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Discussion in 'Support Questions' started by dajugo, Nov 3, 2011.

  1. dajugo Member

    Im working for my school thesis about anonymous because I'm very interested in your operations and that your fighting for our rights and our anonymity. thats the reason why i wanted to ask if there is a possibility to make a e-mail Interview with somebody of anonymous. i would be very happy for a quick answer.
    with great admiration, a big fan.
  2. Anonymous Member

    No. And learn to spell.
  3. Anonymous Member

    Ask your questions here.
  4. Anonymous Member

    And learn to punctuate.
  5. Jeff Jacobsen Member

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  6. Anonymous Member

    When your work is done and graded, please consider posting it here.
  7. over9000OT Member

    Google Gabrielle Coleman.
  8. xenubarb Member

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  9. dajugo Member

    my mother tongue is German thats the reason why my english is not that good.
  10. Anonymous Member

    It puts the lotion on its skin, and asks its questions here again.
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  11. James Spader Member

    dajugo, if you go ahead and post some questions the likelihood is that individuals who are interested will answer. Ignore the rest.
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  12. nik Member

    I would like to ask, what makes people together in the hive with so many cultural differences? thanks
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  13. Robocat Member

    They are from different cultures. Some are interested in different things.
  14. Robocat Member

    Maybe you should try a German Chanology forum.
  15. Miranda Member

    If you mean, what unifies people on WWP, the answer ranges from "our initiatives" to "we like to laugh." We are unified when we happen to agree or laugh at the same time. We don't make a special effort to be unified.
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  16. Anonymous Member

    I completely agree with my leader and everything she tells me to do.
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  17. Miranda Member

    u better.
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  18. nik Member

    haha right Mrs Miranda! the corruption of LOL lv it. WWP is the only place I can talk to and someone answer me, tks! when i am at chat forums, is like being in the desert, i like it though, because i do no effort at all. Sometimes cultural differences make some threads, but moderators calm or just kick out the guy upset. the "iniciatives" unifies, without many effort to gather them, although there's many people working in chats, forums, etc. I personally captivated by the images and sense of humor, in addition to the political initiatives. Robocat i'll try the german channology forum, with the help of google translation dictionary xD
  19. telomere Member

    Robocat had suggested to dajugo (who said he was German) - to try German-language threads.
    If you are not German, maybe try sections in your own language. Perhaps an Owl (or a Búho) can help?

    And always beware of other non-native speakers, who use google translate to try and communicate with you, and fail pretty badly!
  20. Random guy Member

  21. telomere Member

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