This time, Qods day gonna be Iran day

Discussion in 'News And Current Events' started by maxoud, Sep 15, 2009.

  1. maxoud Member

    It's not gonna be Qods day, it's the day that we will let the world know protests have not subsided yet. Nothing is solved in Iran. We haven't forgot the monstrous injustice and oppression in our own country. Why should we go there and chant death to Israel while the biggest oppressors are in our own country? This time, people of the world will differentiate between ordinary people and those who always are brought to these kinds of demonstrations by the regime.
    Sorry I haven't been here for a while, but today I have good news from inside Iran, most of the people I know, who attend the first protests after election, but didn't take part in the next protests as they were terrified or disappointed, are going to come to Friday protests. Maybe most of us won't dare to wear green, but we'll have our own slogans and will bring out our green signs whenever we can.
    Thanks for everything,Wish us luck.
  2. TruePersian Super Moderator


    Thanks for the wonderful post, and good luck
    Let everyone you know as we are too and take care
  3. maxoud Member


    Yes, the massage is widely heard, and you know why? Because the stupid Khamenei announced it himself! In Friday sermon he said: Don't let the enemy take advantage of Qods day. So almost everyone got that the real Iranians are having a plan for this day.
  4. Visionary Member

    Glad to see you here again.
    I'm excited for you all.
    I can't wait until Qods day now.
    Good luck everybody!

    Show them what it means to be a true Iranian!
  5. Jakomeyu Member

    qods day is primarily used as a propaganda tool set up during the revolution
  6. Deluxe Member


    I wish all of you good luck this Friday. I will be watching and praying for all of the brave Iranians. I want to world to see that Iranians are not this ignorant, racists people that the regime has projected on the world.

    The world will be watching and supporting each and everyone of you.
  7. God bless you all and best of luck from Canada
  8. so glad to hear from you again, maxoud! i wish you well.
  9. Best of luck!

    Greetings and Blessings from Germany!
    I'll hold my sore thumb for the people of Iran! May your courage and righteousness be rewarded with freedom and peace!
    My prayers are with you. Stay safe, stay strong!
  10. Kruge Moderator

    Grün! Grün! Grün! (transl. "Green! Green! Green!" ^^)

    :D :D :D :D

    Some more blessings from Germany from me as well!

    If I wasn't Atheist I'd also offer my prayers for you, but you have all my best wishes and my thoughts on your side instead!

    For a brighter future in a free Iran where people can openly speak their minds without fear of repression for doing so!

    For a more open and enlightened world where everybody (even or especially all the governments) understands that everyone deserves to be treated with respect, no matter where she or he lives, what colour their skin, what language they speak!

    Stay safe!
  11. maxoud Member

    My friends,
    I don't know how many times I have used this word on this forum, but I think I have to use it again. Thanks for all your supports and prayers and good thoughts and wishes and blessings and …!

    I'm going to my bed right now and tomorrow from the morning it'll start. I can't say I'm not psyched about tomorrow and I can easily sleep tonight. We'll be together after weeks and will be a part of green sea and on the top news of the world again. If I'm not being too optimist about tomorrow…

    Tomorrow is the day! Just follow and try to spread its green news. I'll post here when I come back.

    PS. It's raining cats and dogs in Tehran right now. I hope the weather won't be rainy tomorrow.
  12. Visionary Member

    Good luck! Come back safe!
    (I can't wait to post up new videos and stuff on here tomorrow.)
  13. Visionary Member

    The Special Significance of Quds Day 2009 in Iran � niacINsight

  14. if it continues to rain, umbrellas can make interesting protest signs. :D
  15. I wish for you all the Blessings and Luck in the world. Stay safe. Across the world, you have our admiration, our hopes and our prayers. Iran WILL be free!
  16. Sending ALL our love and support to all of our green family today. Come home safe xoxo
  17. maxoud Member

    There were 7 ways but I choose the way of Hafte-tir- Valiasr because yesterday Karrubi said he would be among people in this way. Karimkhan st from hafte-tir to Vali asr sq was full of greens ( I can say at least we were hundreds of thousands). They closed our way from Vali asr sq and didn't let us go farther( they used tear gas). So we headed back toward Hafte-Tir sq and the guards were behind us. Around 2 o'clock in HafteTir sq the heavy clashes started. They were beating people and people were responding with throwing stones. Also people one time attacked those basijis and set their bikes on fire. I don't know if they shoot people or not but I could hear gunshots.
    Situation in Hafte-tir sq was really like a war, I don't know anything about other places.
    I took some movies but my connection speed is really low and it takes hours to upload them. I just put some of my pictures here for now if I can upload them somewhere. ( All the pictures are taken by cell phone)
  18. maxoud Member


    The Green flag up the Vali-Asr sq ( some minutes later the guards came and bring down the flag and arrested the guy who was flying it up there. He was really brave!:

  19. maxoud Member


    The bikes I told you about:


    People helpd and bandaged his head :


    Up to this time I was just posting my thoughts on the web. This time I also uploaded some images. I hope I don't enrage them with this work. People say the can easily trace people…
  20. Dro Member

    This is the first report I have seen of actual clashes today. I was wondering if the regime were not really trying to contain the protests anymore. I guess at least in some places they are. Why is their response not more widespread? A sign of weakness?
  21. Twister Member

    Bless you maxoud... thank you for your pictures and reports. The sheer size of those crowds and all the green, bring tears of joy to my eyes.

    Very glad you are safe. What a day! :)
  22. ramin.ger Member

    Very nice, Maxoud ! Thank you very much for your encouraged action!

    There is a diffrence between naivity and encourage - don't be stupid, at least you guys over there, should use a foreign proxy-server before you enter the "protest-web-area".

    Again, my deepest respect and many many thanks for your input!
  23. Visionary Member

    Wow! Amazing Pictures! I applaud the sea of green!!!
    Massive turnout!
  24. maxoud Member

    I have some proxy programs but all of them are not working today.

    Internet speed is again lower and e-mail service is down(yahoo mail) Also I can't sign in to yahoo masenger.
  25. maxoud Member

    When I was on Karim-khan st among the massive green crowd I was thinking maybe all of us are in this st because of karrubi. But just now I read on Advarnews that the Greens were also on Keshavarz,Talaghani, Motahari,Valiasr and Azadi St. Wow. We were really a lot!
    Also it said there were some clashes in Vanak and Vali asr sq up to 5 o'clock. It seems that I came back soon.:(
  26. maxoud Member

    Today my proxy is working again. it's really hard for me to live without proxies!
    Some pictures from mojcamp and gooyanews:




  27. maxoud Member

  28. Good to see all these brave people have come out again !

    Be assured it is all just a question of time, it will crumble.

    The 'government' and supreme weeny are all on spare time, there is no way to go for them than down.

    Freedom !
  29. Twister Member

    Dear maxoud...

    Thank you again... what a brave day it was and you were part of it! Let it be known that one US network (PBS) reported the protests as their *first* story tonight! First time since the post-election in June!

    You are making your voices heard, and believe me, AH is *not* being welcomed in NY, he'll be seeing more green than anything, except maybe peaches :)

    Great pics, thanks for taking the time to do this for the rest of us thirsting to know what's going on. You are a brave soul.

  30. Visionary Member

    Wow, thanks again for the amazing pictures, Maxoud.
  31. Visionary Member

    From Tehran 24
    Quds Day and Protesters to Election Results � Tehran 24


    more coming :D
  32. Visionary Member


    This is some good stuff.
  33. Visionary Member

    down whit? lol
    down whit this and down whit that, ha ha!

    I'm a bit confused as to how showing pictures of Khamenei and Khomeini is supposed to show support of Palestine.
    (All it does it for me, is draw to mind some disturbing similarities with North Korea, who have pictures of their dictators side by side everywhere.)
  34. Visionary Member

  35. Visionary Member

    WTF? I just noticed the "down with the USA" poster (with parachutes and bombs in our flag) on the side of the building. lol Guess the regime's just showing love for the Palestinians. :rolleyes:

  36. Visionary Member

  37. careful now. down whit this sort of thing.

    yeah, any government that relies on its people worshipping pictures of political figures regardless of occasion ought to be a warning sign. (same thing goes for cult personalities like l. ron hubbard and that rajavi woman.)
  38. that's not a banner, it's a mural that's been there for ages.

    speaking as an american, i think it's kinda cool in a punk rock kinda way. lol
  39. Visionary Member

    Ah, I didn't know that, thanks.
    I thought it was weird for them to put that up for the occasion. :)
    I suppose artistically it does have some flair.
    (although I don't particularly like looking at it myself, lol)

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