this man is truely disgusting

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by laughingsock, Feb 2, 2014.

  1. Where do you have dox / proof of this assertion?
    no excuses for creeps.
    just see no connection between this and the above^
  2. Enturbulette Member

    Careful you are sounding awfully Freudian! ; )
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  3. Enturbulette Member

    If you are asking where is proof regarding the background info on Epstein, you'd have to read the NY Mag link fully to understand his penetration of the highest levels of the elite, then follow the second link at the top of the video about him, also google him and read about him. Look up Ghislaine Maxwell his madame partner, and the Mossad links her father maintained before his unexpected death and the subsequent financial scandal. Epstein is a major player with a long detailed story that was hidden for decades, there is not just one simple link.

    The pedophile sex and drug rings are used to compromise politicians. Pic of politician being fellated by a 14 year old boy or girl at a fully wired party house = politician is willing to votesaydo whatever you direct. In Mossad's case in particular this is done to create rabid pro-Israeli policies in the US government, which are usually otherwise fairly inexplicable. The CIA has used this method of control for other reasons. Make no mistake, some politicians are fine with the pedo and or gay sex and happy to be in the club, and dosay whatever is required to maintain their position. To look further into this, you'll just have to google and do the research and the reading. For example, popular democrat Barney Frank had a gay lover that ran a prostitution ring right out of Frank's Washington DC home. This is well known, he wrote a book about it, and you will be able to find this with a quick search. If you look around you'll see plenty of info on this method of control. You should look at the Omaha Nebraska Franklin Savings child sex drug ring scandals for example here, but that is just a starting place -

    Remember the fuss about rent boy prostitutes being given tours of the White House at midnight during the Bush years...if you don't remember google it, it happened.

    I'm not saying Allen is involved in this political level pedophilia, just super creeped out by the company he keeps. This Epstein guy honestly makes even Allen look a little Pollyanna. An operative like Epstein has seen crimes that would peel your skin.
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  4. I just find this hard to believe without proof.

    It is remarkable that a lot of politicians are still in office after the utterly hypocritical and ridiculous things they do. But this is just a whole other arena of speculation and conspiracy
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    I understand your skepticism. I have provided ample leads to materials, but until you actually take a look at them and satisfy yourself that the sources of those materials are legitimate, there is no reason to accept a scenario that seems fantastical. For another peek down the rabbit hole involving the government and children - I wonder if you have ever heard of Project MK Ultra...This was a CIA a program that the US Govt has admitted to, which had the aim of shattering children's personalities through trauma so that they could be mind controlled. You can look it up on Wikipedia, however to get the bigger picture of the truly evil and traumatic nature of the program, you would have to look at other resources.

    This is probably a thread derail at this point, sorry for that.
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  9. laughingsock Member

    While I don't doubt that this article bears many truths I have a hard time processing any articles/links that quote Alex Jones and references the JFK assassination in the same breath.

    Worth a reread though.
  10. Enturbulette Member

    I agree. Hence the crazy train stuff. ; )
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  11. White Tara Global Moderator

    Thank heavens some people can recognise him for what he is.
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