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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by hushpuppy, Dec 15, 2008.

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  1. hushpuppy Member

    NMA Random Chit Chat -- Off-Topic Posts Moved Here

    To keep the NMA clutter-free.
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  2. cubby Member


    this thread has derailed so far it's almost back on topic again
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  3. King Nerd Member


  4. highoverlord Member


    im a sectret osa adgent here infilrating ur system
  5. DeathHamster Member


    Take a number and get in line.
  6. FreakE420 Member



    This might be more effective.

  7. Anonymous Member

    Re: I'm a newb, so can you answer my questions?

  8. pedrofcuk Member

    Re: I'm a newb, so can you answer my questions?

    yea, what they said ^
  9. VidaAnon Member

    NMA Random Chit Chat -- Off-Topic Posts Moved Here

    Hello everyone
    I'm new to the site but have a preexisting hatred for the Scientology...
    I've not only been verbally but physically assaulted by Scientologists.
    The story goes like this:
    A few in my group of friends "discovered " Scientology and got into it jsut for shits and giggles, But soon they became very serious and everyone noticed a change in them, eventually they "weren't allowed" to be around us or speak to us any more ( which really hurt considering one of them had been my best friend since we were about 5 y/o ) After a few months of this I just wanted my friend back I called her out on her actions and called her a cultist. She took my verbal berating in stride but boy did she not like the word Cult.. Soon I began getting phone calls and "visits" from people I didn't know and long story short I started publicly acting out in protests against the cult and ended up getting the shit beat out of me by a group of 4 people, that I had never met, in a parking lot. And this was all less than a year ago.
  10. Anonymous Member

    Re: New to the site.

    Your friends...where did they get the money to get into it for the "shits and giggles"? You can't just go in for free.
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  11. Anonymous Member

    Re: New to the site.

    It sounds like your group had enough protesters for a video camera or two to be running?
  12. Anonymous Member

    Re: New to the site.

    hope you called the cops,

    Also dox ?
  13. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Re: New to the site.

    cool story bro
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  14. Anonymous Member

    Re: New to the site.

    Paging the Amber Welcome Committee!

    Clean-up in aisle two.
  15. Anonymous Member

    re: Still Got Questions? Ask Them Here

    if this guy isn't a troll.....
  16. re: Still Got Questions? Ask Them Here

    I can say that he's DEFINITELY not trolling when he said that it would be hard for him to get to San Diego.
  17. Anonymous Member

    re: Still Got Questions? Ask Them Here

    Forgive me Rufus; I was actually refering the moronic writing style.
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  18. re: Still Got Questions? Ask Them Here

    I know. I can't tell if he's a genuine moron or not, but it certainly would take him quite a while to get to San Diego even if he had a car.
  19. veravendetter Member

  20. Anonymous Member

  21. Anonymous Member

  22. veravendetter Member

    re: Still Got Questions? Ask Them Here

    It's a mo-foing rainbow world dude!
  23. veravendetter Member

    re: Still Got Questions? Ask Them Here

    lololol at this ^^^ purile but classic. Although i feel like a fat kid staring through the cake shop window, i'm gonna spare myself an infraction and resist spamming up the place with other such tribbles.
  24. halenow Member


    Having seen many injustices in my life and relised that the system is just there to keep Everyone in place and if you go out of place you’re a threat. I ask myself how can this be fixed .
    One thing I have learnt is that the system hates people communicating with one another on a global scale or gathering Together as a protest (they try to split disorganize and dishearten )but while there are protesters Like Legion of Anonymous and many other such groups the struggle goes on.
    If they could keep you in a box and just get you out to work then burn the box with you in It when you retired they would they surely would (or do they).

    Every last inch of me shall perish. Except one. An inch. It's small and it's fragile and it's the only thing in the world worth having. We must never lose it, or sell it, or give it away. We must never let them take it from us.
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  25. Anonymous Member


    And we can never forget the lulz!
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  26. Mark Cabian Member


    I'm still here. I don't stop.
  27. Anonymous Member


    There is no monolithic "they".

    If something specific bothers you enough to want to do something about it, then focus on that specific problem, if you want to make any progress towards solving it.

    WWP has been on target to solve the problem of the Scientology enterprise abusing people. That is a problem on which progress is possible and where people have been effective. It's work though, taking years of persistence and patience.
    You don't bring down a multi-billion $ criminal organization in one swift blow, you bring it down by cutting off its source of power one drop at a time. Scientology was built up slowly over 50 years, and it won't just suddenly collapse overnight. It's clients won't just all wake up one morning and realize that they've been conned and stop handing over all their money to the corporation. Eventually they will, but it takes a long time.
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  28. Re: WELLDONE

    Anonymous has done very well this week.

    If a Scientology group did as well as we did they could almost certainly hope to be Up Stat this Thursday. Next Thursday that Scientology group would be expected to repeat their success or they’d be Downstat, AAAAAHHH!!!! If that sad Scientology group couldn’t repeat their success several weeks running the next step could be the dreaded RPF.

    If that sad Scientology group could repeat their success several weeks running what’s the worst that could happen? Promotion to Goldbase directly under the fearful Miscavige? Now that could be worse than the RPF.

    We’re fortunate that we aren’t Scientologists.
  29. Anonymous Member

    Re: New to the site.

    cool :)

    protip, they lie
  30. antipart Member

    Re: New to the site.

    I am big proponent of legalization.

    However, any time a story comes out about drugs the airwaves are clogged with the same old tired rhetoric. Rhetoric that is not making much of an impact that I can see.

    If I had encountered one thought provoking post about the wake of destruction that clinics like narconon were creating I would not have been scratching my head wondering what the anger was all about when I wandered into here.

    This is not an either/or choice.

    To me drug reform is the greater battle. But it also a great venue for your battle.
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  31. antipart Member

    Re: New to the site.

    Forgive me my bad grammar and bad spelling. When I climb up on this soapbox I get excited and my thoughts flow fast than my fingers.
  32. Anonymous Member

    Re: New to the site.

    Keep your head cool, so far i seen you raise some excellent points. Fresh thoughts, opinions and approaches are more than welcome. They are a necessity.

  33. antipart Member

    Re: New to the site.

    thank you
  34. BusinessBecky Member

    Re: New to the site.

    Smoking MaryJane is perfectly moral, so long as it does not conflict with the parent's duties to their children.
  35. antipart Member

    Re: New to the site.

    How dangerous is it?

    Do we know the truth? IMO the answer is so dependent upon so many factors that it comes down to an individual choice. I think this is the case with most drugs, prescription or otherwise.

    If a person is going to use drugs they need to learn as much as they can about that drug. It is my experience that the Doctors generally don't.

    Ultimately we have the responsibility even if we don't have the choice. Responsibility without control causes dysfunction.
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  36. antipart Member

    Re: New to the site.

    I want to talk about isolation.

    When I started sharing my perceptions I said I was not aware of scientology having any effect on my life. I have never been cut off from a friend or relative by that organization.

    I do, however, have a nephew that recently joined a gang. I can only speculate at his motives for going around proudly displaying the Bandito's colors because when ever I see him he is being monitored. There is always another gang member with him when he visits me or when I visit him Which is not often because I do not want to be around that kind of activity.

    He has told me that the Banditos are not like they used to be. So why the isolation?

    Mostly I want to look at the reasons people feel the need to go into these types of situations. Why are people joining?

    a feeling of empowerment?

    What are we doing socially, legally, and politically that is motivating people to enter a life of slavery?
  37. antipart Member

    Re: New to the site.


    Fear is very easily created. It is a very effect mechanism for control.

    Fear is created and used by our Governments (mine most specifically) to seduce power away from the people.

    OMG my kid is an MJ addict!
    OMG a liberal drug policy ruined Holland.
    OMG the Muslims are coming to get us.

    The right to speak out, the right to have a free press, the right for public information to be freely accessed is the greatest enemy of fear!
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  38. antipart Member

    Re: New to the site.


    Misconception is also easily created. It is not so easy to fight.

    Over the last few years one of the US senators and very well known talk show host has been telling the American people how destructive a liberal drug policy has been to the Netherlands. Anyone who has been there can see very easily that this is not so.

    Since most Americans do not leave their country much how are they going to see for themselves?

    Well, the internet has brought a lot of cultures close to us. But if free access to these cultures are cut off to us by the stifling of information flowing through the internet succeeds then are we not as isolated as the victims of preditorial gangs?

    How can we help our loved ones escape isolation when we are knee deep in it ourselves?
  39. Anonymous Member

    Re: New to the site.

    Having fun talking to yourself?
  40. Anonymous Member

    Re: New to the site.

    I call DOX or GTFO on you antipart.

    You say you had access to top seekrit membership numbers in Scientology.
    Only a few select people very high up working closely with Miscavige would ever have such access. It's one of Scientology's best kept secrets, since it likes to lie and claim it has 8 million or 10 million or whatever members.

    So how many years were you in?
    What positions did you hold?
    How did you leave?
    And how is it that you left without being declared SP and forced to disconnect?
    And how can you say in one breath that Scientology had no effect on your life and in another say that you in it and were privy to top secret info?

    And now you have a relative involved in a criminal gang?

    I say you're making it up as you go along, that you're just trolling to amuse yourself.
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