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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Mark Cabian, Jan 24, 2011.

  1. Anonymous Member

    British Indian Ocean Territories
  2. Anonymous Member

    iranian mollah
    a good fist fuvcking that isq my answer
  3. Anonymous Member

    Ok, you are just jumping on the bandwagon of that woman's success.
  4. yalbmert99 Member

    I had to....this is historic...
  5. Pique here? Don't like the look of article about anon just appeared on Could experienced members check this out. This needs to be discussed
  6. Ok article now disappeared without trace
  7. Mea Culpa, panic first ask questions later, won't happen again.
  8. Anonymous Member

    Down scope. Prepare for silent running.
  9. The Wrong Guy Member

  10. I realize, just panicked, didn't like one in particular that implied that anons should be viewed as cover for foreign govt ops and basic criminal types.
    Did I mention New to this? ;)
  11. Just thought I'd illustrate one of the downsides to guest posting...anyone can use the nick. Membership is free yanno. ;)

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  12. Pique Member

    ^ yeah me
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  13. Ok!Ok! point taken. I was hoping to avoid being labelled 'new to this' forever. But I see my learning curve is still so steep obi wan, Henceforth I shall wear this moniker with a curious mix of both shame and pride! ;)
  14. Internetzin Member

    Back again, newly Baptised, what wonderous feeling is this? I feel a whole new world opening before me!! :)
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  15. Anonymous Member

    Finally, looks like they killed OP!

    Cheques in the post.
  16. Anonymous Member

    Stupi enough to play games an stupid enough to buy windows you deserve all you get!
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  17. A Challenger Member

    Hey, i saw posts about 4chan bastards ddos'in reddit, and it made me miss you fockers.
    How've you fockers been?
  18. go back to school and be back after a lesson of history
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  19. Anonymous Member

    Who the fuck are you?

    Just kiddin'.

    Ron paul for president.
    Fuck Chik-fil-A.
    The n word.
  20. Anonymous Member

    It has been going great...

    Till you showed up.

  21. Ersatz Global Moderator

    Wow, you been gone for a long time. How the hell ya been?
  22. Anonymous Member

    didya bring caek?
  23. Beau, is for all treatments; whether it's Ibogaine, N/N, 12 Step, and guess what? - what works WORKS. He reffered poeple due to their state and condition! All it is is the desire to truly commit to recovery. He is very experienced in drug/alcohol addiction and is a certified drug/alcohol counselor in the state of California. And yes, you could see his right hand to prove he knows the pain and suffering of addiction and the burden it carries. Investigate him for what? Getting families back together, and getting their son or daughter back to reality and realizing how wonderful recovery really is? Some would come with no income and he would put them on a waiting list for a donation fund. He had nothing to hide from the beginning you could pull that info up as long as you have an Internet connection, a 12 year old could do it!! I'm just frustrated with the whole, come to think of it, useless thread, I have personally dealt with Beau and he was never hiding the fact that he got people into including N/N. It's like you guys discovered something new that he was harboring all along??? LOL!!!! Come on!!! Those who reach out to help even when working with a facility, always have good intentions and give back to the community by helping kids/adults discover recovery, even if 1 out of 10 succeeds, and that one person has their life back - how can you say that is not wonderful??? Thank you, Beau for those you HAVE helped! NO person in this world would want someone to go and not succeed when going into recovery!!!!!!!! Let's pray for those who are still suffering, let's go and raise awareness in schools about addiction, raise money for those who don't have the opportunity but NEED med detox.....but not drown in this negativity wasting our precious time on yellow press. Ask yourself what your intentions are on this - are you sitting here bad mouthing or are you helping someone who is in need?
    This message by Reliable has been hidden due to negative ratings. (Show message)
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  24. Anonymous Member

    It is Illegal in the USA and their are more than enough drugs available already for drug rehab that do work. I did not come here to discuss pharmacology or pharmacokinetics. NN is Dangerous and needs to stop Killing People!
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  25. Anonymous Member

    Illegal =/= ineffective.

    There are lots of things that are "illegal in the USA", like being at peace with the world, but let's not derail too much here.

    Do tell us about these others drugs that get the results Ibogaine does. Don't come back with methadone of suboxone. If you didn't want to discuss it, you shouldn't have typed it.

    Having stated the above, I agree with you totally about Narconon.
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  26. Anonymous Member

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  27. billybob Member

    Anybody notice the similarity of writing style, particularly spelling and grammar errors, of both "Reliable" and Beau Griffis?

    Beau wouldn't stoop to what I think I thought, would he?
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  28. Anonymous Member

    i support anonymous but there must never be world war 3
  29. Anonymous Member

    Religious bigot!
  30. I guys it s the first time i wryte to you..
    So i have a question each country are in the hands of anothers... type of anonymous for sure..
    The type who like to make us pupis , get up,go to work ,make dinner,pay bills.. and after 2 hours go to sleep,and the next day the same......Dont you guys can figure where and who are this elite,wich manipulate all the countrys all economy ?? and shut them down for good.???
    Can you say someting about portugal this corrupt country,have many laws,many bla bla bla to not help the population,we are a litle population but sure ,this country have (sometingh..) they like for sure...
    For we still are up,after this crap of europe financie collasp.
    Please help show to this population what they are hiding,this population seems hipnotic ...
    After 3 years they go to vote and start the same sh*** again they are dumb or what ?? this meks me angry because we r beign living worst year after year intensely .
    this to much.

    Regards for your work
    Be safe . be smart hope you guys say something to this country media all corrupt to.
  31. ^^^^^^^^^ Heavy Guest Derail Reported...
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  32. hushpuppy Member

    Yeah, while other forums will be given a chance to re-rail, we try to keep the planning forum pretty clean.

    The guest posting option is an interesting experiment, but one of the drawbacks is that we have no way of notifying guests about mod action that affect their post(s). Another problem is that guest posters can not start a new thread, and are forced to choose between existing threads about where to post.

    I'm going to leave these last three posts for a little while, assuming guest is still on-line 10-15 minutes after posting, and then I will move them to the derail graveyard found here:

    If you're still here R Anonymous: welcome!

    There are other forums here that would be a better choice for posts unrelated to a specific upcoming protest. The off-topic forum is a good choice, it is modded much lighter:
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  33. Umm, hope this isn't the surprise. This just showed up on Yahoo News (sorry, couldn't figure out how to embed the video):

    Graffiti, stockpile of bricks found near RNC event zone

    View attachment graffiti_stockpile_of_br_file_9651537_5471da8376ae

    "A pile of bricks and new graffiti on a wall downtown has police concerned. The graffiti, an image of Guy Fawkes, is often associated with protest groups like Anonymous."
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  34. Darth Xander Member

    Absolutely not. We do not participate in illegal activities.
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  35. Just trying to get word out there:
    1. Anonymous is trying to destroy the world and kill all the people on it
    2. Anonymous just is thirsty for power and attention
    3. Anonymous claims to be the new Illuminati*, do we really need another group of assholes?
    4. Anonymous consists of homosexual idiots that couldn't find jobs and blame the world for their problems, not their laziness.
    5. The people (if you can call them that) of Anonymous are hippocrates.
    * Yet the openly say the Illuminati are awful and don't deserve to exist and are just power hungry barbarians.
    Just thought you guys should know.
    And any Americans out there I will find you and kill for treachery, fucking traitors to your own country.
    This message by DestoyAnonymous has been hidden due to negative ratings. (Show message)
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  36. Anonymous Member


    LOL @ the Internet Tough Guy.

    Now please do the following:


    U still MAD about the PSN Hack? LOLOLOLOL!
  37. Paroxetine Samurai Moderator

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  38. Anonymous Member

    Oi, guv, you seen this shit?
  39. Anonymous Member

    Having just seen this posting I did not report it, having said that this posting is the exact opposite of this sites creed to not engage in any illegal activities
  40. Dragononymous Member

    I prefer it to stay.
    No reason to remove the post, maybe just adjust the last sentence but that's about it.

    You guys always scare off/troll/make the new people leave.
    Getting a bit annoying actually, as some of the ones y'all trolled had decent ideas and ways of thinking, but by fucking with their mind so that they would rage and could be banned, those thoughts/ideas etc were lost.

    Both sides of the story right?
    Fucking act like it.
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