this man is truely disgusting

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by laughingsock, Feb 2, 2014.

  1. laughingsock Member

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  3. laughingsock Member

    He should hire Conrad murray for his regular check ups.
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  4. laughingsock Member

    Srsly though, can anything be done to raise puplic awareness and support Dylan Farrow? I wonder how many other victims are out there. If more had the courage to speak out perhaps justice would be forced to act.
  5. nevarmore Member

    The editorial comments I've read on the news outlets carrying this are, in the majority, villifying the daughter, and calling HER the liar. It's because he's famous, because he's Hollywood, because he's rich. Affluenza at it's worst inception. Justice is not blind, it's peeking through lenses tinted by money and fame, and this just continues to prove you can do anything you want in America as long as your pocketrs are deep enough.

    One thing I'd like to point out to the doubters of her story... he wooed, and married another daughter (Soon Yi), beginning his advances WHILE she was legally his CHILD. Regardless of this daughters veracity, that FACT alone demonstrates he has trouble with boundaries, and logic would lead you to give more credence to Dylans story than his denials.

    That provides a pattern, undeniably established by himself, that lends credence to her claims. He violated parental boundaries with more than one child, which makes him a serial pedphile, and he shoud be branded publically as such.

    There are those who will defend him for "art" sake. Pfffffft. Art is in the eye of the beholder, and I've never found him that funny, artistic, or particularly talented. I've never understood the affinity for his work and frankly, he creeps me out.

    As a rule, Hollywierd has NO soul.

    "Never, never be afraid to do what's right, especially if the well-being of a person or animal is at stake. Society's punishments are small compared to the wounds we inflict on our soul when we look the other way." (Martin Luther King, Jr. )
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  6. laughingsock Member

    Twitter storm? Let's make this story trend.
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  7. laughingsock Member

    Come on fellow multisock twitter fags.
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  8. laughingsock Member

  9. White Tara Global Moderator

    I suspect this is just the beginning of a campaign that has been long overdue to make this man responsible in some way for what he did to his daughter. May they not keep quiet until some sort of justice and responsibility is brought to this mans door. He has children with his present wife does he not? :(
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  10. It's no wonder that his only character is this nervous neurotic guy- I would be nervous too, waiting for the day it all comes crashing down.
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  11. White Tara Global Moderator

    It truly amazes me he has been allowed to get away with it for this long.
    The cult of celebrity is truly disgusting.
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  12. laughingsock Member

    My heart aches for ms.farrow, there must be a way to support her and the other victims that surely exsist without causing harm. I'm all in on this issue.
  13. Ethics Bait Member

    I have no opinion about this matter, since I am not privy to the facts, just the assertions, but your assertion may not be true.

    According to this article, Soon Li was never Allen's child. Her name was Soon Li Farrow Previn, and she was the adopted daughter of Andre Previn and Mia Farrow. Farrow and Allen never shared a home, according to this article.
    As I said, I have no opinion, but most of what was in the article was new to me.
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  14. laughingsock Member

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  15. laughingsock Member

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  16. laughingsock Member

    Dylan's account sounds genuine to me..let's just say it sounds familiar.
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  17. Sorry. He is a sick fuck. They all are. Poor kids.
    Why it's familiar to you, I don't know- I am just sorry that it is.
  18. amaX Member

    Soon-Yi Previn was adopted by Andre Previn and Mia Farrow when she was 8 years old in 1978.

    Andre Previn and Mia Farrow divorced in 1979 when Soon-Yi was 9 years old.

    Farrow started dating Woody Allen in 1980 when Soon-Yi was 10 years old.

    Woody Allen was 45 years old when he first entered Soon-Yi Previn's 10 year old world.

    Nine years after he first met Soon-Yi Previn, Woody Allen started having an affair with her while he was still in a relationship with her mother Mia Farrow. Soon-Yi was 19. Woody Allen was 54.

    It's correct that Allen was never married to Farrow, but he had a long standing relationship with her. They have one biological son and two adopted children together.

    This means that THREE of Mia Farrows children can say, "My Dad is married to my sister."

    Woody Allen is a cunt. He's always been a cunt. You can go back to his first marriage to read this funny little story about a joke that Allen told about his first wife.

    Allen's first wife Harlene Rosen was sexually assaulted outside her apartment. Allen said, "Knowing my ex-wife it probably wasn't a moving violation."

    Harlene Rosen sued Woody Allen for $1 million dollars.
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  19. I need sleep and this thread is making me crazy (so forgive my laziness) but Vanity Fair did a piece on Farrow. All the Dylan stuff is there...November I think. Night.
  20. laughingsock Member

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  21. nevarmore Member

    Yes, he does. Both are adopted. They are replica's of Dylan and Soon Yi. Which in itself, is creepy.
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  22. nevarmore Member

    That would make her a dependant child of Mia Farrow, Woody's "girlfriiend". And he took naked photos of her while she was an underage dependant of his intimate partner, Miss Farrow. That still indicates a willingness to cross boundaries of the safety of dependant children, does it not?

    Or do you not have an opinion on whether it is wrong to take naked photos of underage dependant children?
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  23. laughingsock Member

    This is more than creepy, it is proof of this degenerates M.O.
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  24. amaX Member

    Exactly. Soon-Yi was 10 when she met 45 year old Woody Allen. And don't forget that Allen has three children with Farrow---two are adopted and one biological. The pain must be excrutiating for those three kids who have to look at their dad being married to their sister after one of them was molested by dad.

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  25. nevarmore Member

    Allen is a predator, of the worst kind, weathy, connected, powerful, and his prey of choice are HELPLESS CHILDREN in his immediate environment, preferably, and not blood related. There are NO excuses .. none. He himself established FACT that he is no respecter of moral or ethical boundaries. And now he will go about establishing Dylan as a liar and fantasizer, because he can. People will believe his money and that his 'artistic talents" are more believable than a child memories and fear, held all these years and never healed. Because of course a child would make this up to help her mother in her divorce proceedings. Hollywood is totally corrupted and will rally around their icon and destroy poor Dylan in the press. My heart goes out to her.
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  26. White Tara Global Moderator

    She was remarkably articulate and determined in her letter. I hope that the hollywood assholes pick their sides well, because this young woman is now strong enough and in a far happier place in her life, and IMHO she is going to blow this shit out of the water.

    Hear that Hollywood, wanna go down on a disgusting pedophiles sinking ship? Choose wisely assholes cuz you too will be forever tarnished if you don't.
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  27. White Tara Global Moderator

    I would suggest a shame the celebrity campaign aimed at those that sit on the fence regarding this, may be a reasonable thing in due course.
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  28. laughingsock Member

    So we agree for the most part that this man shouldn't be enjoying a single breath of our free air, his lungs should be filled with conditioned, recycled air that wreaks of institution. I would love to see those headlines and the rebuttals of all those who covered his sorry ass all these years. What to do?
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  29. nevarmore Member

    For those who argue he should get a pass because he 'fell in love with Soon Yi and MARRIED her, and she wasn't HIS child'... don't forget he alienated her from the only family she'd known most of her life. He took her from her mother, he groomed her with his affections and attentions while whe was still a dependant living under her mothers support. At some point he had to cross the line between being a parental figure to being an intimate partner. How many young women 19 yers old or younger would be able to cope with that psychologically without being harmed to some extent, emotional or mentally?

    That's no different than love bombing except it's accompanied by great welath and the promise of a life of luxury. How are children to resist that, in Soon Yi's case? And again, removed and alienated from her entire family... except Woody. That's is a classic predatpry move. Remove your victim from all support systems and make them dependant on the predator only.

    Soon Yi may have got the husband she thought she wanted... but I can't help but wonder if it ever occurs to her than he is already doing the same grooming on the two children she and he adopted together. Those kids fit his parameters for preferred sexual types. I don't believe for a minute he's stopped. Nor do I think deep down Soon Yi doesn't have some doubts as well. She's getting older. No longer the nubile young girl she was when he singled her out for his inappropriate attentions. As for Dylan, no child is to blame for adult molestation. EVER. There are NO excuses. And as I keep saying, he's already PROVED he acted inappropriately with one child in that family.... what's the huge stretch required to believe it was more than one?

    It just amazes me that not everyone can see right through him.
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  30. nevarmore Member

    Hollywierd has no conscience, no morals, or ethics in this kind of thing. In some ways, they are a bigger cult than the Scino's are, except they have no mandate to 'save the world from itself' while filling the coffers of one delusional maniac.

    Hollywierdos are all about filling their own coffers, and they are all delusional, selfish, and self aggrandizing. They will band together , defend the little pedo-snake and justify their own dark little secrets, hoping no one turns on them. Watch and see.
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  31. laughingsock Member



    I see no trust in the children's eyes.
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  32. nevarmore Member

    One last item of note on this. One of Mia's close friends is Roman Polanski, whom she defends. So, poor Dylan, and to a degree, Soon Yi, because it's NEVER the child's fault, didn't have much of a chance for escaping the predator introduced to their home.

    And Ronan is listed as Mia and Allens son, but he is presumed to actually have been sired by Frank Sinatra by anyone that isn't blind.

    There was no reliable haven for any of those kids, for protection and guidance. They were adopted and given a loving home, but they certainly weren't protected.
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  33. White Tara Global Moderator

    At the start its best to be guided by what comes next, be led by the actions of the young woman in question. However as each scumbag comes out unquestioningly backing Woody I for one would like to see it recorded here for posterity.
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  34. nevarmore Member

    Look at the body language in the girl in pink shorts. She really is enjoying that hug isn't she? <<sarcasm
    Her arms are crossed protectively. She's pulling back against his embrace, the expression on her face is not happy . She hasn't moved her feet closer to him to make her stance more comfortable in the embrace, she's not leaning into it. Her feet are firmly planted further away from him and she's even up on her toes rather than change her footing.
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  35. laughingsock Member

    Yes, i noticed. Every pic i found of him and a child had the same uneasiness. The only reason i didn't post more is my heart could no longer take it.
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  36. White Tara Global Moderator

    Urgh! :(

    More at link.
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  37. muldrake Member

    I'm done with this motherfucker, and ashamed I turned a blind eye to his crimes as long as I did. Fuck you, Woody Allen.
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  38. fishypants Moderator

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