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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by hushpuppy, Dec 15, 2008.

  1. PresidentShaw Member

    So, you are saying that we should take your view on things and prevent people who disagree with you from expressing their views in the name of freedom of speech?

    That's nice dear.

  2. Anonymous Member

    How do critics of parapsychological research stack up against the Nazis in terms of, you know, evil? Cause that's the criteria we use here for deciding whether we're interested in your cause or not.
  3. Russell Rhine Member

    No, the decision was made based on no grounds. It would not be a problem if this was based on credible evidence or reason. And I am not trying to limit the views of critics and skeptics. I just want to provide a fair chance for this newly forming field of science. And if anyone is pressing views it's the skeptics. But enough about parapsychology, I just want to be an active participant of Anonymous.
  4. Anonymous Member

    Considering parapsychology a valid science is like considering Tom Cruise an expert on psychiatry.
  5. Russell Rhine Member

    They are limiting the scientific knowledge of parapsychology by indirectly making it taboo for the scientific community. There may be a prominent biologist who wants to do work in parapsychology but will be ridiculed, criticized, humiliated, and discouraged from doing potentially significant work. And that, to my understanding, is a violation of the scientific community's freedom of information.
  6. Russell Rhine Member

    No, extremely incorrect. Your statement is based on no previous knowledge of parapsychology. All experiments follow the exact mold that physicists, biologists, chemists, and psychologists use. Their data is constantly above chance. All the evidence is there, but people refuse to look.
  7. anonymous612 Member

    Said hypothetical biologist is still perfectly able to research the subject. If he's too much of a pussy to deal with someone calling him a moonbat clearly he doesn't really feel all that strongly about the subject.

    So basically you're pissy because your highschool science teacher wouldn't let you write a report on omgpsychics for a science class. And you want the rest of us to target people who think psychics are uncool, mmkay?

    You're 12 17 and what is this?


    Dox or gtfo. Irrefutable proof of the existence of psychic whatevers. Now. Go. If you have rigorous, repeatable experiments to back up your claims you should be able to prove it.

    -is willing to have this line of thought split off from the intro thread, for the record-
  8. Russell Rhine Member

    You're not looking at the bigger picture.
  9. anonymous612 Member

    Prove your claims or gtfo. You debate like a Scientologist. Coincidentally, they too believe in a fake science.
  10. Russell Rhine Member

    Remote viewing experiments using Ganzfeld methods have had above chance hits on target locations. Chance was 25%. They got around 65%
  11. Russell Rhine Member

    Project Stargate carried out by the CIA found all targets given to them during the cold war. One target was discovered to be a site constructing a submarine carrying nuclear warheads.
  12. Russell Rhine Member

    Meta analyses of precognition experiments found a overall hit rate of 75% while chance was 25%
  13. Russell Rhine Member

    If you want more, read more articles on google scholar
  14. Fuckeye Member

    You're meant to provide dox for these claims.
  15. Russell Rhine Member

  16. anonymous612 Member

    That isn't providing dox, that's giving us a url and telling us to find the dox for you because you can't be bothered to track them down.
  17. Russell Rhine Member

    The dox are in a tab. You expect me to do everything?
  18. Anonymous Member

    I see an articles tab with roughly twenty links in it. You expect me to read twenty articles just to find the one that supposedly backs up your claims?
  19. anonymous612 Member

    ^accidental anonpost
  20. Zak McKracken Member


    ....why should he post, if you can't handle the proof?

    You're trying to say that Scientology is at Cause over parapsychology?
    Or that legitimate parapsychologists are really Scientologists in disguise?
  21. Anon Gin Member

    go DIAF
    you have no friends or such things like this here!
  22. HOC Member

    Please do not troll our new members. Kthnx.
  23. Anonymous Member

    That's not a new member.
  24. Anon Gin Member

    He wasn't talking about me moron
  25. HOC Member

    His post was directed at the user 'miiakount' and hence was moved from the 'Introduce yourself here thread' to this one. :)
  26. Anonymous Member

    And you weren't talking to a new member. Keep up.
  27. Anonymous Member

    just read some very upsetting testimonies.

    do a lot of you drink?
  28. Dragononymous Member

    No, well I don't
    I'm crazy enough without being drunk
    If you ment none-alcoholic fluids, I do
  29. Anonymous Member

    actually after some of what I have read I could use a drink myself
  30. Anonymous Member

    This isn't AA? No? Damn it!
  31. Anonymous Member

    I heard that xenubarb likes a nip now and then.
  32. Anonymous Member

  33. Anonymous Member

    I like a nip also,on a nice boob!
  34. Anonymous Member

    Never to excess, but yes, quite fond of Irish Whiskey and Scotch Whisky. The testimonies can be very upsetting. It's one of the reasons WWP protests.

    Do you protest?
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  35. Anonymous Member

  36. Vemij Member

    well this forum is a good start
  37. Dragononymous Member

    Garbage or Drama?
  38. Anonymous Member

    There's no drama here.
  39. Anonymous Member

  40. Anonymous Member

    to the x's, thank you for your testimonies

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