they know you, but you dont know them :(

Discussion in 'Iran' started by Unregistered, Jun 17, 2009.

  1. I ask always how the people can protect themselves when they are in demonstrations or some how active against the ahmadinejad. Because even if the people finish demonstration they are registerd for sure by camera or noticed somewhere else. So my question again: how can they protect themselves from going jail one week, one month or even one year later?
  2. Member

    Wear a mask.
  3. cover your face
  4. Suprisingly its the people who wear masks that actually commit to violence during a protest.

    Protesting will never solve your problem.

    Mass disobedience is the only way to get anything done.
    Power for and by the people does not mean you have to protest.

    A protest is futile since the opinions of all the people are impossible to sum up under 1 banner.

    Freedom sounds nice. But ask 10 people what freedom means and you will get 10 different answers.
  5. Prestwick Member

    Surely though paralysing a city with a mass peaceful protest is a form of civil disobedience. Gandhi and co didn't just sit around a lot, they marched, en mass and that was a county of hundreds of millions who despite not agreeing on everything knew that they had one goal to achieve first.
  6. You are free to think that.

    I just know that protesting does more harm then it does good.

    But don't believe me, by all means. Live your own life.
  7. Ask 10 people what anything means and you'll most likely get 10 different answers.

    By your logic, civilisation is not even possible as we can never agree on anything thus never getting anything done.

    What garbage.
  8. AnythingICan Member

    thread is about how to protect yourself not effectiveness of protest, troll. also, i suggest utilizing all forms of resistance including protesting an disobedience. as long as you are going against injustice
  9. I take it you are happy with how civilization turned out.

    What you fail to realise is that taking power by mimicing the same people you took the power from does not change anything.

    It takes a certain finesse to apreciate what peaceful resistance really means.
    While I agree that the people from the world have the right by nature to resist against anything that goes against the basic essentials that makes us human.

    All I am saying is that by getting together in 1 big group you are again giving away your basic right to think for yourself. Unless you agree with violence to achieve your goal.

    If you are one of those then by all means. Do go on, blow up a buss, if they don't listen blow up a building. Yea thats the idea! We will make them listen.

    Give me a break. I am too old and I have seen too many things to even concider these ideas.

    One mans garbage is another mans wealth.
  10. AnythingICan Member

    putting words in others mouths, troll. why do you give up your right to think if you are in a group? you have no reasoning, you make no sense. bad one liners, too.
  11. Simple. You make sure you win and the old regime don't survive to haunt you.
  12. Already in jail

    From my very distant perspective, it appears to me that the whole population is already in jail.

    The citizens of any country have a right to believe in any faith of their choosing. But freedom must respect the rights of others to follow their own path. It seems to me that those freedoms have been hijacked in Iran and a struggle to regain personal choice is a valid one.

    There is ample evidence of despotic regimes being overthrown or at least brought to heel by mass protest. Recently we have seen some fruitful efforts in Pakistan and more recently in Thailand. Earlier we saw it in Eastern Europe. Protest does work and can bring about change. It is a valid and admirable mechanism for change. But it is well to remember that it is not the violence but the mass of protesters which brings to bear the fruits we seek.

    Even so, not everyone will play by the rules and some will be hurt or even lost. The best protectioin you have is to be peaceful, but be counted.

    Our sympathies are with all Iranians as this drama plays out, and we hope that equity and respect are among the benifits achieved.

    A 67 year old Australian born friend.

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