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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by hushpuppy, Dec 15, 2008.

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    nice thread
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    Pues mi opinión es contraria a todos, os explico por qué.

    Anonymous ya tuvo una página de Facebook pero se la cerraron. Además, si la peña quiere informarse tan sencillo es mandar a tus amigos por mail el link de este foro.

    Muchos de los que estamos en este foro es debido a que el artículo de El País nos llevó a registrarnos. Creo que Anonymous se mueve mejor en un ambiente underground, y no hay nada más underground que un chat. En el chat de los AnonOps te enteras de todo: futuras acciones, próximos eventos, cualquiera te puede dar info sobre blogs, cartelería, etc etc

    Que el abanico de futuros usuarios es mayor en facebook y en redes sociales no lo discuto; de echo buscas Anonymous en flickr y te salen chorrocientas imágenes. Luego cada Anon puede tener su perfil en twitter y facebook; pero dado que Anonymous fue expulsado de Facebook, no es bueno estar otra vez presentes ahí.

    Es mi opinión, cada uno es libre de hacer lo que quiera.

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  4. Taita Member

    Hola a todos. (Creo que) Este es un primer espacio para Latinoamérica. Somos una unión de países en donde la corrupción está mucho más avanza que la transparencia. Si deseen preséntense. Por mi parte, soy Taita.
  5. Shinythings Member

    Que opinas de la prohibición del anonimato en internet en Venezuela, Taita?
  6. Taita Member

    Los gobiernos dictatoriales o con ideologías comunistas erradas, siempre prohiben o censuran dos cosas. El arte, por su cargada connotación anti represión y los medios de comunicación, por su fácil acceso a la población; ambas son herramientas que generan "pensamientos", hacen pensar a la gente. Chávez y su pseudocomunismo no pueden funcionar aislados. Esta medida representa la desesperación por controlar a una nación que se cansa de su funcionario. El comunismo no puede funcionar con un solo hombre; si funciona, es con el mundo entero.
  7. Hello people. I am starting a website on counter-culture. I want to include a profiles of groups that might consider themselves or be considered by others as falling within that description. I personally consider anonymous to definitely be one such group. Anonymous' work against scientology and so on is definitely reminiscent of counter-culture groups of the past rallying together against wars and so on. I want to make sure that anything I do post is accurate and so I would like to leave it up to you all. If there is a page here that could be copied perfect. If someone or as a group people want to come up with a bio or background on the group, great. Please let me know. Thanks.
  8. Ersatz Global Moderator

    We have something somewhere. Have to root around a bit to find it.
  9. Miranda Member

    Here's a quote from the general information statement from the New Members Area--a good start for people who don't know anything about Anonymous or WWP.

  10. Anonymous Member

    [troll]I think there's a page on RFW that would provide a pretty good profile[/troll]
  11. Miranda Member

    Oh, thanks. Thanks so much for that. Lol. OP, the troll above refers impishly to Scientology propaganda.
  12. Anonymous Member

    Would it really be completely useless for the OP to have a peek at how Scientology perceives this "counter-culture" group organizing against them?
  13. I was around for all the scientology protests, I was on a certain message board with members following very interested. The celebrity who has the webiste said something to the effect that when the worldwide protest happened it was a crazy display of the internet put to social purposes. Anyway, I can imagine what scientology thinks of all this. Those paragraphs above are pretty cool for what I am looking for, though I wonder if I should include the scientology bit? I think it might come off a bit limiting since Anonymous has done a lot more than that right.
  14. Miranda Member

    You could say that Anonymous includes many people working on many issues and certainly not all in agreement. WWP (not synonymous with Anonymous) is the worldwide hub for Chanology (anti-Scientology activism) and has in addition taken on other causes such as the Green Wave movement in Iran and, more recently, freedom of information issues including WikiLeaks.

    As for the troll's question (you know I love you, troll): Certainly, the OP might investigate that and other sites. But last I heard that site had been shut down, and certainly Scientology has offered more coherent arguments against Anonymous than those on a gossip and slander site. I'd suggest looking for official statements by the Church of Scientology. Tommy Davis is their spokesman du jour.
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    I disagree.
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  16. Miranda Member

    Lol. Seeeeee?
  17. Ersatz Global Moderator

    I was thinking about Rufus' post during the influx of Wikileaks supporters.
  18. CarterUSP Member

    There's some interesting (from a sociological perspective anyway) stuff about anonymous being a 'collective' rather than a group. Some dude did YT vid with flocks of birds flying about, forgot what it was called. I thought it was kind of groovy.
  19. Miranda Member

    Here's that post. It was written when the WikiLeaks initiative was brand new, hence extra explanation about that, but yes, it's a useful summary:

  20. Ersatz Global Moderator

    That's it!
  21. Miranda Member

    Yeah, the birds were a nice image. It's a long video, maybe hard to distill into a brief definition. But yeah, the collective thing is what most people don't get. One is not for all, and all are not for one.
  22. Anonymous Member

    wikipedia anyone?
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  24. Anonymous Member

    Another thunderf00t classic:

  25. Ok, cool guys, I thnk I have enough to go on. I will link to the site and stuff once it's up. Keep up the good work.
  26. Sorry, that was vague, I will let you guys know when the site is up and I will also link to the videos and back here so people can come when interested.
  27. Anonymous Member

    Why doesn't someone distribute a live linux distribution that boots and begins scripts and commands with the purpose of being safe silent secure and anonymous and offers up it's entire system usage to the LOIC???(BACKTRACK maybe?)
  28. Anonymous Member

    interesting, tell me more...
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  31. irritating Member

    fear will not rule me...
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  32. irritating Member

    they will not win by scaring us from the truth
  33. irritating Member

    that's how they get their lulz
  34. Anonymous Member

    BTW I know anyone who discourages taking action is simply a part of those who need action taken against them
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    Anyone using the LOIC to take action also knows that action will be taken against them, given it was only ever a tool used for testing and always reveals your IP address.
  36. Miranda Member

    Sounds like a threat to me and has been reported as such. I'm terrified, personally.
  37. da5id Administrator

    hurr durr samefag
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  38. Cmeregirl Member

    Hello anonymous.

    Let me start by saying that you all have inspired me to the point that I feel it is inexcusable for me not to get involved in any way I can. Having said that, I just thought I would put this out there.

    I run an online gaming community that has a few very popular servers we run in various games. Since a few of them are starting to take off now, I realized that I have the power to reach a lot of peoples computer screens, through welcome messages, spambots, our website or forums, and the different chat and VOIP servers we manage. Since I am new and only exposed to what I am exposed to I was thinking someone here might better know what or where to send these people.

    Also... any articles I can post on our communities site. RSS feeds, anything like this please send my way.

    Thank you. All of you. You have moved more people than you know.
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  40. Anonymous Member

    admins are currently working on a system to better explain the things we are fighting against for the front page... give it a little time and you'll have something to show them i think

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