These Sites Need to Go Down

Discussion in 'Help Iran Online' started by Unregistered, Jun 22, 2009.

  1. We can spam the fuck out of them. They're not using CAPTCHA, so it's a piece of cake.

    I know somebody had a script, but we need instructions for the newbies.
  2. Tony C Member

    These sites are a cancer against the people of Iran as well as the truth. They are all cowards in their blame of their own people for all the corruption and inhumane acts taking place.
  3. The .ir site is directly responsible for what happens to those people. I don't see why it would be the west who took it down, i'm sure people are aware of it from all around the world.

    Many of your Generals quit taking orders. It's your turn now. Lay down your arms. CHOOSE FREEDOM. Quit shooting your people.

    Your choice, murder your people or freedom. Lay down your arms. CHOOSE FREEDOM.

    If Ahmadjad wins, you continue murdering your people. If Mosavi wins, what happens to you? We have your photos. Lay down your arms. CHOOSE FREEDOM!

    Ask your mother or your wife, should you continue shooting your people or choose freedom?

    His Excellency Khamenei, why choose Ahmadjad when your people choose Mousavi? Dump Ahmadjad & make $$$ from tourists. We love your people.
  5. is hacked.
  6. Bad News...

    These sites are all spreading nasty lies. For those of you who haven't taken Computer Science III and think that DDOS will "crash the iran internets" please step back. The rest can do the responsible thing, and shut these jerks up:


    SHAFAF.IR --
    SIBNA.IR --
    TEBNA.COM --
    IWNA.IR --
    سپاه: با تلفن و ایمیل اغتشاشگران را به ما معرفی کنید --
    شهاب نيوز - اغتشاشگران را معرفی کنید --
  7. 11c8jkp.jpg
  8. Cloak n Run Member

    Thanks so much for that list. Many of us have already sent off complaints to but had only 3 or so sites at that point. Is it at all possible for you to submit the exact page of where each site is identifying protesters? Will help us further with these complaints.

    If everyone could notify as many of your friends/family about this it'd be appreciated. Once ThePlanet realises the extent of our concerns and the increasingly vast number not willing to accept hatred & torture from a US hosting company we might effect change.

    See this post for email details to complain.

    and then this conversation for details of a list of further names to contact (board/execs)
  9. Moar like this!
    Remember Iran doesn't have infinite bandwidth. The Gerdab Mob may be experiencing a temporary boost in available bandwidth due to the fact that they are suppressing popular access to the interwebz, thereby usurping freedom of expression, thereby enslaving the innocent.

    The sons and daughters of Iran have now rejected years of Basiji beat downs.

    Listen Zion, their voice is calling!

    Continue. Let the evil regime feel the burn.
  10. Vee Member

    Whats that image of?
  11. Cloak n Run Member

  12. Fugly.
    Either way they're both nightmares.


  13. looks that's task force /i/ran-anonymous, with a .to reference, and something looks persian?
  14. Cloak n Run Member

    I saw it as blocking the flow of information... the rest..?!
  15. Persian Special Forces. Star of David. Red Cross. SOS in morse code. Green arrow pointing up. Arrow weaving between gold bars. Your basic badge of information warfare. /i/ symbol /A symbol.

    Whatever, you get the picture.

    This is all /i/ need to get the job done:

    Countdown 9...8...7...6...
  16. Vee Member

    I like this one alot. U get 2x thumbs up
  17. Make all of us very happy and show us some proof.
  18. Cloak n Run Member

    I totally misunderstood that logo message.. derr.. I get it now. Considering the message at it's purpose It's flipping brilliant.

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