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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by hushpuppy, Dec 15, 2008.

  1. none given Member

    Tits: we will need them.
  2. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

    Welcome and glad to see another newcomer.

    If you want to spread info about wikileaks and what not, then you have a good way to spread it via the methods you have mentioned. However, if you are here for the fight against Scientology, then you may want to exercise caution. As you said: You run an online game community. If a person running one says "LOL Xenu!" repeatedly, it may get some unwanted attention from Pro-Scientologists and make OSA's job easier to find and harass them. Granted, it would take moar than that to spark OSA to do something, but if you feel you can do something: Do it safe and legal. That's all we ask.
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  3. Anonymous Member

    Do not want.
  4. Anonymous Member

    By 'tits' do you mean free advertising?
  5. anona-hh Member

    I second that. Have a look around first and you'll quickly get the idea how to avoid undesired attention by OSA staff. Why not join a local protest? That would be a nice start in anon biz. Comes with free hugs - sometimes...
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  6. We already got Herro...
  7. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

  8. What is a prophet, and what does it mean when one speaks for the Internet?

    From Wikipedia:

    “A prophet is an individual who is claimed to have been contacted by the supernatural or the divine, and serves as an intermediary with humanity, delivering this newfound knowledge from the supernatural entity to other people.”

    The Internet is not supernatural, divine or sacred. However, it is an entity that exists – in part – beyond our normal reach. While it’s easy to see its various manifestations, these do not provide the full picture. To see the Internet for what it is – to understand its messages to humanity – requires extra effort; a different type of perception.

    It is the difference between measuring local temperature and understanding global climate. The gap between the interaction among small groups of neurons and emergent consciousness and behavior. The disparity between our natural drive to barter and trade and the workings of an economic system.

    “According to I Samuel 9:9, the old name for prophet is ro’eh, ראה, which literally means “Seer” (one who sees). [The change to "prophet"] could document an ancient shift, from viewing prophets as seers for hire to viewing them as moral teachers.”

    The prophet is not only a messenger. He sees the Internet in ways in which most do not, becoming a part of the message himself as he transforms what the Internet presents to him into words that other Humans can understand and relate to.

    The prophet, seer of the Internet, is here to convey new information about the paradigm shift that is, and will be, brought by by the Internet. Our morals, the way we communicate, our perception of ourselves – these are all changing rapidly, and right in front of our eyes – if we dare to open them and see.
  9. ZeroC Member

    I'm looking for something other than *facepalm.jpg
  10. Herro Member

    You are not a gadget.
  11. Anonymous Member

    this is stupid. the internet is nothing more than a mass of people communicating and creating content. claiming to be an internet prophet is no different than claiming to be a prophet of the people.
  12. Is the Human brain nothing more than a mass of neurons communicating?
  13. Cyb3rfr34k Member

    Hey there,
    I like anonymous really mich and today I made an account :)
    But my Question is:
    Is it illegal to be an anonymous member?
    (I had never been at a protest, and I have never made an DdoS-Attack, or something else)
  14. Anonymous Member

    Did u ever raep a baby?
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  15. Anonymous Member

    We has members? Since when? Do we get benefits?
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  16. Anonymous Member

    Possibly, if being curious is a punishable crime where you live. If reading and making up your own mind instead of learning the party line is a crime, then yes you are committing an illegal act right now and will have the party van outside your domicile.
  17. Cyb3rfr34k Member

    haha ;P
    no I have never raped a Baby :D
    I made some illegal thinks like Brut force or DdoS but only on my
    own servers.
    No, I mean:
    Is it illegal to be only a member?
    (without the DdoS-Attacks and al the other things)
  18. Anonymous Member
  19. Cyb3rfr34k Member

    No I live in Austria and I can think what I want.
    It's an democracy.
    So it's legal right?
  20. Orson Member

    Yes, it is perfectly legal to be anonymous. There are no rules for "membership." This site does not condone or promote illegal activity, so anything you encounter here should be legal. Welcome to WWP.
  21. xenubarb Member

    We don't really have card carrying fact, we have no members at all, only willing participants. It is hard for some groups of people to get their heads around that concept.
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  22. Cyb3rfr34k Member

    ok :)
    thank you everybody :)
    Anonymous 4 Ever!
  23. xenubarb Member

    ...4 Ever, or until the government flicks the OFF switch. Whichever comes first.
  24. CarterUSP Member

    Welcome, Cyb3rfr34k.
    Glad to hear you like anonymous. I assume you don't like scientology?
  25. wolfyrik Member

    Are you 4rl?

    Anonymous isn't an organisation, it's more like a banner.

    As for the DDOS, it's a case of guilt by association that people are trying to build up. At least one Journalist in the UK engaged in Phone-tapping for stories. Does that make all journalists phone tappers? Of course it doesn't. Do all journalists belong to one organisation called Journalists? Of course they don't.

    the Cult of scientology is a perfect example of this. There have been numerous rapists, child-abusers, fraudsters and theieves high up in their heirarchy, but does that make all scientologists rapists, child-abusers, frauds and thieves? No, that would be ridiculous. Anon's don't make this comparison, spokespersons for the cult, do. I guess that means that Anons are just smarter, better people.

    I won't hold up politicians as an example, they are all liars.

    Anyone can call themselves anonymous. There have been suspected cases of active scientologists among the protesters, trying to cause trouble and paint the protests in a bad light. But one person who identifies themself as part of a movement, committing an illegal act, doesn't mean that everyone in that movement also committs the same act.

    It's a logical fallacy. Guilt by association.
  26. Cyb3rfr34k Member

    @Carter USP:
    thank you very much :)
    No, I hate scientology. Why should people pay so much for nonsense?
    Scientology sucks!
    thanks for the large text :)
    Now I have more info about anonymous:)
  27. Miranda Member

    Welcome, OP, and please check out the stickies in the New Members Area and initiative forums. They will help you get started.
  28. Cyb3rfr34k Member

  29. Cyb3rfr34k Member

    thanks :)
    You are everybody so kind and say welcome to me :)
    Now I know:
    Anonymous and WWP is that what I want :)
    thanl you everybody

  30. veravendetter Member

  31. Fuckeye Member

    Because it is.
  32. Cyb3rfr34k Member

    haha ;P
    nice answer

    ok what do we do?
    we arenonly posting?
    The other things like DdoS and those things are illegal I know but obly posting?
    Austria is a democracy and i have the freedom of opinion!
    So I think it's legal
  33. Miranda Member

    That's actually a really good point. Will bring it up.
  34. greez Member

    Stop posting shit that is gonna get or can get you and everyone else fucked. No one cares how hard core you are with ddos or ddr for that matter. So do us a favor and post something useful or stfu!
  35. Miranda Member

    I don't think the OP was promoting illegal activities--only mentioning them. His/her question in fact shows concern for staying within the law.
  36. Cyb3rfr34k Member

    My Question was only:
    Is it illegal to be an anonymous member and nothing else.
    I don't know why you react like that?
  37. Miranda Member

    Because we've had a lot of new people lately, and some of them are confused about the purpose of the site. When they come here looking for information about illegal activities, we suggest they go elsewhere. As for the tone, expect it. People can be very blunt here.
  38. Cyb3rfr34k Member

    ok :/
  39. Fuckeye Member


    Mod Edit: It's funny, but please don't troll new members. They are delicate flowers.
  40. LocalSP Member

    No fucking wonder. I've been waiting by my mailbox for my membership card, I guess I can quit waiting.

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