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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by hushpuppy, Dec 15, 2008.

  1. telomere Member

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  2. daonb Member

    hi all and thanks for all the fish.

    I decided not to follow your advice and leave my real nick & face on. I develop open source code to free public information and lead a team of volunteers to work for transparency and participation. I believe information should be free and love developing apps & bots that free the information.

    see you later,

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  3. Hi, daonb. Welcome to WWP!

    If you have any questions about the site, the initiatives, or anything else, please use this thread:;)

    Thank you.
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  4. HI im icarus gray joined today already been trolled lol but glad to be onboard been around anonymous for a long time and i am loving the concept looking forward to expressing my opinion and i am always up for a sensible non hostile debate.

    I love to chat with fellow anons and i really want to be pro active and help in any way i can :D
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  5. Hello, Theblackprince. Welcome to WWP!
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  6. Anonymous Member

    many thanks
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  7. Welcome to the forum Benny. I'm a web developer myself but just started writing apps in the past few weeks :)
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  8. anonymo Member

    Hello, I´m new and I´m a little bit frightened because my english is horrible but I hope I can help...
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  9. Pique Member

    Welcome anonymo. You're English is quite fine. :)

    We have forums in other languages if you wish.
    Please do have a good look around the New Member Area to get an idea of WWP initiatives and way of operation

    If you have questions you can ask them here
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  10. Nobody99 Member

    Anonymous are good hackers unlike many hackers they supported many revolutions and helped people that cannot defend themselves
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  11. Hi droW kcaB well at the moment i am trying to spread the word about TOR (heres the link: obviously anonymity is key and this browser allows you to stay truly anonymous while online. I reccomend it for sure. I am also trying to create awareness of anonymous and the crimes of internet censorship! as you already probably know acts like sopa and acta arose not that long ago and threaten the global cyber world 0.o.

    Im basically looking to start networking with other anons who also see a bigger picture and i am just open to debate or team work? I then want start planning what we can all do together from behind our screens

    many thanks

    Icarus Gray
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  12. droW kcaB Member

    I am interested in the TOR project and would like to team up with you to spread the topic across the cyber world. Maybe we can discuss regarding the project.
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  13. Of course ! i have only recently come on board with TOR through telecomix have you checked out anon central on tumblr they have some great links which help those who wear masks ? and what is it you want to converse about regarding TOR ?
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  14. telomere Member

    To add to what our fantastic Moderator said,
    not everything within the concept of "hacker" or "hacking" is illegal.
    In general, it's about reusing/reapplying technology in ways not anticipated by the designers,
    using information that's not widely known or understood by the general public.

    Example: tor, privoxy and related privacy protection schemes, are indeed, considered "hacking"
    and which are still legal in most parts of the civilized world.

    However, Jacky would be correct, in that the vast majority of stuff that people call "hacking"
    is using computers or information systems against the will, or at cross-purposes to their owners,
    and it's not only breaks US and foreign laws, but its unethical and annoying.

    The purpose of WWP is to foster discussion of peaceful, ethical, legal ways to organize for certain specific agenda:

    the "Initiatives":
    currently "Chanology", "Persian Greens", "Freedom of Information", and "Occupy Wall Street".

    Privacy protection is a bit tricky, not because WWP is against the idea, or because WWP
    doesn't allow it here but rather: because the vast majority of WWP users are not "hackers"
    in any sense of the word, and not technically skilled enough to have much to say.
    Anything you can contribute would be wonderful.

    Welcome aboard!
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  15. I remember (and lived through) the times was when a hack or hacking was a completely legal and wonderful thing and/or thing to do.

    Writing machine language routines for the Comedy Door 64 microcomputer, to show the computer club members at the next meeting, was some of the most fun I've ever had with microcomputers. :)

    Having seen it all, through the 8/16 bit years, the 16/32 bit years and now the 32/64 bit years has been very interesting. Wondering when the 64/128 years will start; oh wait, maybe they already have?
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  16. Pique Member

    Now that your post has triggered a conversation with content would you like a thread for it?
  17. sure :) although I am looking for more than just one person I personally think its best to get a small group of us before sarting a whole new thread but you are boss as Mod so if you feel our conversation is clogging up this thread we will move on ?
  18. we should start reaching out and finding other anons then start a new thread yes?
  19. droW kcaB Member

    Exactly! get more anons to conversate with us.
  20. droW kcaB Member

    I'm just wondering cause when you said "Example: tor, privoxy and related privacy protection schemes, are indeed, considered "hacking"
    and which are still legal in most parts of the civilized world." does that mean your referring other countries across the globe being civil if hacking is legal & uncivil if hacking is illegal?
  21. telomere Member

    That's a good question.

    I don't have any tidy answers, but hacking in its base form is neither illegal nor unethical in most societies, and most governments. Computer networks however, are regulated personal, local, national and international resources. Hacking computers or networks that don't belong to you is usually illegal, and most people on WWP would agree that the governments are correct to do that.

    Privacy protection tools (TOR and other encryption schemes) generally involve hackish stuff, but with the explicit consent of the users participating in it. The networks that TOR spans, so long as they are content-neutral, are also generally considered to have provided implicit consent. This could change, but for the moment, it's one of the rare forms of Internet "hacking" that won't/shouldn't get you thrown in jail.
    I believe that encrypting and decrypting data you created yourself, should be legal without restriction. Transmitting that information should not be encumbered more than clear text would be.
    I don't believe it should be legal to "borrow" other people's bandwidth, personal/private information without certain specific overriding public interests at stake.
    I do believe there should be clear and freely available standards, defining the limits of public vs private interests, and that those standards should be acceptable to the public at large rather than tailored to a small subset.
    Without broad respect for the rights, privacy and responsibilities of each other, it will be difficult or impossible to get there.
    some hacking is ok
    some hacking is not ok
    but "not ok" is the kind most people are interested in
    and it's still not ok.
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  22. telomere Member

  23. Pique Member

    Actually I haven't had the 'Mod Bossiness Training Module' yet. :D Just trying to be helpful.
    But I see you have a new (blended) thread now, if there are any posts here that you would like over there just let me know which ones.
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  24. Thank you kind sir ! ChuckNorrisThumbsUp.png
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  25. Oh please, please! Start!!!
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  26. 4pertur3 Member

    Unimpressed Jacky :l
  27. Pique Member

    Dear mods and socks. Please stop derailing the Intro thread.
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  28. Dragononymous Member

    Don't mind them, they've been married and stuff...
  29. Gonna decompress the thread chamber now, and move the derail to chit-chat. Please stay in your seats.
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  30. Spider Brown Member

    Clearly this new member has just today lrnd2internet after hacking into Starbuck's wifi from the tent he is living in under a freeway overpass. I must go now, as I have been warned to keep my festive horn out of the intro thread, lest it be surgically removed by the WWP Emasculation Squad.
  31. Pique Member

    Sweetheart, you have a whole forum to post your words of wisdom. Please don't scare away the new guys. <3
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  32. 4pertur3 Member

    Pity if you think text can scare someone away....
  33. Dragononymous Member

    Wanna bet?
  34. 4pertur3 Member

    tired as I am of this useless conversation so no
  35. I find WWP a bit difficult to navigate still, so your patience is requested! As is assistence
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  36. Anonydeth Member

    YES!!! THAT IS CERTAINLY THEM!!! THAT is their SITE! But they have a location where they actually keep the kids, that is my main concern. I shall find out the exact address, as well as the internet info for the specific building if possible; they MUST be held accountable! And I thouroughly understand your Mandate! And I pledge to be held and Governed by it...I pledge flesh, bone, and blood, and the heart of me to this cause. But like the Scientology case, THERE HAVE BEEN DEATHS. There is truly not much time to waste with this, I feel it.

    I do not expect many people outside of Quebec to be involved, as this is a big ball of mud we are spinning on, and there are many many issues to be dealt with, and the needs of the many etc...but I am hoping enough Quebecers have joined this wonderful flaming SWORD that you have created! Please read THIS :
    I tried to translate it but I think I am going to have to buckle down and reproduce the entire site in english if this mission is to be successful. Original is here :
  37. Folklorin Member

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  38. Pique Member

    Now if you'd read the NMA you'd know the answer to that question.
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