There is no way out.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by none given, Sep 29, 2012.

  1. none given Member

    Western civilization will crumble into dust soon.
    It is "The way of all things flesh"
    Shit dies; get over it.
    The end is extremely fucking neigh.

    It may be 20 years, it may be 200 but the current Euro-American culture is on the down-swing.
    Somewhere between 1940 and 1970 we peaked.
    We will not "readjust" to regain economic dominance; we will become accustomed to being poor countries. Our formerly affluent nations will be unable to maintain basic services: electricity, water, sewage. Trivial nonsense like television and internet will be out of the question.
    I don't know who the new boss is; Australia (LOL), Brazil (also LOL) but we don't have what it take to run a planet; Europeans and Americans are self-absorbed, swinish creatures who do not have the will or character to lead other nations. We like dancing, sex and drugs. We can’t actually create anything of value. We can only sing and play like children.
    Look at our pointless degrading and degenerate culture; it is obvious that we are unfit to guide or rule humanity.

    Fat Americunts and heroin loving Euro-trash are part of the same industrial complex. We die together.

    One question remains: where does a person sow their seed for the future?
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  2. Anonymous Member

  3. none given Member

    Anon makes a good point; this is not news.
    Everyone in the "First World" knows our rule is over.
    The Muslims could seize control and murder everyone who refuses to beat their mother (It's in the Koran somewhere)
    the Mezitos could grab the wheel and spank everyone who refuses to Salsa their Aunt (they have a Book, I'm sure they do).
    I just think "Westerners" should know that they are a "has-been"
    Also we are still in a position to influence the future for better or worse.
    If "The West" is history what should be current events?
    What emerging culture do we support?
    It's kind of like a "Choose your own Adventure" book except it's fucking real.
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  4. Anonymous Member

    you're just whinnying
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  5. grebe Member

    I, for one, welcome our new Chinese overloards and their many productive enterprises.

  6. Anonymous Member

  7. Anonymous Member

  8. anonymous612 Member

    Question: is OP a faggot?

    /shakes 8 ball

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  9. Anonymous Member

    "Many glorious awards already won"
    Fish paste and 50cc two-stroke scooters?

    I'll bank with South America. At least the women have tits.

  10. grebe Member

    And for boaters: no need to buy these women their own PFDs. Think of the savings.

    But I am not sure, are South American women cheerful and obedient?

  11. none given Member

    Technically no, but I am willing to learn.

    Call me.
  12. Voluptuous South American vixens are fine and dandy, but I'll take the fish paste and scooters' award-winning robustness any day.
  13. A.O.T.F Member

    Well ... you appear to have sewn yourself here .. and that is a great start my friend. There are a LOT of people here who have felt despondent about the state of things None Given ... Stick around and watch us prevail.
    Buck Up Dude (A chunk on the shoulder to you)
  14. Anonymous Member

    What about Slouth East Asia?
    First off it has THREE capitol letters in it; that's a win.
    More Importantly there is a lot of caucazoid DNA left there from the 1960's-70's.
    I say if they can form some kind of a Gook Union they are in the running for Next Big Thing.
    Marxism works on paper ( no offence China) but the Thai are willing to sell their daughters That's what capitolism is all about!!1!
  15. Random guy Member

    No, western civilization won't die, it will just stop being a dominant power in the world. Coming from one of those backwater, small European nations with no ambitions/chance of world power, I can tell you that's not necessarily a bad thing. And no, the Arab world is not going to take over, they have neither the resources nor the cohesion to dominate anything but their own turf. And frankly, until they stop depending on their religious fagotry for everything, they won't get squat done.

    ... The Chinese on the other hand ...
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  16. none given Member


    OP here.

    612 Why haven't you called?
    I'm waiting.
    I needz U bro.
    I needz you HARD!!!1!
    I have power tools.
    And boysenberry lube.


  17. grebe Member

    I am with you, comrade. I cannot wait for Yu Wan Mei to begin production of its full line of specialty products here in the US. For example:

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  18. none given Member

    Ironically (perhaps pathetically and tellingly) OP is in the process of making a major purchase (on behalf of an employer) from a Peoples Republic of China manufacturer. (AKA cheap shit from China) saved us like $6,000.
    ITT: Redneck guilt rears it's ugly mugpiece.

    World Economy
    What are you doing?
    World Economy

    My point is that the Final Boss of the new media is in a position to have some influence over coming events.

    Did I, like a noob, mistake us for people who care about shit or does Chanology/Anonymous want to swing it's collective Cawk in favor of any particular emerging market?

    ITT: this joiny, who runs it and what happens next.

    If we ever did SRS BSNS, this is it.
  19. That frozen eel milk dollar is a good dollar. The lads on Madison Ave. can work on the placement - I'd juggle with the 'Nature's Breasts' a bit - something like Yum-E-Elver-Creme - but I'm no marketing guru.
  20. CarterUSP Member

    This thread needs more bacon.
  21. Anonymous Member

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  22. A.O.T.F Member

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  23. A.O.T.F Member

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  24. raboon Member

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  25. cafanon Member

    Eh, I'm not to worried about a "chinese takeover," seems like cold-war paranoia to me.

    But lets look at this fact: China surpassed Japan as the country who has purchased the most US Debt, somewhere around $900 billion. Some go as far as saying "china owns us!!! OMFG! PANIC." But there is a phrase out there that goes something like: "If you borrow a small amount of money, the bank owns you. If the bank loans you a huge fucking amount of own the bank." Put it this way, if the US defaults on the $900 billion it owes to China...both countries are fucked. The US and Chinese economies are incredibly intertwined (and have been for some time now)...a "takeover" of anykind is just bad business.

    Now...if you want to talk about civilizations crumbling into dust... just look at the increased global temperatures, dead spots in our oceans, rapid consumption of finite resources and a rising planetary population....all topped off with people in power not giving a shit...and you'll see there are a lot bigger issues than the Chinese.
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  26. Anonymous Member

    all of these things are manageable, but when the dollar starts dropping in value, as it will do, that will disrupt the global economy. The dollar is being destroyed, and it will have serious repercussions for all of us.
  27. Even the chinese are having some cohesion problems these days.

    Here's to Solve et Coagula!

    Personally, I want to live in Jefferson or Pacifica. The left coast knows what I'm talking about...;)
  28. Anonymous Member

  29. Well, if yer from Riverside county, what else do you expect?
  30. Anonymous Member

    Jefferson was Northern California, not SoCal
  31. Also pic was from the 40's. probably WW2. I have driven up and down CA and never encountered a blockade such as that. Recent docs, pleez. I think in the future we will just use brain activity scans to weed out the undesirables. ;)
  32. Random guy Member

    Well, in the long run it is not impossible the US will dissolve into single states. The Roman Empire eventually did, and China have at times been a divided into smaller states. This will be far off in the future though, I doubt it will happen within a century.
  33. Anonymous Member

  34. Ya never know.
  35. Anonymous Member

    State of Jefferson National Scenic Byway: This 108-mile-long route, part of the National Scenic Byways Program, begins by following California 96 west along the Klamath River just outside Yreka, turning north into Oregon after reaching the optimistically named town of Happy Camp. The riverside stretch is gorgeous, and this area is the real hotbed of separate-statehood sentiment. Leaving Happy Camp, the road turns up for a magnificent climb through forested slopes, coming down into the hamlet of O'Brien on U.S. 199.
  36. Been to Happy Camp selling shit at a biker run. Loved it. Bigfoot memorabilia everywhere. Be sure to have the kids at the local coffee shop take you to the 'birth canal', a naturally occuring phenomenon in one of the local streams which sucks you down and expels you between the rocks with an amazing force.
  37. Anonymous Member

    That is more than one question.
    Re-start thread again.
  38. Anonymous Member

    An American's response to all the love we felt after 9/11. This is from 2002. I still lol hard at it today.

    America's Only Hope: The Cumstein Plan for World Peace
    by Rabbi Mitch Cumstein

    I have been observing the rising tide of anti-Americanism, especially among the Europeans, with sardonic amusement. Less than a hundred years after the decline of global hegemony, the Brits and French have become bitchy and envious critics of another ascending empire. The blossoming rancor and moral outrage behind the recent European protests have been a fount of mirth for those of us who are familiar with European colonialism. (White man's burden, Mr. Kipling.)

    So, thanks to all here who have posted trenchant [insert sarcasm here] analyses of the motives behind American military actions. (smirk.)
    LMAO at the pseudo-intellectuals.

    I deeply appreciate the irony of the sermons of the Brits, who pontificate about American consumerism while parking their asses on the internet all day in the warmth and security and independence insured them by the conspicuous consumption of the British society which underwrites their unemployed asses. Thanks for revealing yourselves as whinging stultified cunts.

    I don't care where you come from, you all still read like 19 year old liberal arts majors from CUNY, with all the profundity stemming from the deep life experiences that a "neo" grown-up can muster. Apparently, it takes 9 months to develop and deliver a baby, 18 years to get the opinion that you're infinitely more perceptive than all around you, and an as-yet determined period of time to deliver your head from your ass. Good luck.


    For you fucks who hate America, three words:
    The Marshall Plan


    I actually agree with you all, I don't think America should be overseas meddling in the affairs of foreign powers, protecting Muslims from crazed Serbs, African people from their beloved warlords, Kuwaiti dogs from Iraqi scum, Euro trash from Communist aggression, and so forth. No, we really do appear to be bullies when we hand out ass kickings like business cards.


    If I was Imperial leader of the United States, I would enact the following:
    1) We would bring home ALL American troops from every location on the planet.
    2) We would drill for oil in Alaska.
    3) We would close the borders to all foreigners, period. No visas, immigration, no foreign students.
    4) The UN would be bulldozed.
    5) We would build a great big fucking wall along the Mexican border and fill the Rio Grande with pirhanas and electric eels.
    6) Canadian citizens would be allowed 3 day entrance and exit visas.
    7) We would laugh when the Muslims took over first every nation in the Middle East, then Europe. I would personally toast the building of mosques at Tours and Rome.
    8) We would establish a 100 million strong army to defend our borders from fleeing flotillas of Euro filth.
    9) When the Muslims nuked up, we would simply send every megaton we have. "Allah, here come your sand pimps!"

    There you have it. Approximately 15-20 years from now, the world would be free of the scourge of Muslims and Europeans, and we would be at peace at last.

    Vote for me, my fellow Americans. There's a reason many of our ancestors left Europe------we evolved-------
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  39. A.O.T.F Member

    LMAO :D
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