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Discussion in 'Projects' started by Django, Oct 21, 2013.

  1. Django Member

    ...and please excuse, I'm thinking out loud. Many who know me would applaud the fact that I'm actually thinking...

    In Boston, we have these Duck Boat Tours. It's a gimmick, old WW2 landing craft outfitted with old used school bus seats - they take you around on the street, show you some touristy sites, then go for a cruise on the Charles (love that dirty water) to give it that extra special vibe. Very popular (indeed, it's immense fun). I took my 12 year old nephew on one of these - they let him drive the boat for a bit, and it's a cherished memory for him (Nephew: "Christ, what a waste of a goddamn afternoon, how in God's green fuck am I related to you ancient decrepit losers?"). These Duckboat tours have spread to many other American cities: DC, Frisco, Seattle, Philly....I think Duluth is doing this in season (You know...June-August, when the lake's not frozen over).

    Proposed: A Duckboat tour of Clearwater, Florida, concentrating on the last days of the doomed "church" of Scientology. Fort Harrison, SP building, Sand Castle, the old Lisa McPherson Trust offices, the Arnold Building, topped off by a short jaunt in the gorgeous Gulf waters of Florida's west coast, and one of the finest beaches in the East, with views of Kirstie Alley's Awesome Beachfront Mansion!!!!

    Disney, Epcot, Clearwater Scientology Duckboat tour...the trifecta of The Perfect Florida Vacation!

    IANATA (I am not a travel agent), but Boy Howdy, I could sure sell the grandkids on that one....
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  2. Rod Keller Member

    In Philly we had an accident and people died on the a duck. I forget how much trouble they got in, but it was a lot. I'm sure they fixed all of that.

    The boat could stop in front of the Fort Harrison for daily protests. I think it's the best building for a protest even with the SP building perhaps open by then.
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  3. Anonymous Member

    We have the Duck Tours in SF. But we also have the Magic Bus, which trails bubbles. Now that's a San Francisco treat.
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  4. Your nephew? I like this kid, lol.........congratulations, Django, you've taught him well......
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  5. Django Member

    I've trailed Bubbles. She took out a restraining order....
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  6. I left a party once where everyone was blowing bubbles, Bubbles the clown............

    Memo to self: no more 'Bubbles The Clown' jokes, so wrong......
  7. Anonymous Member

    I can't comment on the feasibility of this brain storm but the fantasy has me unable to wipe the smile off my face after some intense lawl.
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  8. Did "bubbles" get blown by you, too?
    With your "mouth tech"?
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  9. My apologies, Freedom of speech is one thing, 'Bubbles The Clown' jokes are inappropriate anytime, lol.
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  10. JohnnyRUClear Member

    We sure have had an influx of useless image postings over the past, what, couple of months? Seems like it's always from unregistered users, too. Perhaps somebody needs to up their medication dOSAge.
  11. Anonymous Member

    Nicely coded.

    It may also be butthurt cult cyber-disseminators put outa work by the Craigslist Clearing Of The Cult Contests currently featured @ WWP.

    There's also all that recent trouble the cult has had in France.

    Eric Roux Loves Dwarves.jpg

    In this photo, it appears the Eric Roux has peed his pants!

    I think a percentage of cult fags is involved with some of the shit postings.

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