Thinq: "Obama warns: " Hack us, and we'll bomb you" "

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by Ann O'Nymous, May 19, 2011.

  1. Ann O'Nymous Member
  2. Anonymous Member

  3. Anonymous Member

    Most prevalent hacker networks on the planet? Chinese.

    I don't see Obama bombing Beijing any time soon.

    Therefore - the president is full of shit.
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  4. Anonymous Member

    And you discovered that just now?
  5. Anonymous Member

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  6. DeathHamster Member

    Note that what the article has in quotes "Hack us, and we'll bomb you" is never said by Obama. So who are they quoting?
  7. Anonymous Member

    Oh noes, teh evul Obama will bomb hackerz!
  8. Anon Gin Member

    Don't bother trying to understand, it's Ann's post : always pushing too far for... nothing!
    You'll get used to those shitty posts. Or not
  9. DeathHamster Member

    I think it's the original article that's shitty.
  10. Anonymous Member

    I can't wait to see the looks on those hackers' faces when reading that their basement and twinkie supply can be smashed to atoms.
  11. anonymous612 Member

    Apparently, "Hack us and as a last resort we may turn to a military solution" = "hack us and we'll bomb you."

    Which is inherently absurd and would require there be no such thing as an American hacker, because no president in recent history (edit: or distant history, really) would want to destroy his career by launching missiles against American targets within US borders.
  12. cfanon Member

    Article on darkreading, which quotes the document.
    If anyone wants to read the actual document instead of tinfoiling, download it from
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  13. Anon Gin Member

    Do you really think Obama is so damn crazy that he'll "NUCK" a hack team or just some hackers cause they messed with someone's website or computer?
    How can they be so sure about who to bomb? Where and how?
    It's just a shitty one page article, about a 30 pages strategy for Defense of US Networks, that's all.
  14. Anonymous Member

    Have fun arguing with Ann. I'll save you some time:
    You're all wrong and America is evil.
  15. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Copypasta of the mentioned source.
    Member Since: Apr 8, 2011

  16. Anonymous Member

    Lol, assault on internet freedom=blame it on the black guy.
    Also, James Nixon is a faggot.
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  17. Anon Gin Member

    Très constructif et très cohérent par rapport à ton pseudo-article au titre racoleur.
    Ne digresse pas quand on te demande des explications.
    Après, difficile de se défaire des mauvaises habitudes.
  18. inb4Starbucks in China close WIFI hotspots to prevent hacker from incurring wrath of US

    (yes I know not like a real inb4... too long.)
  19. Ann O'Nymous Member

    [Sorry for the inconvenience, this user is trying to settle here a discussion that started in the French sub-forum. I will suggest that we go back there, in our mother tongue.]
    Ecoute, Cocolinet, n'embête pas nos amis anglophones avec ton trolling à 2 balles. Nous avons toute la place qu'il faut chez nous.
  20. Look Superman has a sidekick now
  21. Herro Member

    I wonder if the editor that made that headline remembers that you're only supposed to use quotation marks for things people actually said.
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  22. DeathHamster Member

    I guess he/she has an editorial license.
  23. Ogsonofgroo Member

    I'm so busy scurrying between one nest and the other, not sure if I give a fuck. Obama has done some good moves (imho) to be helping people, an obvious example was to try an implement some sort of universal health care, kinda canada-like, but every tax-payer whines like a bunch of scaulded bitches. Yeh, help your fellow denizens for fucks sake.
    State-side, people losing their homes to horrid mortgage schemes, funding huge war debts, the homeless disaster victims, and much more.
    He hasn't ignored so much, at least not as much as other presidents have.
    Support the mofo, it could be so much worse.\ Just a wee thought du-jour.
  24. SwordofTruth Member

    Obama is just another puppet for wallstreet Ogsonofgroo, healthcare ? yeah making everyone get healthcare with the same companies that have scewed American's for years and years, how about a single payer option like the NHS. Continued everything Bush started and advanced it more.

    People seriously need to do some research if they think he has done anything to help the common people, oops granted he has made more jobs in the war and death sector.
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  25. Skinnies Member

    'Acting alone while Congress was away on recess, solely at the command of the United Nations and without constitutional authority, Barack Obama dropped over $70 million worth of Tomahawk missiles on Libya -- a dictatorial maneuver to force a regime change in a foreign'
  26. cfanon Member

    Nice little quote there, I see a few issues and general things to point out though
    1. France struck first, and other countries also struck including ours.
    2. The UN gave permission.
    3. Only congress can declare a war from what I understand, but he's C&C, he can send the troops in if he wants to. He has full authority to do so.
    Plus we are talking about different things. Context is everything, and there's a world of difference between bombing a dictator slaughtering his own people and bombing the home of a hacker.

    Also, $70m worth of Tomohawks? That's over 9000 116.... Ouch.
  27. Skinnies Member

    Still, no excuse to supposedly support each country like a friggin' fairy then willingly blow the shit of Libya, imagine how many citizens got injured and/or killed.
    I mean, $70m?! there degenerate dictator should be taken care of appropriately in a way where there won't be much effect on the majority, blowing everything up seems like an AWESOME idea, but there are limits, there were other options.
  28. cfanon Member

    I'll agree that they've gone too far in some aspects, but my point is you're aiming that all at Obama, he wasn't the first and wasn't the only. He's just the biggest name. I personally agree with NATO's decision to intervene. I disagree with some of the actions they've taken though.
  29. Skinnies Member

    I agree intervening in a situation like that is more than acceptable, it's infact honourable, but the measures they take, it's just ridiculous.
    Fair enough he's done some pretty decent things, but his reputation does not proceed him in matters like these. At least have a good explanation right? After all he is the renowned face of America now, most actions the country takes he has to anser for.
    Don't get me wrong, I'm certaintly not racist before that comes across anyones mind.
  30. cfanon Member

    lololol, it wasn't. That sounds like a "I'm not racist, but..." statement :p
  31. Anonymous Member

    Not even a little?
  32. Skinnies Member

    Oh you guys!

    Srsly though u guys.
    U guys, srsly.
  33. Herro Member

    He could have dropped his dick on Libya, but that would be a war crime.
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  34. n3uromanc3r Member

    That's one way to maximize civilian casualties.
  35. dvybeyond Member

    i start to love that president hes so lulzy!
  36. Stickman Member

    Mmmmm, Ann sounds sexy. America, the concept, isn't evil; the people of America aren't evil; the American politicians and rich elites aren't ALL evil; the memes & morals we Americans have inculcated and manifested into irl certainly aren't all evil; but the economics of our global commerce system unfortunately is devoid of the characteristics cultures throughout history have associated with "good" or "moral " or "honorable" or "wise," hence it's useful to use the shorthand word "evil" for what the totality of "America" tallies out to, as the majority of the US's collective daily efforts are economic activities (although any oversimplification will of course always fall short).

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