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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by hushpuppy, Dec 15, 2008.

  1. OB1 Member

    Make a new account not using your real name and delete this one. Like now!
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  2. OB1 Member

    My bad your name is really close to someone i network with but you are not him. If this is your real name i rec doing as i said above if not carry on.
  3. AVL

    AVL is back I am winning so far. So why don't you hack me go on hack me hack my Facebook or outlook lets see if you are really are a threat.
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  4. Anonymous Member

    WWP does not endorse, promote, participate in, or encourages illegal activity.

    Go away.
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  5. Anonymous Member

    Scott... you can't hide here. U no rite?
  6. Anonymous Member

    Oh not again. Not him.
  7. Anonymous Member

    My mistake it is a different froll (combo of "fool" and "troll")
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  8. Anonymous Member

    I hope so;)
  9. uoxy Member

    :mad: server 1.0 hacker my acount facebook
  10. uoxy Member

    backtruck r5
  11. uoxy Member

  12. uoxy Member

    1. :D hi
    2. goodbey
  13. Anonymous Member

    waste of space
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  14. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Stop typing.
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  15. Anonymous Member

    You me " they " .
  16. Anonymous Member

    Does Kira know of your intentions?
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  17. redcom1229 Member

    @Anon_CG3(ITA) : Theoretically yes, In this society full of naive CIVILIANS, i see this as an effort to create more responsible CITIZENS. But my point is, in this effort of transforming Civilians into Citizens, we need an order or a chain of command, to coordinate even more efficiently... morally strong and transparent to public.

    So what is that order here at anonymous and what role can play in this movement.
  18. Anon_CG3(ITA) Global Moderator

    first of all anonymous haven't leaders. If there is a ruler, he's Sue :)D)
    no, serious, anonymous(this is my idea) try to breake this scheme: commander->sub-comander->people we wish to reverse this order.
    The "order" the "commanders" made this world. Do you like this world? If you like it, god! you don't need anonymous.
    Anonymous is only an idea, born and grewed into people, in wich people can find replace for himself and say their truth. Anonymous is not the FUTURE governor (if you think are really far from the idea) Anonymous is only an eye, that watch deep inside some strange situation. We See, We judge. Stop. We don't Forget, We don't Forgive.
    Do u feel to be able to coordinate an anon-group? GREAT! you are welcome! open a cell into your city, try to involve people. But please, don't think to anonymous as a political party or some like that. Anonymous will never RULE, anonymous will help people to RULE his own life. This is our main target. We believe in freedom, and freedom does not provide for leaders. i hope is clearer.
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  19. Disambiguation Global Moderator

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  20. redcom1229 Member

    1. I Agree, certainly things are NOT going on right in this contemporary global economical system. But i am in habit of looking at both sides of coin.
    2. We have to understand the situation. Imagine 7Bn+ people with no-order, no-police, nothing, we are free to do what we want, then simple rule will apply "Weak are meat, Strong will Eat" Killings and Robbery every where Bandits running around and making gangs. A COMPLETE CHAOS.

    3. as i see it a pyramid structure is required, "BUT IN PROPORTION". The contemporary pyramid is highly distorted in proportion, The Base is too Wide indicating High population and Peak is too High and Sharp, indicating Very few wealthy but extremely wealthy. some thing like Eiffel Tower with extra wide base. and its the effort of wealthy to stretch the pyramid higher and higher creating stress (anger) in between the society.
  21. redcom1229 Member

    Image 1 is Current and Image 2 is what it should be like. b803716g-f9.gif image005.jpg
  22. redcom1229 Member

    In short... Yes I am against Censorship, NSA Spying, Stock Market Control, Central Bank influence over Governments, Wars for Oil and imposing Democracy on Nations and feeding them "YOU ARE FREE"

    Free my ASS... Freedom is not something materialistic, you can give or take... I was born Free without any Debts.
  23. Anon_CG3(ITA) Global Moderator

    This not an Anonymous Problem. You described an anarchic world....but i repeat: THIS IS NOT AN ANONYMOUS PROBLEM; and THIS NOT WHAT ANONYMOUS IS FOLLOWING. i repeat, we don't care about who will rule. We only care that "the ruler" do it clearly, transparent, and mostly, that will think and act for people and not for company. You talk about "jungle law" GOD! is what is happening today! who have money win, who haven't die....

    You're lucky! in my country (for example) a newborn baby, at the 1st day of live, have 32.000€ debt to pay :confused:.....this is suck!
    Your piramyds, are an old and ancient concept, that drive the world in this situation, what let you think that the same scheme replied will do some good?
  24. redcom1229 Member

    So 1st i would like to summarize my understanding of Anonymous... Correct me if i get it wrong...
    Anonymous does not care who takes the position.. If the person in position is "Fair and Just", he gets thumbs UP... if not Protest... other then that taking up social issues that need to be put under highlight.
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  25. redcom1229 Member

    Now why i think "that the same scheme replied will do some good?"... Well its backed by some deep thinking and realizations after countless trial and error for over a decade now. In short my Scheme seems to be Same Scheme but it isn't, the application of it is different. Its about Balance.

    For Example take a Computer... You put all the heavy stuff... i7-3960X Extreme Edition, MSI Z87 Max MoBo, 2 GTX TITANs Graphic, 12 gig ram, Liquid Cool, blah blah... BUT 250W POWER SUPPLY...Then you expect it to work right. WILL IT ?.... It needs Balance... The resources are right there ready to perform their best... same is a Nation or this World Economy or even Particle Physics to Gigantic Universe or Darwin's to Genome Project or Fractal Theory to Religions and Souls.

    Pssss... you say 32k Euro... well i may be lucky but if i don't act i b there soon.
  26. hello i know there are some black hats that go through this forum so if its ok to ask does anyone know if there is a way to hack and access btwifi with fon free
  27. White Tara Global Moderator

    Nope its not ok, off with you now this place is for the discussion of legal peaceful protest means only.
  28. Anonymous Member

    In short, chaotic neutral. Which does not mean "complete chaos". Far from it in fact.

    In response to those later arguments regarding organizational structure, there are numerous alternatives to the more typical top-down models.

    Bottom - up is one. In the pre-public Internet years, Tom Jennings launched Fidonet into the world under one such structure. True, arguments and discord were pretty much a constant between various individuals throughout the Fidonet years, mostly among those who never could quite grasp the concept. Yet the network ran like clockwork, on a global scale, almost on it's own power, guided by one very simple consensus...

    "Thou shalt not be excessively annoying, nor too easily annoyed".
  29. Anonymous Member

    Lol as if you know
  30. Anonymous Member

    Don't you mean Fuckwitts?
  31. virusinjector Member

  32. Anonymous Member

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  33. Zan Steele Member

  34. Zan Steele Member

    Well, i didn't get the name i meant to have anyway.........This is a reply to this post from 2010! I just found it...!!..... i've always been runnin around the edges but this time I really did it.!!.... I'm being murdered because I stepped out of line and it's just like Hale says and I'm not sure i've an inch left and it certainly is fragile and they tried really really hard to take it, too.....a whole 40,000 pop town is trying to convince me stuff didn't happen and stuff did.........I'm just not sure where to draw the line. I'm a little bit a Polansky! too much....... i'm not sure i will survive this... maybe half an inch?.........
  35. Anonymous Member

    What the fuck are you talking about? Go on tell us, we're desperate to know.
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