this man is truely disgusting

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by laughingsock, Feb 2, 2014.

  1. laughingsock Member

    Yeah i was spreading the word elsewhere and failed to mention that lulz...
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  6. fishypants Moderator

    Well, I guess YMMV. Senses of humour differ and it's impossible to know what the author intended. It seemed that way to me.

    Similar accusations have been levelled at many writers - usually baselessly.

    What matters it not what his fictional characters did in the fictional stories he wrote, but what he actually did in real life.
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  7. laughingsock Member

    The phrase "type cast" comes to mind. Is it possible that woody cannot act at all and only plays parts that mirror his depraved mind.
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  8. Perfecto Member

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  9. PresidentShaw Member

    We don't have any proof to go in either directions though, sure it looks quite damning for Mr Allen, but we should remember that a justice system that works is one that assumes someone is innocent until proven guilty.
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  10. laughingsock Member

    The problem here is the justice system assumes Ms.farrow is a lair. And the whole system is siding with Allen's money. But I agree with you, I just would like to see his ass in a courtroom standing in front of twelve angry men.
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  11. The Internet Member

    This issue upsets me because I hate pedophilia and I hate the fact that pedophilia is such a predictable hot button anyone can rouse a raging, pitchfork wielding mob simply by pushing it. There’s no good way to navigate between those two hates.

    Nick Kristoff was part of the Kony 2012 hoax. That was a slick propaganda effort that raised millions for dodgy charities and which nearly resulted in the US sending troops to Africa. I wonder if it were somehow a CIA project.

    I have to look at anything attached to Nick Kristoff in a critical light. Is there any angle to this story that means piles of money for somebody somewhere? How much is the Woody Allen intellectual property library worth? Is someone hoping to get their hands on it at a discount? Stuff like that.

    Unfortunately right now my hatred of all things pedo makes me reluctant to read much more on this topic. Maybe later.
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  12. Disturbing. An excerpt from TMZ:

    There was smoke nearly 40 years ago -- Woody Allen didn't explicitly say he was a pedophile ...but he sure came close ... openly describing a hypothetical orgy involving him and fifteen 12-year-old girls.

    TMZ dug up the 1976 interview published in People. Then 41-year-old Woody said, "I'm open-minded about sex. I'm not above reproach; if anything, I'm below reproach. I mean, if I was caught in a love nest with fifteen 12-year-old girls tomorrow, people would think...
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  13. The Internet Member

    The 1970s were creepy and I’m glad we’re not so big on naked people and free love today. Back then progressive parents thought repressed sexual feelings caused neuroses, especially in children. So by being open about taboo feelings everybody was going to be more real, more free, and less anxious. Did not really work out that way though.
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  14. Disambiguation Global Moderator
    History of woody Allen and underaged girls. 17 year old step daughter.
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  15. The Internet Member

    I don’t want to defend Allen but I also don’t like seeing vigilante justice stirred to a fevered pitch. Our ancestors worked hard to create systems with courts and rules of evidence for good reasons.

    Families, especially big families with divorces, remarriages, multiple affairs, half sibs, adopted sibs, international sibs, and millions of dollars in various trust funds, are complicated. Good luck figuring out what is going on as a member of such a family, let alone as an e-warrior on the Internets with only news reports to go on.

    Soon Yi remains married to Woody Allen for what, 17 years? If she felt Allen were a monster, surely she could arrange a comfortable escape while she’s young enough to build a second life with another partner. So maybe that marriage is actually working. Who knows.

    As for Dylan, well I’m not up to reading her letter yet.
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  16. Disambiguation Global Moderator
    These were pornographic pictures of his daughter- at- time. I understand the plea to not to rush to judgement, but IMHO this was a delay, not a rush. It needs to be thoroughly looked into, yes again, because accusations of child abuse cases are often delayed and there was at least one other case of sexual behavior/ child pornography proven. I have no idea how he could convince the police that a sexual relationship with a 17 year old was legal.
    Most likely she refused to testify.....but I honestly don't remember.
    The thoughts that this is an attempt from a ex wife to get back at him mean that the first round of accusations years ago was also an attempt to get back at him. I doubt that would fly now.
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  17. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    not likely for. 17 year old at risk girl.
    Indeed, who knows.

    Maybe you should before worrying about a rush to judgement. Really. i usually agree with you but you are way off base here. He had child porn he took of his 17 year old at risk daughter. A 17 year old at risk daughter is easily swayed. A 17 year old is legally unable to give consent.
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  18. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    I'm still responding while biting my tongue. Those who fight child abuse and incest are at a fever pitch when presented with a case of possible child sexual abuse/ incest/, this is where we live. It is always feverish. That doesn't make us wrong. He has the courts to judge him, we can certainly use social media to present our thoughts about this case. It's not wrong.
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  19. The Internet Member

    Disambiguation, I’m really glad for your heart. I only pipe up after I see a lot of comments expressing confidence that somebody is guilty when we haven’t had a trial.

    A pic of a semi clothed child might be porn or it might be innocent family stuff and it’s hard to judge without seeing the pic. I don’t want to see the pic myself because it is none of my business. But apparently a DA did see the pic and did not prosecute.

    Soon Yi isn’t 17 years old now. She’s in her 40s. I think it’s likely that if she felt victimized by Allen or unhappy in her marriage to him that she’d move on.

    You are right I probably should read Dylan’s letter. Don’t know if I will though.

    The age of consent in NY is 17.

    Allen was in his 50s when he married Soon Yi so I do regard him as a male sexually oriented toward childlike females. This creeps me out. But don’t think he should be considered guilty of a crime without a trial.
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  20. The Internet Member

    BTW, fuck you Chanology for leaving the sorry task of counter point to fall on my shoulders.

    Dylan’s older brother says the abuse didn’t happen.
    Hopefully I am done with Woody Allen, who might or might not be guilty but who will be dead soon either way. The angle that interests me most is Nick Kristof. There is something weird about that guy.
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  21. White Tara Global Moderator

    If there is any chance that this man has received favour and support simply through who is is to the wealthy and influencial of hollywood, I see the value of this thread being a receptacle if you like, to keep track of who in hollywood says what while this thing unfolds. I still don't believe this young woman is finished speaking her piece.

    Also a couple of months ago, one of her brothers (Which one?) made excoriating public commentary in response to Allen's receipt of a hall of fame type award? Any info on this anyone?
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  22. The Internet Member

    I think that was Ronan (aka Satchel), the one who looks a bit like Frank Sinatra.

    Is it just me, or do others find it odd that a few Hollywood celebs adopt enough children from far off lands to man their own baseball team?
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  23. nevarmore Member

    That was Ronan, Mia's biological son. It was supposed at the time, he was also Woody's biological son. It's never been publically stated, but Frank Sinatra's family generally accepts Ronan as part of their family. Ronan made a comment regarding Hollywood's general approval and lauding of Allens genius, whlie ignoring the fact a woman had publically prounounced him as the man who molested her. So the tally is, one brother supports Dylan, one brother denounces her. And one sister married the man who she says was molesting her.
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  24. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    I think it's generous in the best case. God only knows what nonsense entitled movie stars get up in, " mommy dearest" comes to mind.
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  25. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    The other brother says it did.
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  26. tippytoe Member

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  27. White Tara Global Moderator

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  28. White Tara Global Moderator

    And in response to her elder brother Moses denial of the sexual abuse allegations, Dylan farrow has replied;

    "This is such a betrayal to me and my whole family," she told the magazine in response to her brother's comments. "My memories are the truth and they are mine and I will live with that for the rest of my life."

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  29. White Tara Global Moderator

    I couldn't agree more it is odd that celebrity paves the way it seems for the adoption of as many multiethnic orphans as any celebrity sees fit.

    The historic commentary from Ronan farrow I. was refering to was a tweet issued during an awards night featuring a tribute to Woody Allen's work;
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  30. fishypants Moderator

    I'm not sure a bunch of people sitting on their sofas typing that Woody Allen Seems To Be A Bad Man really is vigilante justice stirred to a fevered pitch.

    THIS is what vigilante justice stirred to a fevered pitch looks like:

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  31. Enturbulette Member

    Did anyone see this "valentine" Mia Farrow gave Woody after she found the porno pics of Soon-Yi - it is at 8:14 in this old 60 Minutes interview with Allen. The picture on the knife handle is the face of Soon-Yi in one of Allen's porno pics of her. The family said they were disturbingly pornographic. Still, Mia Farrow seems really like quite an unraveling nutball to me to make and present this valentine.

    Soon-Yi was adopted from a drug addicted prostitute mother and apparently had deep emotional issues her whole childhood. For Allen, an important man in his 50s, to seduce or groom that kid to take explicit split beaver photos and keep quiet about it, well there just isn't any question that it is despicable. And we know that definitely DID happen. And he dated the underage 17 year old he based "Manhattan" on as per the link provided above, and he proudly mused about an orgy with 12 year olds in a "love nest". It's so clearly a pattern of his psyche - I sincerely wonder that those two girls he and Soon-Yi adopted are safe. Talk about growing up in a nest of sickness.

    And Mia Farrow is not without stain either. Apparently she still wanted to make a movie with Allen even after she knew about the porno pics! Although that is coming from his testimony above. But she was having an affair with married Frank Sinatra when she was in her 40s and he was in his 70s while publicly being Woody Allen's girlfriend when she got pregnant - there is some weird May December going on there too. And she hid the parentage of this child for decades...Between these two parents, it doesn't look like Dylan ever had a chance at a stable home life. It's a miracle she managed to carve out an apparently satisfying life as an adult at all.
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  32. White Tara Global Moderator

    I personally think that Mia and Woody both leave a lot to be desired in the human decency stakes. The people I have concern for are their adopted children and grandchildren.
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  33. The Internet Member

    Bleh, these celebs seem like selfish toddlers having a supermarket tantrum. Everybody, look! New York Times!

    They must be wired different than me. Because I can’t imagine exposing intimate family pain to the whole world like that. The idea of everybody thinking they know what happened and having arguments and opinions and everything would make me want to die.

    Anyway, Allen is about 80 years old. He’s going to drop dead any minute now. Think I heard that he carefully kept control of his intellectual property all his life. If the value of that IP seems to be depreciating because nobody likes pedos, then his widow will want to cash out. Great opportunity for someone building a big portfolio of IP holdings. Because today’s pedo is tomorrow’s who the fuck cares so long as the movie is funny. You can always count on the public’s short attention sp --look a squirrel!

    Who are the big entertainment IP rights owners out there?
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  34. laughingsock Member

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  35. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    "Stain" is irrelevant. "Child molester" is more than stain.
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  36. System Member

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  37. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    re: age of consent

    They lived part time in Connecticut.
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  38. kthnxbai Member

    All my relatives and friends used to like Woody Allan films. For all I know, they still do. He was so funny, they said. I could never see it. I saw a selfish and rather pitiful egomaniac who craved admiration and love and went all out to get it. I was afraid of him, without knowing why, as I was afraid of Jimmy Saville. Both men are the stuff of nightmares.

    Maybe in more recent cases we can wake up sooner and take action when it can still save a child's life.
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  39. Farrow herself would fall well into a gamine/pubescent type, especially in her early years. She was in what is now an obscure movie, Joseph Losey's 'Secret Ceremony' right after she did Rosemary's Baby. It's slow moving but I found it engrossing. In it her character, among other things, has an affair with her stepfather played by Robert Mitchum, one that is hinted at having started when the character was a teenager. She is quite disturbing in the role.

    Her original marriage to Sinatra had quite an age difference as well.

    Allen's attraction to her certainly makes sense in retrospect.
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