These Twitter Accounts are whoever wants them

Discussion in 'Projects' started by Anonymous, Jul 14, 2011.

  1. Anonymous Member

    I have had a few twitter accounts harvesting scientologists from the official accounts for a good number of about a year or so. A few months they got suspended again and I cant be bothered to go through the suspensions process with twitter again so here they are you can make use of them.... if not...I don't give a fuck.

    No longer available
  2. Anonymous Member

    *Watches OSA quickly learn how to change an account password*
  3. Anonymous Member

    Twitter Name : Scientology
    Login : ScientoIogy
    Password : whyweprotest
  4. anonymous612 Member

    Might want to post these with a real account (or a new sockpuppet) so you can go back and remove them when they've been claimed.
  5. Anonymous Member

    first account claimed and reinstatement process begun.
  6. Anonymous Member

    let me know when they have been claimed and ones of the mods can delete the thread
  7. anonymous612 Member

    Easy way to find out would be to try the password to see if someone's changed it...
  8. Anonymous Member

    Thanks Sherlock.
  9. Anonymous Member

    Hey, OP did ask.
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  10. Anonymous Member

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