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    Someone called The Missionary Kid is collecting comments from and posting them... in a comment at that site. I thought it'd be worth preserving that here:

    Not only is there no science in $cientology, it's actually anti-scientific.
    $cientology auditing is an inescapable Groundhog Day.
    $cientology: Really disconnection
    $cientology. We are the clap of tax free pseudo religions.
    $cientology. You don't have to be crazy to be one, but it helps.
    A good trap requires good cheese to misdirect your attention. In Scientology, the cheese is tailored to the individual.
    A made up story that $cientology puts out to explain a lie to the faithful is called a"shore story." To the rest of the world, it's so ridiculous, we call them a "snore story." - term courtesy of Michael Leonard Tilse
    A perfect storm of gullibility intersecting with guile.
    A Scientologist's idea of proof is is based on an uncritical belief in anecdotes
    A Sciloon event being free is much like a Big Mac being suitable for vegetarians.
    A short description of scientology, applicable to all levels: Imagine a problem; now pay me to fix it. – Michael Leonard Tilse
    A vampire empire of clams
    All $cientology is black $cientology.
    All dianetics is black dianetics.
    All of Scientology comes from four misunderstood words. Those words are "modern", "science", "mental health", and “religion.”
    All Scientologist are Ex-Scientologists....,they just dont know it yet.
    An auditor with no personal rights helps people to go free............ What a contradiction.
    An e-meter works better as an electrician's Volt-Ohm Meter.
    Be Insouciant. Join staff never
    Because it's pure BS $cientology is pedaling, it's a non-prophet organization. There's no prophecy involved.
    Beer: Better for you than Scientology, and much cheaper, too.
    Being a clam requires full burial in the church's sand pit.
    Being in Co$ is the spiritual equivalent of doing crystal meth: brain drain
    Being involved with Scientology is like getting trolled, Rick Rolled, and mugged for your wallet.
    Blinded by the tek, ripped off by a douche, another conner in the night...
    Choke of Scamatology
    Clam Kool Aid is called Clam Aid
    Clamagedon: the end of $cientology.
    Clamatology is at its core, a sales exchange of the intangible for the imaginary.
    Clamland: where $cientologists' minds live.
    Clearing the Planet: The MacGuffin of $cientology*
    Clearly, $cientology doesn't make the "able" more able to spell.
    Clearwater buildings are being turned into an Iron Curtain country replica, one building at a time by $cientology.
    CO$ -- America's own home-bred Mafia.
    Co$ = All tent, no cattle
    Co$ = All tent, no cattle (but a lot of sheep)
    Co$ has erotomania (stalking syndrome) It's also called De Clerambault's Syndrome.
    Cogito ergo sum- I think therefore I am. Scientology version: Cogito quia dictum- I think because I was told
    Common sense is a crime in $cientology.
    Compassion is a crime in $cientology
    Conned by the Con of $cientology.
    Contradiction is Scientology's middle name.
    Contradiction is the essence of Scientology.
    COS: Crimewave of Scientology
    Dave...your "Idea Orgs" are like naming the TITANIC the "Ideal Ship. – Tory Christman
    Dear Scientologists, you were lied to. The whole time.
    Dianetics and Scientology: exorcising First Amendment rights since 1950
    Disneyland calls itself, "The Happiest place in the world." Co$ is the unhappiest.
    Don't be a little bitch when you can be a big one should be $cientology's motto.
    Don't worry! All your remaining problems will be fixed on the next level. - Rinse, repeat.
    Drive a man to absolute fear, then offer him salvation... and you will own the man: body, mind and soul. – From a British TV show on PBS.
    E-Meter = D-Weapon
    Ethics and $cientology in the same sentence. The ideal oxy- moron.
    Even asking a scientologist if they're a scientologist is taken as a provocation.
    Every time you hear a Scientologist use the word "friend" just substitute "fellow cult member" and you will then understand what they are really saying.
    Everything in $cientology is pulled out of someone's ass.
    Evidence from $cientology uses the Tech of Instant Made Up "Facts."
    Ex $cientologists are betrayed wounded Soldiers
    Fair Game: It's not a policy... it's a way of life.
    Famous for "withholding" the toilet paper worldwide.
    Financial forensic vultures make up $cientology.
    First, you pay $cientology for its reality. Next you pay while they adjust it.
    Follow LRH's examples and set science back centuries
    FUBAR AND SNAFU: the normal state of affairs in $cientology.
    Harassment and Lying are Scientology Sacrements.
    Honesty is out ethics!
    Hubbard's edifice of sand...
    Hypocrisy is a Scientology sacrament.
    I joined a religion started by a science fiction writer whose symbol was the double cross, and then they sold me a bridge...what could possibly have gone wrong?
    I wanted to be a Clear, but alas all my cash went exterior before I did. - George Layton
    I was lost, but then $cientology found my wallet.
    I was such an ashtray. - Roz Cohn
    I.A.S.= I Am Screwed
    I've never seen so many people convinced there must be a pony under all that horseshit.
    I've no interest in Scientology whatsoever. They're crazies. - Sher
    If a $cilon says she is alive, take a pulse. If she has one, she's lying
    If a phrenologist studiied a Scientologist skull, and got to the "humor", "skepticism" and "common sense" areas, he might think somebody had drilled it for a bowling ball!
    If it isn't fraud, it isn't scientology.
    If it isn't lying, it isn't scientology!
    If it's not fun, it's not anti-scientology!
    If it's not hypocrisy, it's not Scientology!
    If it's Scientology, they're lying.
    If the Borg asimiliated the Ferengi you'd get $cientology.
    If there's one thing I've learned about Scientology, it's that they never learn.
    If they weren't homophobic assholes, then it wouldn't be Scientology. – Derek Bloch
    If what you're doing doesn't work, do MORE of it.
    If you ain't getting yelled at, it ain't Scientology
    If you mess with people's conception of reality enough, they might just believe everything you say.
    If you're in Scientology buying Humanitarian status, you're not a humanitarian.
    In $cientology, "ethics" is NOT.
    In a Scientology building. EVERY room is a fundraising room.
    In practice, ethics always boiled down to crimes against profits.
    In Scientology they round up stats to the next order of magnitude. Isn't that close enough?
    In Scientology, it's always your fault.
    In Scientology, The cash "shortfall" = the amount that is still not sucked out of the wallet
    In Scientology, the only right answer is yes. And you are the only problem.
    In scientology, the patients pay the master to create the phenomenon.
    In the real world, patients pay the doctors to make it stop.
    In the UK, Scientology comes in a poor third behind the Qu'ran and a man in a comedy bear outfit.
    In the wog world, 100K buys you an impressive college degree. In scientology, the acquired knowledge barely qualifies you to operate a cash register.
    Ironic that the only time a Scientologist really needs a bridge is when they are leaving.
    It is ALWAYS opposite day in Scientology!
    It is always worse than it is so BLATANTLY FALSE!!!
    It is never enough, and you are never enough in Scientology
    It is not “how to think,” but “what not to think.”
    It is very debilitating. Imagine growing up and being told that Doubt is wrong
    It's $cientology. Nothing and no-one is clear.
    It's a festival of pain.
    It's a financial scheme organized like a cult, enforced like a mafia and disguised as a religion.
    It's ironic how ex-scientologists describe leaving the cos as their biggest win of all.
    It's like slapping metallic paint and a Mercedes symbol onto a horse and carriage and calling it an advancement in the field of transportation. - Derek Bloch
    It's Scientology! It doesn't have to make sense.
    It's the only religion in the world which has more lawyers in one courtroom than it does new converts in a year
    Joining Scientolgy for the psychological wins is like joining the mafia for the sauce.
    Joining scientology for the status is like joining the mafia for the sauce.
    Just because you can append an "-ology to a word, as in Scientology & Astrology, it does not make it based on objective reality.
    Likely to amuse connoisseurs of human gullibility
    Long term issues are confronted by $cientology by using the "witch hunt" technique, which they execute masterfully.
    Lying is a scientology sacrament.
    Lying to one's self and Scientology = THE SAME THING.
    Money paid to $cientology represents fealty to DM, like the head of a much more honest organization gets: the mafia.
    Money Tech outguns OT Powers every time.
    Narrowed it down to just one sentence the essence of $cientology: Cash, credit or your worst fears?
    New definition of Scientologists: That group that is held together only by their mutual fear of being disconnected from each other. – Jefferson Hawkins
    New Era of the Footbullet
    No one believes in $cientology, but all of them thinks everyone else believes.
    Now is the era of the footbullet.
    On the OT levels, the supposedly cleared reactive mind suddenly and unexpectedly morphs into endless, and endlessly expensive, entities.
    On to Phase Three: total collapse.
    One anecdote from a professional fiction writer and teller of tall tales is accepted as scientific proof in $cientology.
    One man's religious expression is another man's class A felony..
    Only a mind slave is a good cult member. Someone who gives all, receives nothing and is called liability.
    Only a Scientolgist can drive past a beating and truly help beat the guy.
    OSA bites.
    OSA Clear; A person who no longer has their own analytical mind.
    OSA has an image problem... they exist. - Sarah James
    OSA: Never telling the truth where a lie can be used instead.
    OT stands for bring your Own Toilet paper.
    OTIII -- Wall of Stupid.
    OTs thinking they are capable is a lot like having a regiment of 4Fs and thinking that they are navy seals.
    People...have to agree to be stupid. – L. Ron Hubbard (1959)
    Pluralistic ignorance - everyone thinks they are the only one who is bluffing, and everyone else understands, and has had 'wins'. In actual fact, everyone is bluffing.
    psychiatrist Daniel Zagury, described the way Scientology operated as an abuse of the well-known process of transference, in which the patient becomes dependent on their therapist.
    Purification rundown = putrefaction shakedown.
    Putting "critical thinking" and "Scientology" together creates an oxymoron.
    Quote borrowed, but it applies to Co$, “Their drab stone discipline is a celebration of mediocrity." - John D. McDonald
    Real responsibility is a two way street, but in Hubbard's world it was a one way dead end.
    Regging & Recruiting are the only R&R you will ever see when you are 'in'.
    Religion is free; Scientology is neither
    Risible magnum of snake oil
    Ron is gone but the con goes on . . .
    Rx for $cientology, Hang onto your wallet and run like hell.
    scien-D'oh!-logy: Scientology Homer Simpson style.
    Science is a good antidote for Scientology
    Scientolgy degree: doctorate of illiteracy.
    Scientolgy, It's like a diploma mill for your soul.
    Scientologists suffer from the Dunning-Kruger effect
    Scientologists: The worst friends money can buy.
    Scientologists' greatest skill is lying.
    Scientology - build a brand, collect the dough.
    Scientology - fastest imploding religion in the world.
    Scientology - getting it wrong since forever!
    Scientology - preying on vulnerable, the Gypsy of religion and spiritualism.
    Scientology -- the gift to comedians worldwide that keeps on giving!
    Scientology – It's all about money.
    Scientology – Where Sacred IS Profane.
    Scientology – Where Sacred Meets Profane.
    Scientology : putting the crisis into hypocrisies.
    Scientology . . . where the crazy never sleeps.
    Scientology's like autism ...only without the good stuff.
    Scientology "Justice" is to Scientology members what the KKK used to be for black folks: Preplanned horrors. -- Tory Christman
    Scientology affects your Q rating like the Ebola virus!
    Scientology anagram: goy, in closet.
    Scientology appears to be the Herpes of belief systems. They just will not go away and so far no one has invented a surefire cure. – Marc Headly
    Scientology Brain = Spin Cycle
    Scientology brings out the whiner in a person.
    Scientology cheapens everything.
    Scientology Ethics make Satanism look like daycare for toddlers
    Scientology Ethics: A sliding slippery slope.
    Scientology has no heart, no compassion, no love, and no humanity.
    Scientology in 2 words...."Damaging Horseshit"
    Scientology in a nutshell: a nut shell
    Scientology in one word: CULT!
    Scientology is a $courge.
    Scientology is a carnivorous, rapacious, cannibalistic scam, eating its own supporters, then blaming the victims for not tasting very good.
    Scientology is a cult operating as a business masquerading as a religion. - Bryan Seymour
    Scientology is a laughingstock. And when it isn't that, it is a dangerous, money-grubbing cult run by a tyrant with little bitty baby-feet.
    Scientology is a mirage
    Scientology is a Potemkin village, physically and systematically.
    Scientology is about as "spiritual" as a cross between Amway and the mafia.
    Scientology is an irony-free zone.
    Scientology is child abuse.
    Scientology is evil and so are all of it's parts. - Derek Bloch
    Scientology IS Hubbard's "service facsimile."
    Scientology is just one gigantic Rube Goldberg contraption designed to extract dollars from wallets.
    Scientology is like pizza, it's all about the dough. [With religious topping.]
    Scientology is like the abusive parent who says "do as I say, not as I do or you'll get more where that came from".
    Scientology is like those plastic covers your grandma kept on her furniture. Ugly and see thru and completely out of date.
    Scientology is like throwing up: “better out than in.”
    Scientology is Lip Service (also refers to LRH's flappy lips).
    Scientology is little more than its own funeral, attended by its own few remaining mourners, while largely ignored (or mocked) by the population at large.
    Scientology is MEST up.
    Scientology is really the most expensive role playing game ever
    Scientology is the only game in the universe, where the losers win
    Scientology is the tool to con yourself ...over and over and over again. – Kim O”Brien
    Scientology is what is wrong with Scientology. You don't correct what's faulted from the start. You just help people who touched it. – Andrei Organ
    Scientology means Never Having to Say You're Sorry. (But if you're a scilon you're sorry all right!)
    Scientology OT Levels: It is always more vacuous than you think
    Scientology says, "Our foes are a bunch of mutts named Jeff."
    Scientology says, “Our free speech trumps your free speech every time.”
    Scientology smells of all the truths they didn't tell.
    Scientology sows its own seeds of destruction
    Scientology suffers from ADD (All Day Dumb)
    Scientology would be a joke if it weren't real.
    Scientology- the Zen Buddhism of Opposite Land
    Scientology--the last refuge of the fashion criminal
    Scientology-impeding communication since 1953.
    Scientology, as a religion, is hollow and empty, a fact that's exemplified by the pictures we've seen of the inside of the SP "cathedral".
    Scientology, it is always worse than your worst nightmare.
    Scientology, it's always weirder than you think.
    Scientology, It's always worse than you think.
    Scientology, it's not only worse than you think, it's worse than you can imagine!
    Scientology, the crazier version of Ancient Aliens. – Derek Bloch
    Scientology, the Hindenburg of religions.
    Scientology, the Self-Promoting Religion Living on the Fringe of Society - Anette Iren Johansen
    Scientology: It's like Amway, but without the useful cleaning products.
    Scientology: The MC Esher stairway that always seems to be going up, but gets you nowhere.
    Scientology: "Psst, hey, buddy, wanna buy a bridge?" since 1950.
    Scientology: A knock-you-down-kick-you-in-the-balls religion
    Scientology: a North Korea of the mind
    Scientology: a school for psychopaths.
    Scientology: After we're done with you, YOU provide the carrot AND the stick!
    Scientology: alienating alien nation
    Scientology: All the spiritual spam you can afford, and then some.
    Scientology: an Abusement Park
    Scientology: an abuser's paradise.
    Scientology: an Alcatraz of the mind
    Scientology: An alphabet soup concoction of corporate bodies
    Scientology: an insult to hard-working sociopaths.
    Scientology: An Unamusement Park.
    Scientology: As relevant as the Edsel
    Scientology: As Wrong As Creationism, But In The Other Direction. - Tony Ortega with PZ Myers
    Scientology: Blaming the victim since before it was cool
    Scientology: Check your common sense at the door.
    Scientology: Clearing the planet one bank account at a time.
    Scientology: Creating vegetables out of human minds since 1952
    Scientology: Disassociated schizophrenia at a premium price.
    Scientology: Even the trivial details are too weird to be believed.
    Scientology: Force Yourself to Smile, because you gonna need it. – Andrei Organ
    Scientology: It Satirizes Itself
    SCIENTOLOGY: It's All a Colossal Waste of Time and Self-Defeatingl
    Scientology: It's whack.
    Scientology: Like dating a person so ugly you don't want any of your friends to know.
    Scientology: Making the able DetestAble
    Scientology: making the less able unstable.
    Scientology: Making the lucid into lunatics. ™
    Scientology: making up all the lies they see fit to print.
    Scientology: manipulation and enslavement.
    Scientology: McDonald's service at Morton's prices
    Scientology: No Self, No Life, No Freedom, Scientology: No Self, No Life
    Scientology: Nothing too petty, no betrayal too small!
    Scientology: Pluralistic ignorance, but on a larger scale.
    Scientology: Religion for SP's
    Scientology: Satan's thetans
    Scientology: Society's Cancer
    Scientology: The anglefish of religions.
    Scientology: The ball gag and duct tape of world religions. - Michael Leonard Tilse
    Scientology: The black hole of member's money
    Scientology: The Cult of Unintended Consequenses & Colatteral Damage
    Scientology: The Gift That Keeps On Taking.
    Scientology: the gonorrhea of religions. That's an ugrade from being the herpes of religions.
    Scientology: The Jerry Springer Show meets North Korea
    Scientology: the more I learn, the more I shudder.
    Scientology: The odds are good that the goods are odd
    Scientology: the only free thing it offers is lessons to slumlords, and it would charge for those if it could.
    Scientology: The pursuit of crappyness.
    Scientology: The rapturous celebration of the win of a mental illness called OT.
    Scientology: The religion where you trust no one!
    Scientology: the Theology of Finger-pointing.
    Scientology: the venereal disease of religion
    Scientology: They'd litigate a turd if they didn't like it
    Scientology: They'll have what you're have.
    Scientology: To be perfectly clear, It does not solve the underlying problems; it merely cures the complaints by ending the person's freedom to complain
    Scientology: Tom Cruise isn't rich enough yet
    Scientology: unshakeable faith in an unspeakable fake
    Scientology: We mishandle the truth.
    Scientology: We promise to completely f' up your life.
    Scientology: When in doubt, assume it's a lie.
    Scientology: where every day is like being in 7th grade again.
    Scientology: Where the horizon is always the same distance away.
    Scientology: You will obey us or we'll hunt you down.
    Scientology: You'll feel better when you leave.
    Scientology. Nothing is small about us...except our leader and our minds.
    Scientology... It's stranger than I thought.
    Scientology...a River of Fear runs through it.
    Scientology...always many decades behind.
    Scientology...its always much worse than you remember quicksand, only worse. full of Holes and holy wishes.
    Scientology...What a racket!
    Scientology's legal mindset: Law and ordure
    Scientologyland: where $cientologists' minds live.
    Scilons are the Masters of Unintended Irony.
    Scnethics Corollary: The amount of lies told by $ciontology are inversely proportionate to the size of the group spoken to.
    SeaOrg: Come for the Slavery, stay for the table scraps.
    SeaOrg: Where Toilet and Toothbrush meet.
    Serendipity is what $cientology calls power over MEST.
    Sherm-speak: Why say in 3 words what you can say in 62!
    Show me on the doll where L. Ron Hubbard swindled you.
    So the price for the "Wall of Fire" is really just a donation? Great! I can do it for free!
    Sorry $ci, you are crumbling like a sand castle in a hurricane.
    Spelling tech: Scientology -- making the Able more Blea...
    Square footage is the more important stat than actual humans doing things in $cientology
    SSSOHB: Scientology Sucks Souls On Hollywood Boulevard
    Study of Scientology: $cientoproctology
    Terminally Constipated
    That's $camatology: All Trick and No Treat – Said about a Scientology at Haloween.
    The $cientology symbol: The Double Cross
    The Beast that devours lives – Jane White
    The big difference between the church of scientology and the mafia is the mafia actually go to church on Sunday.
    The biggest win one can get from Scientology: leaving and having a great life after you quit.
    The Blackheart Religion... Scientology!
    The bridge to total bankruptcy.
    The bridge to total Fleecedumb.
    The Bridge to Total Freedom is a gangplank.
    The Bridge to Total Freedom is not a [is] a Pier to Total Flotsam - Michael Pattinson
    The Bridge to Total Freedom is paved with abandoned good intentions. - Eivol Ekdal
    The church has all this power over you until you realize it doesn't.
    The criminal organization known as $cientology
    The cult is a 'religion' that acts like a timeshare sales pitch without the morals, ethics or any oversight at all.
    The Customer Is Always Wrong
    The diabolical mental klein bottle of becoming a conman to yourself and paying Ron for the privilege.
    The end Phenomena for all of $cientology is a Suppresive Person declaration – Tory Magoo
    The endless nightmare that needs to die forever.
    The further up you go, the worse it gets. - Jason Beghe
    The higher you go in Scientology, the less it works
    The only culture $cientology can be compared to is found in 1984. While both are based on fiction, only scientology makes real money and real slaves off the fantasy.
    The only good days are the days people walk out – upright.
    The only insight in Scientogy is "Ron is right."
    The only part of Scientology that actually "works" is it's lawyers.
    The only thing $cientology can clear are bank accounts.
    The only thing Scientology will ever clear is your pocketbook
    The only thing the Co$ is good at shattering is it's believers dreams
    The primary product of Scientology these days is ex-Scientologists!
    The Scientologist Creed: Do what you like, as long as it's what we tell you to do.
    The Scientologists cure for Scientology: More Scientology!
    the scientology family that preys together, stays together.
    The true definition of an OT is THE ABILITY TO WALK AWAY.
    The type of cheese the Moon is made from
    The very opposite of spiritual. Spiritually bankrupt in fact.
    The way to crapiness
    The Way to Flappiness
    The word Scientology has about as much brand equity as Nambla.
    Their feckless impotence only makes us stronger.
    There is no being humble in Scientology, Inc.
    There is no science in $cientology.
    There's Miracle-Gro and then there's $cientology: Miracle Kill.
    These people could fuck up a two-car funeral
    They only see the "profit potential" of unconditional love & desperation
    They seem particularly adept at abbreviating rational thought.
    They'd regg a gerbil.
    Think for yourself (within the approved party line).
    Third Party Law = Conspiracy Theorist's Charter = Paranoid Schizophrenia
    This is one of the few companies that is very good at selling – nothing. That is a talent.
    Throwing people under the bus has always been a part of the "tech" in $cientology
    Tick tock, Tick Tock: Time is on *our* side. – Tory Christman.
    To destroy people and bankrupt them, the less sensical, the more effective $cientology is.
    To make chowder, it's necessary to slice and dice the poor mollusks. First step: cook them a la "The Purification Rundown"
    True arrogance: Scientology makes us all better, but I'm better than you!
    True equality: $cientology=$ – Rachel Heidi
    We get to look at the lunacy [of the Super Power building] for free, they have to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars.
    Welcome to a new era of Scientology expansion, "The Golden Age of 1,000 Lawyers."
    Whales are holy to Scientolgists, but they hunt them, kill them and render them down for cash.
    What a mess Scientology and Scientologists make of others lives.
    What is good in Scientology is not unique, and what is unique in Scientology is not good
    What motion has helped others? Walking out of Scientology.
    What was useful wasn't new. What was new wasn't useful
    What's the coolest thing to do in Scientology? Leave.
    When it does not make sense - IT IS SCIENTOLOGY!!
    When trying to decide what to say about $cientology, It's hard to cherry pick from all of the rotten fruit.
    Would you like a serving of cold creamy revenge with the slice of Cult Armageddon pie?
    Wouldn't a sign saying “occupy Clearwater” be redundant?
    WWP is the Jester, OSA the Joke and David Miscavige the Punchline
    You can pay to flatline your mind for a fee [In Scientology] – Jamie DeWolf, great grandson of LRH
    You know you're in a cult when are FORBIDDEN from knowing how the church is run and what they are doing with donations.
    Zero empathy for others is typical of $cientology

    Some churches are Pro-Choice.
    But there is only one ONE church that REQUIRES some of its women who get pregnant to HAVE abortions: The Church of Scientology.
    Pay to have them convince you that you have problems only they can fix.
    Pay to have them cause you to have problems.
    Pay to have them convince you that only they can fix those problems.
    Pay to have them make the problems worse.
    Religion is free. Scientology is neither.
    The Orgs are not Churches.
    Registrars are not a clergy, Auditors are not ministers.
    COB of RTC is not a Pope.
    L. Ron Hubbard is not a Messiah.
    "(Scientology) not a psycho-therapy nor a religion.." ~ L. Ron Hubbard.
    Minority Report': science fiction where you're arrested for crimes that have yet to be committed.
    Minority Religion': science fiction where you commit crimes for which you have yet to be arrested.
    In sinister organizations, the left hand does not know what the right hand is doing.
    In scientology organizations, the left hand does not know what the left hand is doing.
    "She died, people die" - David Miscavige. (Speaking of dead $cientologist Lisa McPherson).
    "Miscavige is a world-class -prick" Valerie Ross
    The two types of people who join scientology:
    Those who are kind and think they can help the world
    those who see promise of power and are bullies
    Only the first type become disillusioned and leave.
    You got your fat slob,
    and you got your dwarfing dwarf.
    Take your pick.
    I'm holding out for the flying monkeys.
    On $cientology's legal tactics after they were caught modifying evidence:
    It is as if a rapist got caught and started with the old 'Are you gonna believe me or your lyin' eyes?" routine, and then switched right over to...
    "OUCH! She hurt my penis! You saw it!" and suing her for assault with a deadly vagina.
    The lower half of the bridge = Hub trying to get the voices to shut the hell up.
    The upper half of the bridge = Hub trying to get the aliens 3 months late in room and board evicted.
    $cientology. It's all about masturbation.
    $cientology. We can help you handle that.
    $cientology. We will leave the room and you can handle that yourself.
    $cientology. Take Matters Into Your Own Hands....Just Don't Leave a Mess on the Floor.
    Scientology upper levels: chasing away space alien souls.
    Scientology lower levels: always the same result, "I just realized ..." blah blah blah.
    Secrets of the universe: big come-on, then it descends into bad science fiction.
    Whilst Zeus used it as an eternal punishment Hubbard/Miscavige adopt it as the standard policy of going up the bridge.
    Scientology should now be known as Sisyphusology
    In Greek mythology Sisyphus was punished for chronic deceitfulness by being compelled to roll an immense boulder up a hill, only to watch it roll back down, and to repeat this action forever.
    The real Golden Rule in Scientology: "The one with the gold makes the rules." From: "Scientologists getting back in comm"
    If you don't follow the rules, the Golden Rod will follow you
    $cientologists: Xenuphiliacs
    Bitter defrocked apostates and bigots on the fringes of the interwebz: Xenuphobes
    What does scientology worship= Themselves...........
    Narcissism at its ugliest.
    $cientology: Freedom Medal?
    Meddling with freedom for over 60 years
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