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Discussion in 'News And Current Events' started by Nedjarsan, Aug 12, 2009.

  1. Nedjarsan Member

    TEHRAN, Iran -- Iran's state media say the parliament speaker is denying allegations that protesters detained after the disputed presidential election were raped by their jailers.

    Ali Larijani told an open session of parliament Wednesday that a parliamentary investigation found no truth in the rape allegations.

    Iran speaker denies prisoner rape allegations -

    How far can You go Larijaninocchio ?

    Be aware of Your nose growing with every lie u tell.

    You must be able to reach the pyramids with the tip of your nose already !

    On the other hand i am quite satisfied, that the regime does not adept to the situation, still deniing and lieing.
    Funny that different leaders of the same regime-fraction begin to tell oposite things.
    Just another sign to all of us that we have still a lot to do.
    I cannot belief that they think that the rest of the world is blind, deaf and stupid.
    Yer sure, the whole world is one big conspirancy against Iran.
    What a laugh.
  2. Nedjarsan Member

    ... and one more thing :

    i am sooo surprised about the high efficency of the Iranian government.

    They must have build a super-computer stored directly underneath Teh.

    1: Millions of votes are counted in seconds

    2: Within 3 days they make fundamental and well done investigations about hundreds of crimes, interrogating 100ds of witnesses...

    3: The dossier of these cases must have at least 300 pages. Good job Mr. Larijaninocchio reading all of this in 3 days.

    Interpol and all other organisations would have taken this at least 6 months.

    All this makes me going in a state, pending between laughing and crying.
    If not so many ppls had been misstreated, hurt and killed this would be the longest satiric comedy-show in history.
  3. West wants Iran elections to be cheated like Lebanon elections, where Hezbollah alliance got 55% of he vote, but west coalition got higher number of seats.
  4. Nedjarsan Member

    This is a highly qualified and factbased comment !!!

    Good that nobody really understands what You are saying

  5. Now you will be exposed as fool... you see what kind of people are here, fools who listens CNN propaganda bullshit and don't know facts.

    Link: 2008 conflict in Lebanon - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    So west is the one who is cheating elections, but winners don't have CIA behind them to stage "colored revolutions"
  6. Nedjarsan Member

    U really seam not to understand the system.

    Afterall this post was not about the things You are talking about.
    Just register and open ur own Topic !

    And what does have the CIA to do with it ?

    Are u another fan of this "The whole world against Islam paranoia" conspiracy theory ?

    So all of us must be involved in this conspiracy too, and everybody would have to know eachother not to be dismanteled.Thats a great effort, connect millions of peoples which are in direct contact 24/7
    Strange that the CIA never ever contacted me sofar.
  7. CradleOfCiv Member

    Who is this "west" person you are talking about? Is that a friend of the "middle east" and the "far east?"

    Is it a place, with all blond blue eyed people, like middle east is all arabic and the far east is chinese?

    Is it the Christendom, with the evil pope as it's supreme leader, directing the crusades?

    Yes, I think I remember. It must be one of those things the arabic sandniggers in one of those countries in the middle east hate.. What is that country called? Pakistan, or North Korea or something... Oh I think it's called Iran... Or is it that country with the birds name...
  8. So why did US government give milions of dollars in support of March 18 Alliance. For no reason :))

    Why do you western mainstream globalists always have the same speach laughing about "conspiracy when someone expose your mainstream bullshit and lies? :)
  9. Because we are wealthy wasteful capitalistic countries that have lots and lots of extra money to mess with the poor downtrodden disenfranchised Muslim, if you don't believe this maybe it is just because we want to. Now go back in your hole.
  10. Nedjarsan Member

    So how does it come that i am no globalist ? ( belief me i am not )

    How does it come that my way of life is everything else than mainstream ?

    So what was my lie in my post ?

    Did I say " I know that is is like that" or did I just expressed my oppinion ?
  11. CradleOfCiv Member

    Hey.. Tell me who is west.

    And let's see. People were killed on the street. They were beaten. This much is fact. This is enough reason for me. I don't care about the elections of your regime. I do not care about your state or any state really. They are all shit. I am a humble engineer, working in a humble company who is humbly going bankrupt in a humble geography with a state thats almost -but not quiet- as shitty as america and iran. People who kill other people on the street for saying out loud what they think about them are fucking criminals okay buddy? This is also a fact. So if there is a fucking "western" conspiracy behind all this shit, well that don't matter now does it.. Obviously, these thugs have no sense of honor or humanity to deal with a human being, in the service of who ever... What is this? Killing people on the streets like cattle? Which religion do you believe in?
  12. Nedjarsan Member

    Ahhh i remember "West" is that Cigaret-brand from a huge Cigaret-company !!!

    Now i know ! After the Irani decided to quit smoking to break the western tobacco-cartell ( this is really true), now the cartell slashed back by de-stabalizing Iran.
  13. CradleOfCiv Member

    Oh my God. Feeding the trolls is one of the best functions of this forum. Seriously. I have been holding in all this anger at these godless (no offense atheists, you know what I mean) beasts... So... Yay. Good job trolly boy.
  14. CradleOfCiv Member

    Do you think I am this west person Mr. Munafik?
  15. Nedjarsan Member

    Yer we feed them and hold them as pets in a closet.

    If we want to laugh we take them out, only to take them back if we cried tears by laughing
  16. Nedjarsan Member

    ??? did i say something wrong to you ???
  17. CradleOfCiv Member

    Hey trolly boy, I would love to stay and keep on feeding you but now I have to journey back home after a long days work.. I guess I must be close to where the sun is rising aye? :D

    Anyways, I leave you to Nedjarsan. He is more then capable of dealing with your Kufr.
  18. CradleOfCiv Member

    Not you man.. Jeez..
  19. Do you know why you have wealthy country? It's because of this things. Plundering on other continents (national security :)) ) , having cheap workforce in China that works for you while US citizens are living on credits beyond their standard.

    If you don't have these countries that work for you , your country would collapse. From the time of 1975-1980 you don't have industry, because almost everything is in China, and that is called exploatation. Your whole economy is based on consumption, credits and bubbles... :)
  20. Nedjarsan Member

  21. Machiavelli Member

    Dear Friend from the Sepah,

    It's over. You know it. I know it. (It will still take weeks to show to many others, including the "West")
    "So, who has been your enemy?", you may ask, because you seem to be very disoriented still.

    The answer is twofold : truth on the one hand and a generation on the other.

    We are countless, we live in many places, Tehran, Tabriz, Istanbul, Beirut, Beijing,...

    We hate the CIA, we hate you. We hate lunatic Israeli settlers.

    We are not loyal to nation states. We are loyal to the human race and to truth. Because we were born like this (created by God maybe) and somehow noone came around early enough to corrupt us.

    And now it's too late to corrupt us still, because we know too much.

    And we know your crimes (the crimes of Sepah).
    We also know the crimes of the CIA, but that is left for another time and place.

    And deep in heart you know: God is with us.

    There is a beautiful institutuion in Shia islam: the Marja. The wise leader to be followed. Listen to your Marjas and follow them.

    PS: You might try to kill us all, but you can't kill a whole generation. We have mothers and fathers and uncles and uncles of uncles.

    May God be with you. May you see the truth.
  22. Amen Machiavelli
  23. Nedjarsan Member

    Ty so much Mach, You spoke out the words that where burning on my toung.

    May Your hands never hurt.
  24. Nedjarsan Member

    Just like the Sultans did to all countries under their reign ( it went up to half of Spain) from up 1000 after the birth of christ, in the name of Allah !!!

    But where did all this wealth go ?

    We seriously have to check on the Swiss bank-accounts.
  25. Looks to me like he is pissed that the bitchbollah puppets of the regime in Lebanon did not take over the country.

    I remember that. When they lost, they rampaged through the streets like four year-old kids pissed that they couldn't play with a toy, only they had guns and shot people during their temper tantrum. Real nice people. Just who you want running your country.
  26. Did it ever dawn on you that the people of Lebanon don't want a gang of thugs and murders who answer to the ayatollah and not to the people of Lebanon running things?

    Hmmm. Guess common sense is not one of your strong points.
  27. Hechicera Member

    Actually, this sort of agrees with unregistered on the economy

    The World Is Flat | Thomas L. Friedman

    Though, I think unregistered arguing with non-US people, calling them US is amusing, and hope to read more. I am amused at how amazingly competent those CIA guys are! Is there anything they cannot do? I bet they are behind global warming too. Poor CIA, we are trying to sue them here. :eek:
  28. Nedjarsan Member

    Ty !

    Sarcasm is the only way for me to get the pictures of deathbleeding Neda and all the other misstreated, great Youth of Iran out of my inner eye for a while.
  29. sp4rrowh4wk Member

    everyone's posts here are natural and i think reflect exactly what (O)PressTV wanted to accomplish.

    Nedjarsan, my friend, your sarcasm is indeed wonderful, but i am begging you to please relax a minute with some deep breaths and soothing music. (it is what i do, when able) we need you for valuable financial assistance and cannot risk a stroke or other malady. ;)

    i would like to remind everyone of something very important before i begin (yes another long post, no doubt). this report of Larijani's statements comes from PressTV. how seriously shall we then take it? :)

    i spent only a short amount of time at the bazaar this morning. nearly all shops were closed and i was unable to do any purchasing. i understand the store owners claimed protest against a new tax.

    it is my additional understanding that what Larijani actually said was something like:
    if i may put his words another way, Larijani is saying the 'truth' commission has offered no evidence- they may be hiding something or inept. Karoubi has evidence collected from many people. terrible first hand accounts. his evidence is now in the hands of the Majlis. Rafsanjani has had this evidence also and has attempted to pressure several people with it, to no avail. now we are going really, really public and legal in the Majlis.

    he did not say 'there is no evidence, all is lies'. he said, 'these particular people have given me no evidence. i have other evidence. it is now in the hands of the Majlis.' i get the feeling if others have evidence, they should please come forward.

    i have another article i have not read yet, which a friend has given me.
    پارلمان نیوز : «پارلمان نیوز» می*تواند به تحقق دیدگاه امام که مجلس را در راس همه امور می*خواستند، کمک کند
    this will no doubt need to be translated for our English speaking friends. i am told it has a very different approach to Larijani's words today. confirmation of _any_ article is needed.

    additionally with regard to Larijani and his brother as the possible new head of the judiciary. Sharoudi (current/past head of judiciary) is not our friend and ally. Raf and others have prepared legal indictments of the real perpetrators of these horrors, with an eye for pursuing their masters.

    hmmm, why get rid of the judiciary chief now? how much has this same chief said regarding the show trials? how is it that offenders and allegations of torture and rape have gone unanswered for weeks? how is it that peaceful protesters are arrested, and vital members of the 79 revolution are tried, while foreign mercenaries run rampant?

    how is it that Larijani's brother is objected to being this crawling thing Sharoudi's replacement?

    i think it is because people remain unsure of Larijani's position. recently i posted that Lari has been helping Raf, getting into/out of places with messages while bypassing Mojtaba. i hope you will permit me to reiterate. Larijani is helping. Lari is conservative, but he is with Raf.

    my first long post was many weeks ago in reply to the GB. i compared Lari to a dog and one could tell a dog's loyalties by seeing to whom it looks for direction. (this may have been a very unfortunate comparison, and let me just say that a dog saved me from being beaten to death when i was about 5yrs old. i thought it was some kind of mythical wolf creature, but later found it was a breed the British call Alsatian. this dog paid for my life with her own. to this day i make friends more easily with animals than humans, and hold dogs (especially Alsatians) in the most high regard.)

    in any event, Lari is trying to help and i support him in this regardless of his final intentions (probably just to remain in the political arena a long time). his brother (God willing) is the new judiciary chief. will there be a double cross? maybe. this is the highest stakes game of chess any of us are likely to witness. the Majlis are now in control of the evidence, *they* can double cross. but Raf still has the military. a double cross is unlikely.

    parting thought:
    Raf has been planning this a long time. what if had a stroke or a nasty pistachio related accident? politics is, after all, a sometimes dangerous profession in Iran. then i suspect Raf would have wanted to train *at least* one suitable protege, a political infighter of the first degree, to see his long range plans through to their completion. yes? please do not be too hard on the brothers Lari, whose job is difficult, thankless and quite possibly deadly.

    they could easily be electricians.
  30. Shhh-IRAN Member

    Sphawk, sbelg on twitter is claiming that Rafs sent the letter from Karroubi to Sharoudi when it was received. And that Sharoudi responded that it was lies, so Rafs got it into the hands of the Majlis.

    Is there any reason I should not RT sbelg's information?

    (I actually RT'd one sbleg tweet already because I thought it was so interesting, but then thought I'd better check...)

  31. Akhbar Azadi Member

    Terrific stuff as usual Mr sp4rrowh4wk. This report from the English language service of Fars news agency backs you up. Although the interpretive intro says the claim is "untrue", that's not what the body of the piece actually says.

  32. Sparrowhawk, i was wondering, how much do you trust rafsanjani ? You seem to trust him quite a lot, but would he support an "Republic of iran" (I understand you mean getting rid of the "islamic" in the name, which would mean at least a step towards laicity ?)

    Obviously my knowledge about iran is quite limited, and comes from what is said in french newspapers, the film "Persepolis", and what is written on wikipedia. I've been following the events since the election. Its clear to me that Rafsanjani is certainly not on Khamenei's side, but can you expect much of him ?

    I understand that he is a pragmatic and understands the necessity for reform, and not a paranoid religious crazy like some of the conservatives. But he seems quite corrupt, and even though the green movement seems to have a lot of hope in him, and that he has offered some support - such as during his speech - he seems to have tried to avoid taking too clear of a stance, and has always talked about adapting/repairing the system rather that refounding a new one.

    So maybe he is working behind the scenes, but is he working for a Republic of Iran as you see it or does he see things differently ?

    I guess I don't doubt that Rafsanjani is your ally, fighting people who are trying to install what is clearly a full-on dicatorship, but just wonder how far you think he will go, and incidentally how much people in the Green movement trust him ?

  33. I do not understand why you (and others here) keep putting yourself in the victim role, making excuses for the Iranian government. Do you really think that there is no poverty in Iran, is this the fault of 1. the West 2. The Iranian government . ?

    Please, be honest and see what it is really about, dare to be honest to see fault inside a country like Iran (even if you are Iranian). there is a lot of wrong, it has been for a lot of years. Should we just say, the stoning of women, the sending to death of children in a war (because grown up leaders/Mullahs/believers are afraid to go themselves), the killing of children with death sentences, the banning of politicl parties (which in itself makes a fake election)

    I am not saying that in the ''evil' west all is good, specially the US there are a lot of things wrong also, but I never here them saying:

    "ok, we have poor people, but this is because of Iranian secret service/spies in our country".

    I say it again, take responsibility yourselves, make sure people ae happy and equal (women rights, freedom). Only seeking fault outsides yourself is so easy....
  34. sp4rrowh4wk Member

    Shhh, i will answer as best i can, thank you for your post- i have not been on Twitter yet.

    Raf got the letter and evidence from Karoubi and sent it to several places, as it is certain he did not sit on it and wait for Karoubi to act, after the letter had been leaked. Sharoudi, Khamenei, some members of the IRG coup leadership, some conservative Majlis members. ? i cannot say.

    remember how many sudden 'side changers' there were last week? remember how PressTV surprisingly began running some pro-green/anti regime pieces? people took note and began switching sides. those who have not switched sides, have rejected an offer by Raf. (of some clemency, i do not know the specifics, likely 'you will keep your jobs and freedom if we all work toward something which clearly needs reforming')

    this 'letter' will be the legal undoing of the regime should the madmen wish to pursue their goals, and it looks as if they are pursuing them. if legal means are fully thwarted, a civil war will erupt.

    Sharoudi is attempting to be replaced, as he is a serious impediment to genuine legal proceedings in Iran. the first legal obstacle may be out of the way.

    to answer your question- i think it will not hurt to RT this. Raf absolutely sent it to people, i simply cannot say to whom it was sent. this kind of confusion cannot hurt greens if RTd, and may do some good if people think Sharoudi had info from Ayatollah Rafsanjani and Karoubi himself, but rejected it. people *did* reject this letter and evidence. will you allow some blame for this to fall on Sharoudi - who has in so many other ways deserted the law? the choice is yours, my friend. :) fwiw, i will not judge you either way.

    ps. thank you, Roe Lassie, i am glad to be of service :)
    Akhbar Azadi, thank you for posting from Fars news! i did not know anyone else had covered. have you had a chance to read the Parleman article? (i have not yet, still)
  35. Surley you jest, as the USA is constantly critical of itself and ways the improve and yes it is not utopia like Iran but one day god willing the USA will be as civilized as Iran, now go back into your hole.
  36. @sp4rrowh4wk:

    I do not understand the emphasis on the rapes. Personally I think they are an abomination and can barely bring myself to read about them. But rapes have been going on in the prisons for decades. I gather that a girl cannot legally be put to death if she is a virgin and so she is raped. I gather also that there have been mass rapes over the years in order to intimidate the people.


    Why have some of the politicians/clerics suddenly taken such an interest? Let me be clearer and forgive me if I offend in asking: what kind of political capital can be made by airing these rapes and identifying these rapists now? Don't get me wrong. I believe it is at the very least a long overdue justice that these rapes are brought out into the light. I just have difficulty trusting people who are willing to look the other way one day and stare into the sun the next.

    Hhhmm. But there is a special trust placed in electricians, correct me if I am wrong? Most people are afraid of electricity and know very little about it. So when someone comes into the warmth and comfort of their home and rewires their walls, there is an assumption that that person will not burn their house down by connecting the wrong wires. ;)

    Moreover, I have met electricians who have lost their trade because of badly burned hands. And it was always because they thought with their hands, that is, they acted before thinking something through to the logical outcome.

    Or even more incredible, they gambled that this time, just this time, the current wouldn't be so predictable an enemy.

    So I am asking -- and my question is genuine, not rhetorical -- is it judgment or merely holding people to account for their actions? Would you not agree that, from whom much is given, much is expected? If we expect much from our electricians, should we not expect much more from those in whom so many millions of lives are entrusted?

    We often discuss here how the eastern mind is different from the western mind. That we in the west look for things that are obvious and which loom large on the horizon, while those in the east are far more comfortable putting the small pieces of a very large puzzle together.

    Would you be kind enough to explain to me then why Raf and those around him seem to be the only obvious candidates to overturn the regime? Is it simply because they have so much power, money, influence? Is it not possible that someone less obvious -- but in a better optical position close to the people -- is more likely to slide under the fence when the important powerbrokers are not looking?

    More clearly: leaders have taken the reins of the protests. Decisions are being made to divulge information or not to divulge information. Those decisons seem quite distant from the big newsmakers.

    Personally -- don't get me wrong -- I am glad that we have big newsmakers. The more attention they get, they more easily the latent heat can do its work and Iran can go from 211 to 212 (only there it would be from 99 to 100).

    I look forward to your replies as always. Thank you.

    May your hands never hurt and may we see steam soon.
  37. Hi again. Can you clarify something for me? A couple of days ago you also spoke of a civil war. For me, and I believe also for the international Laws of War, a war must be between two armed groups. The protesters are unarmed (so far).

    So I am asking, and please if you would answer, is war likely between and among regime factions all of whom of course would be armed?
  38. Coyote-IRAN Member

    There is great stigma attached to rape. Those who are raped, who live, do not want to talk about it and neither do their families. Instead of being outraged, and wanting revenge, they keep the rage inside and hide it. The police and torturers know this, and take advantage of it.

    They don't rape men in prisons to get them to confess to anything. They do it to shame them, and break them, and make them never resist the state again. Same with the women. For that reason, and as a double humiliation before they hang them. Giving that special message and gift to the family of the executed woman, letting them know she was raped before she hung, that is more of the same.

    What is important now is that people are not keeping the rage inside anymore, or refusing to talk about it. This is huge! They talk about it. It is in the open, and cannot be used as a tool to beat the raped and their families with. Now it backfires, and goes back on the rapists.

    Not letting the stigma and shame hold them back, this is the main issue here. And the government is caught by surprise, because they had always counted on people not talking about it and had taken advantage of that assumption. Now people talk. Now the rapists and the government that let them do it do not know what to say back, because they never expected people to talk. It has caught them by surprise.
  39. insults, insults, "go back into your hole". Is this civilized ?

    Again no arguments just ranting. That message you replied so simply to, had a lot of good arguments. Is Stoning women and degrading them to second class citizen civilized ?,
    Is killing children ?

    You do not even mention some good things aout Iran to defend yourself, sad....

    Dream on and on, soon you'll wake up..

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