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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by hushpuppy, Dec 15, 2008.

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  2. Vexius Member

    Re: Introduce Yourself HERE

    fookin trollz god damn it.

    newf4gg0try at its finest.
  3. Anonymous Member

  4. Zak McKracken Member

    Re: Help: Important discoveries prevented

    VOCABULÁRIO, SCI. Vocabulário-Sci.pdf (Cipedya)
    AVILLEZ, GERSON. Codex Adagiumn (Cipedya)
    AVILLEZ, GERSON. O Sentido Perdido (Cipedya)
    AVILLER, GERSON. Pensadores Cristãos (Cipedya)
    AVILLEZ, GERSON. Anticorpos: Imunnitas (Cipedya)
    AVILLEZ, GERSON. Procurando o Novo - Tratado dos Clichês (Cipedya)
    AVILLEZ, GERSON. Corpus Ad Ventus (Cipedya)

    Scientific Vocabulary
    Codex of Adages
    The Lost Senses
    Christian Thinkers
    Antibodies: Immunity
    Looking for the New - Treatise of Cliches
    Body to the Winds

    (quick! grab them while you can, before da5id accidentally the whole
  5. genoramix Member

    ^^I couldn't have said it better *claps*
  6. anyone know me here?

    I think so,
    but you will have to take off your pants for me to be sure.
  7. ArquiVox Member

    This Translator is very bad!

    don´t "Oh, My Lost Senses", but, really is The Lost Sense

    The principal book is Codex of Adages with other titles (Codex Adagium)

    Yes, this atack is pure hate
  8. SFOSABully Member

    New name same douchebag Hey look at me woo hoo...:/
  9. Zak McKracken Member

    I'm sorry for squirreling so bad
    this mis-Translation was'nt wrought by hate
    Christ blest me with sickness in the head
    Tacgnol miawed, unbundling my fate
  10. PeterWHO??? Member

  11. ArquiVox Member

    I used the google translater. This translator is very bad, nothing with you, Zak, ok?
  12. PeterWHO??? Member

    give this link to scientologists it looks like it is scientology friendly so they will click on it xD
  13. anon8109 Member

    Well it looks like you got yourself published online ArquiVox.
    Problem solved: nobody can steal your work now that it's been put out there under your name.
  14. Orson Member

    Pete, feel free to post this in media instead of this subforum. I'm moving this thread to NMA Chit Chat since it is off topic for this subforum.

    Like the idea, btw.
  15. Magnonymous Member

    I'm actually inclined to be supportive of OP on this one. Would recommend watching: The Zeitgeist Addendum

    I know, it's 2 hours long and not all of it is relevant to OP...but the stuff relevant to OP is covered in there. The rest of it is likely to be interesting and informative, even though not relevant to the OP.

    May also find this one of interest: The Original Zeitgeist

    You may not see the immediate relevance of these links, but they do cover a lot of things that I think a lot of anons here feel strongly about, particularly freedom of speech. And of course there's the possibility that everyone has already seen these vids.

    Note: The portion on the original zeitgeist about religion may or may not be a bunch of bullshit, but I really don't give a toss whether religions are true or not, it's up to people what they want to believe. It's the rest of it that I find interesting. Also, there's a lot of stuff you can find to prove that zeitgeist is wrong on the religious portion, but I haven't been able to find anything arguing with the rest of the topics zeitgeist covers. I'll accept it's wrong about religion (give a fuck?), but until proven otherwise I think it's got a 95% likelihood of being right about the rest (which I do care about).

    Sorry for the tangent.
  16. ArquiVox Member

    The Book in question, not is about religion, but science. Soon here 'The Worg of Einstein' about diferent conceptions of space and time.

    Thanks for attention
  17. UMULAS Member

    If you post your documents on the internet, then everyone will Pdf download and will leak all over (dibs on wikileaks) yet I probably say you have to do it fast cause they might be tracking down your Ip.
  18. ArquiVox Member

    My Promess finish, download this file: " The Error of Einstein" (Tratactus Ad Tempus), 82 pages (PDF) in portuguesse only (sorry).

    This file is very important for search and my theory of space and time.

    For all peoples in the community, the truth of sciences!
  19. ArquiVox Member

    "yet I probably say you have to do it fast cause they might be tracking down your Ip."

    This as the idea!!
  20. JohnnyRUClear Member

    If anonyposting were enabled, I'll bet this thread would be a lot longer... ;-)
  21. Neil Thompson Member

    Myself and my partner are avid music lovers. Most of my downloads come from piratebay, there is also a site called torrentday which is just as good. I also know how certain Religions have been using the uneducated to control those whom do not do their research. I left school knowing nothing and was raped on my 18 by a priest!!

    Since then I have had my eyes in more books and on the internet. Most of my e-books come from a site called scribed.

    The worst cuplrit comes from the Catholic Church whom incidently paid for the last Two World Wars and are planning along with The New Holy Roman Empire to take over the World AGAIN!!
    Read The Third Riech Avialable at Scribed.
    There is so much we need to be aware of including the Planet doing a Total Pole Reversal!! You have seen the films!
    Scientsts have found this to be true as samples from both the sea bed and from arctic ice cores!

    Dont believe me LOOK FOR YOURSELVES and watch Aubery Mannings Documentory!!

    Thank You for taking the time to read my post for more information please contact me for more on this suject or more links and sites

    Neil Thompson
  22. Izbekillingyu Member

    I have a person I need help hacking, anyone who would like to help plz post
  23. HOC Member

    WWP does not condone hacking or web attacks of any sorts. Please do not bring PA requests to the forum. Thank you.
  24. Anonymous Member

    This should help with the hacking.

    Also, see your doctor. Hacking is not good for you.
  25. Anonymous Member

  26. Anonymous Member

  27. Anonymous only helps hackers if they have been taking steroids. Sorry.
  28. Izbekillingyu Member

    Will do
  29. ArquiVox Member

  30. veravendetter Member

    Miranda may be a man, woman, she-male or hermaphrodite, but I've built a picture in my head that is HHHHHHHOOOTTTTTT.
    I'm bringing sexy back, those other mods don't know how to act.

    P.S. I'm happily married if this makes it less creepy
  31. HumanVirus Member

    Que os parece la idea de tener una pagina de Facebook representando un movimiento que se denomina "Anonymous"?

    Todos sabemos que Facebook esta lleno de miembros con 2.000 amigos-as en la red y posiblemente 1 o 2 en la vida real. Estoy de acuerdo en que es bueno darse a conocer y que todo el mundo sepa que se esta haciendo y por que se hace.
    Pero para nosotros-as, que hemos o vayamos a tomar parte en acciones en las cuales podemos ponernos en riesgo en algun momento dado, no pensais que es mejor saber que la gente que esta contigo te apoya por conviccion y no porque solo quieren engrosar su lista de amigos y "causas"?.

    Me gustaria escuchar vuestras opiniones al respecto, expresaros con toda libertad y con respeto, creo que ese es uno de los objetivos de esta pagina.

  32. feldetextas Member

    Yo creo que si se hace esto se corre el riesgo de que la mayoria de la gente que entre sea por curiosidad o porque queda bien en su lista de amigos... la mayor parte de las veces que se da al boton de "me gusta" en facebook se hace por que alguien te lo recomendo o por quedar bien... y la mayor parte de la gente ni siquiera vuelve a entrar.
    Esta claro que darse a concer es bueno y que cuanta mas gente mejor... pero yo soy de los que piensa que mejor calidad que cantidad...
    El que algo te cueste aunque sea un minimo de esfuerzo hace de pequeño filtro, es decir si tu tienes que buscar este foro por ejemplo quiere decir que te has preocupado por el tema, que te has informado aunque sea minimamente, eso no es que sea garantia de compromiso, pero es algo mas que dar al boton de "me gusta"
    Espero haberme esplicado bien, esa es mi opinion compañeros

    un saludo
  33. SubZero Member

    Yo creo que la utilidad de FB en estos casos esta relacionada con lo que dice feldetextas, como todo el mundo le da a me gusta la utilidad la veo en que la gente que no ha hecho el proceso de entrar en este sitio alomejor se apunten como simpatizantes a algún evento, porque al darle todo el mundo a "me gusta" se les podra "tener informados" de los eventos.
  34. HumanVirus Member

    Estoy de acuerdo contigo y me alegra que hayas captado la idea.

  35. donnadie Member

    Personalmente creo que las redes sociales (Facebook, Tuenti,...) han de ser única y exclusivamente UTILIZADAS para labores de información de noticias interesantes relacionadas con la causa, además de para publicitar la marca ANONYMOUS. Ésto se puede hacer tranquilamente a cara descubierta, es decir, con tú auténtico perfil, como un simple simpatizante de Anonymous.
    Pero desde luego sería absurdo pretender colocar en Facebook un centro de operaciones, en eso estamos de acuerdo todos!
  36. HumanVirus Member

    Bien, bien, me gusta ese punto de vista, vamos a ver que siguen opinando los demas miembros.
  37. Búho Sentado Member

    Tienes que tener en cuenta que el espacio del facebook es bastante complicado.. yo utilizo el facebook para publicar y difundir noticias, novedades y acontecimientos de nuestra colectividad.. claro que de todos los "anonymous" que acepto cuando me llegan invitaciones de amistad son algunos pocos que en verdad compartimos algun debate, punto de vista, o simplemente compartiendo acaecimientos. Debes poner en la balanza que si creas ese espacio que dices muchas personas no aportaran del todo o como sucede en mi caso, enviaran denuncias, insultos llamandote "terrorista liberal" y algunas otras imbecilidades que son producto de la ignoracia y sobretodo por lo que combatimos y estamos en contra LA FALTA DE INFORMACIÓN.
  38. DartH Member

    Yo veo en FB una gran herramienta a la hora de informar y organizar los diversos actos que realicemos. A mucha gente le picará la curiosidad de saber qué somos realmente y con que motivaciones nos movemos. Pero ojo, también estoy totalmente de acuerdo con feldetextas en que mucha gente únicamente le dará al botón "Me gusta" o "Asistiré" para quedar bien. En ese caso es un arma de doble filo que no estoy seguro de si nos beneficia o más bien nos perjudica.
  39. TinyDancer Member


    This thread is a receptacle for posts that derail other threads. This is where the crap posts come to die. Please stop reporting them. If you don't like this thread, don't read it. If you come to it understanding its purpose, you just might enjoy it.
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  40. Zak McKracken Member

    RIP, old friend

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