This is why protesting works.. 2 cops charged with manslaughter

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Smurf, Sep 21, 2011.

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    There is nothing humorous about burned to death people, DU contamination and war crimes you sick prick.
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    lol humerus
  3. Anonymous Member

    hmm that's cornea

  4. The Wrong Guy Member

    Officers to be Charged in Kelly Thomas Case

    Published on May 11, 2012 by TheAlyonaShow

    Today we have an update on the brutal killing of Kelly Thomas. After a three day preliminary hearing for accused officers Manuel Ramos and Corporal Jay Cicinelli, the Orange County Superior Court Judge has ordered them to stand trial. But that's not all the news from this case. Today, the District Attorney says that he hasn't ruled out filing more charges against the other officers who are clearly seen on the video tape.
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  5. The Wrong Guy Member

    Outraged Fullerton citizens react to Kelly Thomas beating tape

    Published on May 16, 2012 by ReasonTV

    The May 15 city council meeting in Fullerton, California was packed with outraged citizens ready to voice reactions to newly released security camera footage showing police brutally beating Kelly Thomas to death at a bus depot. Thomas was a 37-year-old schizophrenic drifter who died after a July, 2011 altercation with six police officers in which he was tasered, beat with batons, and hit repeatedly in the face.

    Cpl. Jay Cicinelli will face charges of involuntary manslaughter and excessive force, while officer Manuel Ramos will face charges of involuntary manslaughter and second-degree murder.

    At the city council meeting, Ron Thomas, Kelly Thomas's father, called for the arrest and termination of another officer involved with the incident, officer Joe Wolfe, whom he says also murdered his son.

    It was announced at the meeting that Kelly Thomas's mother would accept a settlement from the City of Fullerton totaling $1 million.

    Written and produced by Paul Detrick.
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  6. Diablo Member

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  7. The Wrong Guy Member

    Thanks to Kelly Thomas, Fullerton's Future Is Now

    By John Mirisch - Good government advocate; Vice Mayor, City of Beverly Hills

    Don't tell the good people of Fullerton, California that "you can't fight City Hall." Not only did they fight City Hall, they changed it. And in making the changes which they effected through their collective efforts, they've reinvigorated the sense of Community. It started with outrage. It continued with a recall of the intransigent city council majority, and where it goes from here is anybody's guess. But my sense is that this goes way beyond the recall; this is a seismic, systemic change for Fullerton. In Fullerton, people have changed the way they look at local government and what they have come to expect from it.

    Kelly Thomas changed everything.

    More at
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    brilliant ^
  9. RightOn Member

    proves once again, that staying silent about things that matter= does nothing
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  10. anon walker Moderator

    I'm glad that the wretched assholes on the Fullerton city council were removed. I'm glad that people came together to right this terrible wrong. Murdering a helpless mentally ill guy was an astonishing act from these Fullerton officers.

    Personally, I'd like to see these council members and police officers ostracized from politics and law enforcement forever. If we have to brand a warning on their foreheads, I'll friggin wield the iron.

    See how they like being victimized "for the good of the community!"
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  11. The Wrong Guy Member

    Cops in Kelly Thomas beating in court today

    Two Fullerton police officers charged in the beating death of a mentally ill homeless man are back in court Friday for a pretrial hearing and trial-setting conference. Former officers Manuel Ramos, 38, and Cpl. Jay Cicinelli, 40, have pleaded not guilty and remain free on bail pending trial, which likely will not take place until 2013.

    County prosecutors have charged Ramos with second-degree murder and involuntary manslaughter in connection with Thomas' death. Thomas died five days after the beating when his life support was removed.

    Ramos, a 10-year veteran of the Police Department, was the first on-duty officer to be charged with a murder in Orange County history. He faces a potential 15-year-to-life term in prison if convicted.

    Cicinelli, a 12-year veteran, is charged with involuntary manslaughter and excessive force under color of authority. He could receive up to four years in prison if convicted.

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  12. Anonymous Member

    Prison will be a LOT of fun for those pigs.
  13. offtheflow Member

    Where there is power, corruption is sure to follow.
  14. Put them in general population. They acted like common criminals. Treat them as such, and let the inmates know what they did.
  15. They are entitled to the presumption of innocence by a jury of their peers. They are also entitled to a conviction based on the evidence. They murdered that helpless, unresisting man, and my only regret is that more charges have not been filed.
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  16. And where there is video, there's at least the hope for justice against those who would abuse that power. Sunlight, disinfectant, Brandeis.

    Edit: That didn't help, though, in Seattle. It is my hope the DoJ will clean house there, Puerto Rico, and everywhere else that needs it. I won't mention the gang members with badges of the NYPD, because they've already been discussed at length here.

    If you want a more mainstream and thorough article, lick this ling:
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  17. Anonymous Member

    I could've used one of those decades ago. lol
  18. The Wrong Guy Member

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  19. LaurenLove Member

    Woahh, that makes me have at least a tiny bit of hope. I would absolutely love to go to a real protest, I have so much passion for these things but I haven't found my place yet.
    WAY too many officials get away with hurting and killing people everyday, lots of them actually needs to stop.
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  20. The Wrong Guy Member

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  21. The Wrong Guy Member

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  22. Anonymous Member

    Section 5 was changed so your CO$ statement falls kind of short and it was due to a UK anon for it. As much as I agree with some of your statements, UK has some benefits, in fact a few more than some other countries i could rant about. Rarely in the "UK better than US" fuckfest does anything beneficial happen, its just a way to derail a thread so Brit and Amerifags can flame at each other.

    Back on topic: Thank you OP
  23. Here's a simple solution: America, fuck you. UK, fuck you. You both fucking suck, though to borrow, badly, from Churchill, at least you suck less than almost anyone else.
  24. The Wrong Guy Member

    John and Ken Rip Apart the Gennaco Report on Kelly Thomas

    Published on Aug 23, 2012 by friendsforfullerton

    KFI's John and Ken talk about Michael Gennaco's Office of Independent Review and its report on the Fullerton Police Department, including the Kelly Thomas killing.

    Danny Hughes, Ron Thomas, and Jay Cicinelli's stepdad John Huelsman

    Published on Sep 20, 2012 by friendsforfullerton

    Fullerton acting police chief Danny Hughes reads a statement to the public that exonerates Kelly Thomas from any wrongdoing. Then Kelly's father Ron Thomas addresses and thanks the Fullerton city council, and then the biggest surprise, Jay Cicinelli's step father John Huelsman blast the city for jumping the gun before the trial.

    There are more updates here:
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  25. rickybobby Member

    I hope they suffer. I have a severely autistic family member who, more than likely, would run and hide from any stranger that was yelling at him on the street, police officer or not. It scares me to think that there are police that would respond by beating him senseless without figuring out that he is mentally challenged, not defiant.
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  26. The Wrong Guy Member

    Third California police officer charged in beating death of homeless man -

    Joseph Wolfe, 37, pleaded innocent Thursday to one count of involuntary manslaughter and one count of use of excessive force in connection with the death of 37-year-old Kelly James Thomas on July 7, 2011.

    The charges against Wolfe came as a result of a grand jury indictment handed down on Monday, District Attorney Tony Rackauckas said in a statement.

    More at

    Lawyer: Charges Against Third Fullerton Officer in Kelly Thomas Beating, "Well Worth the Wait" | NBC Southern California

    Ron Thomas, the father of a mentally ill homeless man who was fatally beaten last year during a confrontation with Fullerton police, said on Friday that he’s satisfied with the charges brought against former officer Joseph Wolfe earlier this week.

    “Wolfe came down and beat him severely with a baton and then followed up as we’ve seen with the knees, the elbows, first one to attack him, the last one off of him and he managed to stay there and hold him the entire time for everyone else to do their part,” Thomas said during a Friday news conference at his lawyer’s office.

    More at
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  27. The Wrong Guy Member

    Prosecutors of Kelly Thomas' Killers Allowed Access to Ex-Cops' Files (to the Chagrin of City)

    The judge overseeing the Kelly Thomas murder trial ruled today that prosecutors can review employment records of ex-Fullerton police officers Manuel Ramos and Jay Cicinelli. But Orange County Superior Court Judge William Froeberg held off a decision on whether any information from the cops' jackets will be admitted into evidence during the trial.

    Prosecutors had filed a motion seeking access to the records to rebut last week's testimony by Fullerton Police Cpl. Stephen Rubio.

    Rubio had claimed the officers mostly or fully acted within the city's policy when the transient was violently subdued and killed at the Fullerton Transportation Center on July 5, 2011.

    Ramos is charged with the second-degree murder and involuntary manslaughter of Thomas, while ex-Cpl. Cincinelli faces the latter count as well as use of excessive force. Former Officer Joe Wolfe, who was also indicted for involuntary manslaughter and using excessive force, is to be tried separately.

    City News Service reports the trial of Ramos and Cicinelli is scheduled to pick up again on January 6.

    Continued here:
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  28. hi u guys i have a issue that i think should be addressed it's the confederate flag thing im a big civil war buff and i care alot about this idk bout you guys but i think something should be done i love history and i do not want it forgotten its not that i dount care about other issues im just expressing my opinion i want to know what you guys think about the confederate battle flag thing and the Sons Of Confederate Veterans
    This message by Johnny_Reb_1865 has been hidden due to negative ratings. (Show message)
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  29. Anonymous Member

    I think that idiots who post shit like this in a thread about a horrendous murder by cops thread should be perma-banned and raped by an angry squid. Who the fuck cares about some stupid fucking flag crap, now go DIAF you particularly dim bulb.
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  30. laughingsock Member

  31. dude you really think i dount care about someone being killed by the cops!!! OF CORSE I CARE!!!!!! i really am pissed that this happened but i dount need to be talked down to like that im sorry for whatever i said to piss u off put aside your hate and please dount take it out on me let me ask you something why did you want to be anonymous? Me im TIRED OF TURNING ON THE NEWS AND HEARING ABOUT ANOTHER WAR THAT ANOTHER THOUSEND SOLIDERS WILL DIE IN WHILE THE GOV TELLS THERE LITTLE BOY OR GIRL THAT DADDY HAS GONE AWAY TO HEVEN BECUSE HE WAS FIGHTING FOR "DEMOCROCY" WHICH ACTUALY HE DIED FOR OIL AND MONEY THATS WHY I JOINED
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  32. laughingsock Member

    Bro, I'm no grammar Nazi. Not now, nor have I ever been. But your posts are hard to make heads or tails of.
  33. The Wrong Guy Member

    Appeals Panel Rejects Move to Bar Work Records of Ex-Cops in Kelly Thomas Trial

    A panel of Fourth District Court of Appeal justices on Tuesday rejected an appeal from the city of Fullerton aimed at preventing prosecutors in the Kelly Thomas slaying case from seeing the employment records of ex-Officer Manuel Ramos and former Cpl. Jay Cicinelli.

    Prosecutors and defense attorneys are now scheduled to return to Orange County Superior Court Judge William Froeberg's courtroom today for a hearing on whether evidence from those files can be admitted during the trial.

    Continued here:
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  34. sorry im just supper pissed off
  35. "involuntarily manslaughter" Lets call it what it is MERDER (sorry for bad spelling) the police are what I like to call the GISTOPO
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  36. laughingsock Member

    Do you think perhaps,,,just maybe?? They are connected to the illuminate??
  37. I whould hope not. I just think those cops should be delt with.
    Where im from if something like this happened there whouldn't be any trial or conviction those cops would be dragged out of there beds, Taken to the marsh, beaten, and then shot, there bodys would be dumped into the bay. Alot of people go missing like this down here.
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  38. Anonymous Member

    We don't condone that sort of behavior on this website. Also, stop making southerners look bad. You're embarrassing yourself.
  39. ok sorry im just saying that's what would happen where im from to be honest I don't like it but that's how it is. And you say im making southerners look bad? Not all southerners are like that im just saying how that would turn out. Im thankful for you telling me this I need to control my anger.
    don't take how southerners act from me please.

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