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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Mark Cabian, Jan 24, 2011.

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    There is none. They are using a guest account so it is immune to that ignore. Got to use the Frontal Cortex Ignore button.
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  3. I feel oh so proud that you keep following me even in Thread Derail Graveyard. I think it's our forever love! :cool:
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    Register with name Cool.
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    Maybe they don't want to.

    However, maybe you aren't aware of this, but anybody can post Anonymously. So it could be one person, it could be multiple people.

    Maybe you should realize that sometimes you get treated as you treat others. I've tried to be civil under the anon posting but you still choose to act uncivil. So maybe I should act uncivil towards you?

    No, I won't. I'll wait and see if you do act civil and try again on a later date. That "frontal cortex" ignoring function mentioned earlier is what I'll do.

    Your demeanor and attitude is what causes people to disrespect you. In addition to not wanting to have a civil conversation with you.
  8. Yeah! You will have all of it. And, I guess, even moar. :cool:
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    Enough of this shit, get back to posting pictures of beautiful dogs.
  11. 121116715.jpg
  12. Thanks for telling me that. I just happen to view humans another way, not like you do. - There are few of those who view humans as valuable to them. Most seem to see them as dirt. - I object.
  13. When you completely destroy someone's Love, Dreams and Magic,
    what do you, Anonymous, can replace it with? For Scientologists? For yourselves?

    Do you actually have ANYTHING worthwhile to replace a scientologist's beliefs? Or are you just jerking off to make scientologists being like you, cynics, anarchists and nihilists believing in nothing just like yous?
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  14. Unlike yous, I have a dream. I have dreams.

    If/When you tell me next time to DIAF, FOAD, etc. let me feel sorry for you. - 'cause you just have nothing to live for. - And, if you have nothing to live for, well, don't live.
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    r-e-a-d t-h-i-s c-a-r-e-f-u-l-l-y.

    Anonymous celebrates freedom.
    Anonymous wants you to celebrate your own freedom by sorting through your own life to discover whichever beliefs you may want to have and/or explore.
    Anonymous sais this with the utmost humility, because Anonymous does not, nor has it ever said that "it" has all the answers. It is always on its own quest of self-discovery and learning.

    Get out of the habit that I used to be in.
    That of being someone who constantly beats my own self up.
    I posted a guided meditation video in one of your threads that got put into the Dome. When you were "father".
    Just register and go in there.
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  24. Let's get clear about personal pronouns first, shall we?

    Anonymous = we?
    Anonymous = it?
    Anonymous = me?
    Anonymous = you?

    In a stamtement like "Anonymous says with utmost humilility..." I don't happen to grasp WHO is that/those "Anonymous" who happens to say with "utmost humility".
    I used to get some (even MANY, read Facing the Real World thread, that is now in the Thunderdome) replies posted anonymously that were not DIAF kind but were rather helpful and caring.
    Those times are gone. Not that I care for someone here to give me an advice or help. I just thought they could be useful for lurkers. - But WWP members care not for the lurkers, do they?
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    Butthurt over grammar? Scientology can help you with that.

    Usually I would never post in here, but I saw cool correctly posting in here directly and thought I'd stop by.

    Also: DIAF
    Also: if you post, you are no longer a lurker.
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  26. You, who posted here above anonymously, is an evil hostile someone. Yes, you are hostile. Yes, you are evil.
    And, I don't believe you've been here to protest Scientology. I believe you've been here to protest all the human kind. Yeah, that's what you've been doing here. - 'cause you just fucking hate everyone and everything, and don't know how to end it. I'll tell you what. Start with yourself. Become an Hero.

    (forgive me Lord)
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    LOL Lordfaggot
    There are only a few people I even bother to dislike. You're one.

    Hatred would be much too vulgar a display of power.
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    Fuck you cool.
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  31. anonfags :cool:
    (posted above)
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  32. What happened in the USA about blacks and whites being equal started from Martin Luther King Jr's DREAMS. - He had a dream! And that dream came true.

    Anonymous, have a dream!
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    I have a dream...

    the dream that one day, VaD. cool, and father will all get the hint and fuck off in another direction.

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    No niggers in Russia, eh?
    Maybe my dream is to retire to Russia and drink vodka.
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    cool, what is your personal dream?
    what you would like to do, yourself, for yourself?

    (not distracting yourself from your own unhappiness by taking jabs at other people for not being who or whatever it is you think they should be, as you are basically talking to a mirror.)
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