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  1. Which dumbass?
    There are a lot of them.
    The OP qualifies for dumbass.
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  3. Oh, dear.
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    OK I get it. Dude was found not guilty, but does this man not realize he needs to walk away slowly. He is not helping anyone....well yeah he is. Guncontrollfags
  6. Anonymous Member

    He's Hispanic, the Montana Militia won't take him. I'm afraid he just doesn't fit into any group, not even his marriage.
  7. laughingsock Member

    I disagree, this guy killed himself a"nigger" plus the world deemed him a white spic
  8. Anonymous Member

    Montana Militia doesn't care, his is still Mexican
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    His attorney Mark O'Mara blamed the incident on "fallout" from the Martin case, as well as heightened emotions over the impending divorce. "No one is filing charges against anybody," he said, adding that he had heard the 911 call. "Emotions are running very high," he added.

    O'Mara confirmed Zimmerman had his gun on him. "He was armed ... He put his hand (on the gun) to make sure it was holstered," he said. "He knows how to carry responsibly."
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    fool gonna get his stupid self killed. Hopefully won't take another life with him, but I fear otherwise... end well, this won't
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    Let's hope he just a goes away a STFU
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    Sad to say he seems hell bent on protecting us all from skittles, hoodies, and annoying faithless wimminz. He will pull that gun on another human being and fire.
  14. Anonymous Member

    He had his head used to soften up the pavement before he did any shooting, not after, as I understand it.
  15. Anonymous Member

    He was beat up in a fight he started by following a young man wearing a hoodie through the neighborhood. He doesn't dispute he killed him, he says he was attacked and then defended himself. He was found innocent of murder.
    The audio tape shows he reported seeing a suspicious man in a hoodie, the police told him to not follow the guy. He created a situation in which he had to kill someone to defend himself.
    Then he went to the factory where his gun was made and posed for pictures, smiling.
    Now he has a dispute with his wife while she and her father remove her belongings from their house, they get in a shouting match, he puts his hand on his gun to 'check that it is holstered', she is crying out telling her father to hide, crying to 911 that he is threatening to shoot them.
    This is a man who will pull his gun on another human being and kill them. It's what he does.
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    Right. Ok.
  17. laughingsock Member

    None of this has anything to do with him fagging up the world after the fact. Go away, god dam it. Go away or go kill yourself. If it were me I'd be long gone, never ever would you hear of me again. I'd propose to Casey Anthony and live off lifetime network money.
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    Remember back when George decided to go to law school?
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    Ruh roh
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  23. Anonymous Member,0,6784100.story#axzz2jHEIbY3A

    Police Chief Cecil Smith, who took over in April, told reporters this week that the city's neighborhood watch program during the period that Zimmerman was involved was dysfunctional and had no accountability.

    “In this program, it is clearly stated that you will not pursue an individual,” Smith explained. “In this new program, it clearly indicates that you will not carry a firearm when performing your duties as a neighborhood watch captain or participant.”
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    Not News: George Zimmerman Arrested In Domestic Violence Call;
    News: Apparently There Is A Woman Dating George Zimmerman

    The Orlando Sentinel has confirmed that George Zimmerman, the white-Hispanic knight who saved Florida from hordes of ravaging teenage boys going to the market, has been arrested. Details of the arrest were not available, but here is some serious What the Fuck:

    It’s not clear what happened or what crime he’s accused of committing, but just before 1:30 p.m., [sheriff Don] Eslinger confirmed that Zimmerman had been arrested today and was being driven to the county jail in Sanford.

    He said more information would be available shortly.

    WESH-Channel 2 reported that Zimmerman was accused of domestic violence by a girlfriend.

    George Zimmerman has a girlfriend.

    Let us repeat that: George Zimmerman has a girlfriend.

    Let us repeat that one more time: apparently there is a woman who is dating, possibly even putting her vagina on, George Zimmerman.
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    I feel for the jurors that went against their best judgement and caved, and I hope the juror that did an interview calling him "George" has woken up, maybe apologize to Trayvon's family.

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  32. Someone please do us all a favor, if you get me.
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    Maybe the Brothers in prison...
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    He tells the 911 operator that the police are knocking on the door, she asks why he doesn't answer he says'i have nothing to say to them' ....??!!!
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    Perhaps not, but at least they're alive... Unlike Trayvon.

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