IRS
    6. Antagonism of FDA
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    I second the partyvan motion, with a "Here comes the FBI" subtitle. Public doesn't know what a partyvan is. We could also count up all the countries where Scientology is NOT a religion.

    Here's some more>

    Making Money - focus on sci as corporation

    Hubbardeen - Halloween/october theme, space aliens, dressing up as cruise and miscavige etc.

    Missionary Position - Focus on Sci missionaries, Vulture Ministers and how they lure people into the cult, without really helping

    Brains! - focus on how Sci eats brains (=zombies), commonly known as brainwashing

    Sci vs Science - their methods. They're doin it wrong. Alternative titles for science themed protests:
    Kill it with SCIENCE or

    Psychout - yaddayadda...

    Just another Brick in the Wall - Scientology's the Wall. You might be the bricks. Sign up now! (Focus on how Sci isolates members)

    Bring back the Caek! - Focus on child labour?

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    Whether it's legal or not, the point is that they are making shit up that has no facts behind it. It's an affront to human intellectualism!

    It's like the difference between Science Fiction :)lrhtalking:) and Science Fact:)wbm:)! If more scientists knew about this, especially ones on campaigns for public awareness of science (Richard Dawkins), they'd get so pissed. :rant:
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    The Toga/Roman/DM is a dictator theme would work well for August.

    For those Anons that are experiencing Summer, a Toga would help to
    beat the heat. For those anons that have the Winter Season, their toga
    could be worn over their warm clothes.

    how about a Dr, nurse, patient, surgeon, E.R. theme?

    i heard that the Co$ is practicing medicine without a license.
    like taking people off of their meds and replacing them with vitamins,
    and how the claim the Scientology can cure everything,
    even arthritis and cancer.

    YouTube - Scientology CAN'T CURE CANCER ... or any other BLOODY DISEASE

    a theme like this would honor Jeremy Perkins. i don't know what month would be good for this though. september?

    I like this idea. I remember reading that Miscavige has said Anonymous is the third/fourth coming of an alien race called the Marcabians, who wear suits, ties, fedoras and have insane FZero-type racecar tournaments.

    AND they're from the Big Dipper. :awesome:

    How about SCHOOLDAZE - focus on children in Scientology
    * tie in with Melbourne child abuse video
    * brainwashing signs
    * promote ex.scientologykids
    * dress up in school uniforms!!!
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    November, we should have a revolution party.....with lots of dancing.....Because a revolution without dancing is a revolution not worth having!
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    How about

    dance on the lolcano?

    featuring: Party hard feeling in summer, maybe carrebean/hawaii style, featruring OTIII
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    London already did that,
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    From experience of running club and fundraising events with themes I'd say the most likely to work are the ones that are as broad as possible, i.e. bigger scope for creativity and more people will join in the theme = moar lulz.

    One theme which might work is 'Hai guise I'm from the internet'. Basically a meme festival.
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    sorry, did not know that.
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    I have a theme that I know will be offensive to some, but really that's the point.

    Operation VP
    We set up like the Volunteer ministers, with tents and maybe a cot or two.
    Purple windbreakers of the same style as the VOLUNTEER MINISTER windbreakers, only they say VOLUNTEER PEDOPHILE on the back.
    Give lots of touch assists.

    Use OP:VP to highlight CCHR and its use of children, also the predatory practices of the vulture ministers.
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    You just want to see womens in chatolic shoolgirl uniforms.

    Wait so do I.

    good one
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    The Celibrity center: we dress as movie stars (esp. tom cruz, will smith, etc.)
    speeches full of fitting quotes from classic movies. maybe even play monologs over the PA.
    Projection b0mbing (where legal)
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    August theme suggestion:

    Real Masks vs False Fronts - exposing all the front organizations that funnel money into ths co$ coffers.

    If this has been suggested, blame it on too many tl;dr posts.
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    Throwing my hat in the ring for August:


    We do a recap of the epic win all summer long. We parade our trophies and rally the troops. We take advantage of the upcoming Maxim and Wired articles and focus on recruitment, consolidation, and lulz. We rub it in the $cilons faces that we're having fun while they slave away at their Sisyphean quest to clear the planet. We wear swimming suits and bring slip and slides. We barbecue.

    What do you say, anon?
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    I love this one. It's kind of a metatheme and everyone can reuse the last three months costumes and props.

    plus, who dosn't like BBQ?
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    Operation: Come Out and Play!

    This raid idea just came to me. Just wanted to throw it out there and see if anything happens. I didn't see anything like this anywhere, but if this has already been said someplace else (and I didn't catch it), please merge this with the appropriate thread.

    Operation: Come Out and Play!


    The kids stuck in $cientology are treated like miniature adults because of cult teachings. They are subjected to child labor, dealing with adult material (ex: auditing people much older than they are), and certain emotions and activities natural to a child (humor, curiosity, etc) are frowned upon. They drop out of school, and therefore are not allowed the same fun experiences as their WOG peers.

    Who better than Anonymous to offer these kids a second chance, and to show the world that this will not stand?

    Things that came to mind:
    -games that can be played in public without obstructing sidewalk traffic
    -mini-fairs (I know that idea's been tossed around before)
    -free pre-packaged treats or charge a small fee to fundraise for exscientologykids
    -dressing up like action figures, superheroes, dolls, I'd say clowns too but I know some people would think that was scary
    -candlelight vigils for the "death" of $cikid childhoods
    -dressing up like LRH/a villain and parodying recruiting saying out loud about the things that could happen to their kids if they join
    -I don't know how this would be done, but there is a definite need to bring awareness to the child sexual abuse issue in the cult (maybe pedobears with special signs or flyers)

    Have at it, guys. Sorry if this sucks.
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    Re: Operation: Come Out and Play!

    that's... actually a great idea, we could focus on said child labur etc.
    Even Lawfag said that would be one of the best choice to appeal to the populace
  23. Balognanon Member

    Re: Operation: Come Out and Play!

    Another thing: I STILL see the comment around the internet (and from some of the people I know) to the effect of "Well, if they're stupid enough to believe this, then let them screw themselves over"

    It needs to be said to these people that these kids did not choose to be born/raised in a cult.
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    Re: Operation: Come Out and Play!

    I like the idea a lot! I can imagine how pissed off I am to just think about my bambinos being treated like that. Kids deserve Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and pop-tarts. Hmmm... it may be an idea to dress the tots up in rags and hand em fake pick-axes. Small women would work for that purpose too.
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    ...Opperation: Child's Play?
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    Because I am new to the Enturb site, and to posting publicly as well.... Even though I have in fact "Lurked Moar" quite a bit, trying to educate as to how this site works, preferences, etc... (AND I MEAN HOURS AFTER HOURS as its also part of my profession that being some research)

    I am still a bit unsure as to how to go about posting a topic I feel is very beneficial to the protest and fight against the CO$. I have/had different feelings on posting this in a thread, mostly because I was unsure as to "Which" thread to post it under...It's not my intention to post only to give the Mod's additional work moving my post to the correct placement thread so I'm hoping I'm where I should be.

    Not to mention, I of course would like to stay as "Anon" as possible considering the following information.

    I hope that you don't mind as while I wish to remain "Anon" I will and can tell you this much...In TRW, as a highly influencial, awarded individual, I have close ties to several outlets that I do not wish to directly make public in any thread too in depth and for the reasons you will read below.

    One of the goals in which I feel is important in all aspects are the "Visuals" we present at each protest as it will stand a better chance at making those still "In the Cult" perhaps "Think" outside of the Truman show...2...Get MAJOR public and most importantly MEDIA attention, as well as give us instant...instant...Did I say INSTANT additional numbers to the movement whether they show as Anon's or unmasked. Not that we are desperate for numbers. I just think that the variation of the amount of people showing for each protest will send the squashes into a tailspin a little moar as far as thinking "Oh shit now what?" Besides, being somewhat predictible is so boring. Ha! While I can't speak for all, I can speak for my local and we'll not be giving them the satisfaction of much predictability.

    The information regarding my employment or a few aspects thereof are the following...Direct ties to major media outlets/networks while holding a Power position. *However as you know there has to be something to get the camera crews out there and longer than to get a few minutes footage for the nightly 2 minute newscast. We work too hard, the Media is no longer fearing the CO$ as they are in a sense able to hide behind the mask so to speak thanks to reporting on an ANON group who are wworking double time to get the information out there.

    With Maxim's article NOW is the perfect time.* I also have ties to SEVERAL high ranking politicians who are looking for "Good things" to add to their campaign's considering it IS election year..

    *Again, if I bring something to their attention it has to be newsworthy so that they have the footage to add to whatever ad campaign they will put together in adding being instrumental in the involvement of shutting down the cult...Gotta love the politicians. LOL By ties...I mean, I lunch regularly one on one with random Senators, Congressmen, Mayors, Governors from various states. Some of which are like family and if I whine...they listen.

    * Last but not least because of those ties...we accomplish any of the above which can be done easily by two idea's I've come up with, along with input from other of the creativity that has come from random members and we have a huge WIN which that will give me a reason to bitch/whine to the right people IF they haven't caught notice themselves of future protest and how we handle them

    ...other employers I work directly for in high ranking law enforcement WILL DEFINITELY FEEL THE DESIRE TO GET ALL UP IN DAVEY BOY'S RELIGION OOPs! My bad I meant BUSINESS. Not that they are not already...just from a likely different angle. So why not as they say, throw Nitro into the pile, and give them yet MOAR reason to increase man power, attention, and funding into investigations?

    What I wouldn't pay to see Davey boy bentover by those who once were his own. And that's something to consider when dealing with the issue's with the OG. The fact is, their testimony will be instrumental in breaking up little Davey and TC's "Friendship." I've often wondered who is the pitcher, versus who is the catcher in that relationship? LULZ (Ack! Okay enough with that visual.) And that is as far as I'll go on that topic. These idea's/opinion's are simply that and to hopefully be beneficial in helping the cause. I won't be butthurt nor whine via a hundred post if nobody likes these idea's. Coming from the neutral side as well as being an Oldfag...I just thought it only fair I share information that I know get's reaction, from whom, and at what cost.

    Before I go any further I do not want to come across as someone who thinks they know MOAR than anyone on this board. I do not mean to come across as some "Authority" you should listen to simply because of who I am/what I do. If these idea's even help to spawn other idea's then so be it. Our objective is the same. By mentioning what I do ITRW is nothing moar than to explain why/how I came up with these ideas after observing much awesome creativity and hard work by our very own. Not to mention what can be done to satisfy our goals even moarso.

    Here it goes...
    Idea #1 and on such short notice this would be the one to catch the fed's attention quickest however it would also be the one that won't have thousands moar additional protesters out there with us. However, it will definitely get the Media's attention thus flagging the fed's. I think the Sept/Oct protest will be the biggest/best of all simply due to climate. Which is another thing to think about.

    There HAS to be a protest/picket regarding David Miscaviage's missing wife. After all, this is big news considering she is the cult leaders spouse. I wouldn't doubt he hasn't even filled out any missing persons report and that's likely because she's not exactly missing, she's either dead and its swept under the rug...or she's in an RPF camp somewhere being brainwashed and broken down further so that perhaps she forgets some things. (Why am I suddenly hearing Corey Hart's "I ain't Missin you at all" Song in my head? While at the same time verses from Trapt's "Head Strong" ringing in? Must be the OldFag in me?

    I suggest using ONLY WHITE signs with BIG BOLD LETTER's in BLACK/Red looking very official with the word MISSING at the top...any photo anyone can find of her plastered on there and if its not able to be blown up that large so be it...spell out "Cult Leader DM's Wife Shelly Miscaviage blah blah" For all we know her own family isn't even aware of her missing status as I don't have to say its likely she has either disconnected due to her hubby OR worse yet, her parents are active members.

    As for fellow protesters...they can easily take photo's of her found via the net and everyone can bring small milk cartons decorated themselves with her photo on it as they do other missing children/people. (Some may even bring extra to give to people, which would give a whole new concept to the GOT MILK campaign as we're gonna have to start buying/drinking a lot of milk in small cartons! LOL

    The point is...We go advertising she is "Missing" wanting answers and, at the very least the Fed's are going to start asking questions especially if there is no missing persons report, and at the very least its going to get the news channels reporting about her issue and the pressure is going to be on Davey boy bigtime to either produce a story as to the last time she was seen and by whom...(which I gaurantee will launch an investigation especially after Hubbard let his wife rot in jail)....OR...Davey boy is going to drag her ass up out of whatever hole he has her stored in and bring her to likely clearwater or LA/Hollywood so that she can be seen by press/Anon's/OG and be photographed to get any questions of her being missing/dead/in prison iside the RPF answered to get the pressure off Davey boy. All ways are a WIN for us and her, and in retrospect, additional pressure and reasons for DM to drink yet MOAR. (this is also an occasion to mention the members who have allegibly been locked in a room forever. Mainly we concentrate on Mrs M. (again, my ideas, orders or demands this is just the way I write as I don't make a habit of posting anywhere.)

    2nd...and this is where we get additional protestors without much urging at all.

    Yes, we tackled the "Sea Org" during one protest, and yes I think we did a good job however...because of how those inside the Truman show "think" in my opinion we need MOAR visuals in trying to get thru to them which I know we all are in agreement. What I am recommending is a Protest/Picket which titles/names for it are endless. This is what I came up with in accordance to past historical events via my professional life that gets the Big Fish up off their ass.

    We play dirty (Legally) and concentrate on the Sea Org/CO$ policy of "No children." Therefore, each person protesting comes carrying a cheap or borrowed baby doll, to get the LULZ and moar attention...dress each fake infant in different professional type clothing...anything military, medical, law enforcement, just each and every majorly important professions IE: astranauts, olympic medalist, blah blah blah to represent.... (The LULZ are endless especially with the Olympics starting)

    Sorry, I'm having to stop to wipe tears of potential LULZ!

    1. Just a small estimate of the forced abortions brainwashed Sea Org members who have signed a billion year contract had no choice but to have, the costumes/baby clothes representing what each COULD have been being the goal. (Hell the NY crew could dress some in NYFD outfits and play off of the 911 disaster indicating perhaps some of those infants would have grown up to be fireman. For Lulz some may even put a mask on some of the babies and make them OldFags or better yet "Newfags" (No Pun) : )

    Here's where the protesting numbers increase. and here's where I referred to as playing "Dirty" yet "Legally."

    Someone get's ahold of each local's anti abortionist organization and invite them to protest along with Anon's/OG. THEY WILL BE ALL OVER IT knowing they are instantly joining a protest where there will already be many there...most don't even KNOW of the cult's practices or the fact these women are having abortions at this rate. Gauranteed.

    This will not only be represented to the public especially with signs stating that the babies being held at the protest are a small percentage of lives lost worst yet, by women who likely would have chosen to keep the child provided they didn't face the RPF and/or worse considering they did sign a billion year contract and are brainwashed and likely disconnected from friends and family to ask for help in blowing the cult to keep their child. Nevermind the fact they make squat for money so its unlikey any female would have any "Savings" put aside to be able to make the decision to "Blow" in order to deliver her child and make it in TRW.

    You may want to make sure each anti abortion group that's invited is aware of Scientology's Fair Game policy so that they do have the choice of wearing protection and arriving/leaving safely. These people are HARDCORE as you know, and will likely leave the mask at home and park right in front of the gawd damn Org's. The added numbers..the visuals...the signs...will get additional public awareness, not to mention give the tv stations some real content to broadcast about...and bingo...its's a direct hit as far as possibly getting those still inside Scientology to "THINK." It will help our dear American President is ANTI Abortion....Yet MOAR potential LULZ.

    I know each ANON local will likely change it up a bit to fit their own creativity...I invisioned someone even at various locations setting up a makeshift cardboard booth with a white curtain so that it looks "Medical" and then having a bunch of Anon's male/female both with stuffed shirts indicating pregnancy, Perhaps even preggo Zombies...lined up, walking thru the curtain (where there should be an anon dressed as dr or nurse somewhere putting a redcross on the exhibit), and as they leave out the other side, whatever was under their shirts indicative of pregnancy now is GONE.

    Those leaving the medical facility should walk in...and if...brainwashed yet still feelin the normal human emotion of sadness, this could be represented by them hanging their heads in shame. Trust me, line up even 20 men/women signifying they are pregnant walking thru something stating "Sea Org Officer Abortion Hut" The news AND Anti Abortionist Activist will go CRAZY. And...I can promise you...there will be fireworks because I don't care how much info you send to the anti abortionist of them are going to go toe to toe with a member from the Cult if they dare try to "Handle" them as a protestor.

    With the topic at will be obvious that everyone at that particular protest is not simply there to fight against Scientology's wrong doing's as a whole. In other words it will be obvious there are anti abortion activist protesting which is something that will need to be discussed. We can send each organization info on scientologys fair game policy, or with the invite simply state scientology has its own OSA and habits of trying to identify any critic of anything Scientology stands for...and leave it at that...either way...if a shitstorm occurs, again, its a very controversial topic and if we all start showing up across the Globe and because of the topic at hand suddenly we've doubled in numbers...the CO$ is gonna know its not just the 9000 they "Think" they are up against and will likely not waste money on so many PI's.

    Ok asshole's...we all have the same objective...together we stand...divided we regroup and add ten plus per each Anon." "Sucks to be OSA" Again, I'm passing on what I've witnessed for years that certain lazy asses can't ignore. We have a LOT to our advantage dealing with this KILLER CULT NOW....With my fellow Anon's creativity and dedication the potential WINS and LULZ are endless.

    (Just as a NOT think I have not "whined" about issues before. It's the "TONESCALE" in which I do it in that matters. (crackin myself up here)

    I think with the info I have provided many other creative Anon's can come up with some other cool things to use/do especially where proper music etc is concerned. I just wanted to get the idea's out...let you know that you are speaking with someone who knows how to get the politicians, law enforcement (FBI/CIA/IRS/DEA/ATF) pissed off, The Media ALL OVER IT...and most importantly how to get the news crews excited about getting the coverage in each city/org so that they are waiting watching for themselves and I won't have to bitch to anyone anymore as the Media will bring the information upfront FOR US AND WILL BE EXPECTING US. Things like this will keep them there covering the event in its entirety rather than just showing up for ten minutes to interview a few Anon's and one of the critic's. I can see FOX News reporters sporting their own mask now!

    I won't touch much on the subject of the shitstorm between certain ANON and certain OG this past month.... Other than to say, we do not have to agree with them all the time, however, they do have the inside experience and their testimony stands up in court which is what it is going to play a major role in putting Davey boy away... Well, that and yet another infiltration by the Fed's which....Like Avon is knocking on the CO$ door.

    Therefore never underestimate the power of showing up with OG on the premisis. Don't look at it as if you are helping necessarily "Tory" for instance...keep pushing to remind everyone its about those inside and that corrupt bastard that's ruining lives who we are compelled to focus on...whatever works the way I see it, its a small sacrifice to make.

    In retrospect...the fact is, the OG has been protesting for quite a while with little results. So, if marching with the OG bother's you...Don't let it. It didn't become a Global fight to end the crimes until ANON marched in and made it our own once they forced Mr Minton out. I know there has been a LOT of drama where some of the OG is concerned....To me it's to be expected to see some of the traits of their time inside just as its not uncommon to witness someone who has been military still showing traits years later of their military training.

    Besides, MOST importantly....while it is a compassionate thing to do to be marching alongside OG or even ahead....when Anon isn't exactly what we call "Not your friends" its yet contradicting that statement (which assist PR wise in past news and secures Anon's rep for future event's in a manner that it's not so easy for CO$ to go public in calling us terrorist. ) Its as always, just to a moar extreme extent, that it places emphasis on the LIES that comes from the "Church." I don't even want to get into the debate regarding the OG and their f*ckups.

    The way i see it is...There is a man by the name of Mr Bob Minton who did EPIC amounts for the cause both monetarily, as well as physically alongside taking risk, and depriving family of his time who can no longer be a part of what has now exploded globally thanks to ANON..and whatever is MOST effective in assisting us to dismantle the CO$ in it's original form, while bringing Davey boy DOWN....

    It would be EPIC in itself and in my own opinion one hell of a payoff for us to disregard those OG who do/have F*cked up...and for Mr Minton to be able to see the progression (Especially since the success so far including Maxim), to drive by a protest, get the insights via WBM or whomever....or flat out WATCH it unfold on TV, without seeing ANY division whatsoever where the cause is concerned.

    The thought of the pride in his heart, for all of his sacrifice and hard work, should also be taken into consideration as while it's fixed so that he cannot be a part of something that would have been considered a dream come true had ANON caught on and came marching in beside him back in the day, when he was still allowed and able to take part. Especially, when he was making those raids/protest sometimes alone with nothing but a cameraman... And the money out of his own pocket. ANON's are a lot of things....Anon's are EVERYWHERE without any slight indications of our numbers/resources (especially without people like OG and Minton),

    And one thing I have always saw within is an ANON not afraid to show RESPECT for those who deserve it. The shit eating grin on Bob Mintins my opinion is worth it.... and besides, its just FLAMES my ass to think the CO$ or corrupt OG sending in information such as the shitstorm recently, is giving the Scifags a reasons to smile thinking we are dividing in a "Negative" manner due to any OG's Fuck up's. One of the best things we RAWK at is keeping them guessing month to month most importantly Davey boy's diaper needing changing worrying about what the next month may bring.

    Okay.... I did it! Those are my thoughts....suggestions....input....add to it, discard it...Flame me...Drag me to the TD...."Whatever." I just felt it time I spoke up.

    (Now...GO GET EM...So In case I can't march in one of the next protest, I can sit at my desk with a waste basket under my desk so I'm not consistantly wetting myself watching the BIG FISH fight over who does what, and which get's a piece of the pie...Or Better yet..."IF" the CO$ tries to send the "New" and improved PR agent out to "HANDLE" this shit.)
  27. Anonymous Member


    Before adding the above post, I didn't catch Bolognanon's post. I can see both being merged easily where the CO$ kids/Sea Org Kids are concerned or lack thereof. Why not add an additional makeshift cardboard school with a single piece of cardboard so that it looks authentic on the outside, then make it obvious it's non existant behind it?
  28. Anonymous Member


    Operation "Child's Play" rawks! Any/ALL dressing as Hubbard and/or Pedobears MUST carry a "CHUCKY" doll! Or Perhaps Chucky could be the only one seated in the fake school with a dianetic's book?
  29. Anonymous Member


    One of the idea's I came up with in order to get the information out in the open in regards to our servicemen and their families being targeted by the Sci's...While we can't expect active military to participate basically because their CO's would flip the f*ck out due to past military protest involvement....We could definitely sport camo gear and become the soldiers we already are in military gear at a protest handing out info as well as dropping fliers off at the Veteran hospitals.

    I think it's time to bring in the space marines.

    David Miscairriage Vs. Master Cheif.

    Cheapo Halo helmets that still give good face coverage are around 25 bucks on Ebay.

    I don't expect many would go this nuts though

    Chris Bryan | Master Chief Wearable Suit

    Prolly a silly idea, but it would draw mass attention on the street.

    What are YOUR plans for the comming scilon apocolypse?

    Mostly joking.
  31. AnonOrange_ Member


    Hey how about this:

    The LAPD (and possibly other jurisdictions) tell us that we have to constantly move while protesting. They didn't say anything about what SPEED we have to move.

    To entertain the public, gain attention and etrurbulate, LET'S PLAY TAG !

    I'm sure you all know how TAG works. One Anon gets the tag and has to give it to someone else by touching him/her, then that recipient has to give it to another Anon.

    This will have the effect of a large crowd of Annons running in in all directions away from the person with the tag, right in front of the orgs. This will absolutely drive the $cilons nuts and the police will not know what to do with us.

    It's all about enturbulation and lulz.

    PS: Operation Child's Play made me think of this.
  32. anonprkour Member


    wait so next months is what?

    operation: childs play?
  33. Anonymous Member


    this thread is so not what it should be.

    fags will chit chat anywhere they can find.
  34. Delilishus Member


    I super super like Operation Childs Play.
    There are some anons I'd like to see playing Twister, heh.

    Also another big focus of Childs play can be how some children don't get to talk to their parents.... there's a LOT of material in Scientology for this.

    I brought lollipops to this protest, and some were handed out with fliers... some people were like ???, but others responses were pretty positive. I remember someone getting a flier and being like 'OOoo lollipop!' (BTW, this was like, perfectly normal 22 year old guy).
  35. Anonymous Member



    CHILD'S PLAY [whilst nice] IS WEAK SAUCE.



  36. toast Member


    how about a nerf war?

    I like the tag idea. Think about how it would look to have superheros, dolls, and other protesters dressed up as things children would like playing tag, lulzing, and spreading the word against how scifags treat children. This is made of win.

    Candy with fliers, posters and picket signs with the theme of board games, and other toys. This will be epic.

    Children pull heartstrings. Think about how much attention this is going to bring.
  38. Anonymous Member


    Operation Child's Play could cover many issues. Especially the forced abortion. I Like the idea above in the large comment. (If nobody read it due to length you should) Lots of idea's for LULZ and reaching goals. Im partial to the makeshift hospital and preggo Anon's both male/female...exiting non pregnant along with the baby dolls dressed like professionals, Anon, mini me lord Xenu sorat like DM/TC

    Talk about something that NEEDS covered. Whomever posted that was right on in my opinion about outting the whole Michelle Miscaviage missing issue. Will give him hemorids and the Fed's something more to focus on
  39. Anonymous Member


    Operation Child's Play could cover many issues. Especially the forced abortion. I Like the idea above in the large comment. (If nobody read it due to length you should) Lots of idea's for LULZ and reaching goals. Im partial to the makeshift hospital and preggo Anon's both male/female...exiting non pregnant along with the baby dolls dressed like professionals, Anon, mini me lord Xenu sorat like DM/TC

    Talk about something that NEEDS covered. Whomever posted that was right on in my opinion about outting the whole Michelle Miscaviage missing issue. Will give DM hemorids and the Fed's something more to focus on. The front groups etc.. will be noticed anyway as long as the fed's launch a full on investigation. Would be good to ensure of this fast that way nobody can be infiltrated LULZ
  40. theburgerking Member


    I'm all for Child's Play in September. It'll be relevant to the public due to Back to School timing and there's a LOT to do with it. There's a lot of things to do with the issue creatively as well. Also due to timing there'll be plenty school supplies around for us to use for the theme.

    I think an entire protest on Miscavige with a MISSING WIFE focus would be a great idea for a later month. Maybe a Christmas theme would work best: "Will Shelly Be Home for Christmas?" or something like that. Grinch Miscavige could work really well. [A friend who is ex-Sea Org knew DM's wife very well while she was in and apparently Shelly was her nickname.] Also there was a big thing about getting DM christmas and birthday presents that members would pay out-of-pocket for and not get reimbursed for until years later, if at all. Ex-Sea Org friend also has experience with that one.

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