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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Mark Cabian, Jan 24, 2011.

  1. fegelknight Member

    sir I AGREE!
  2. Anonymous Member

  3. Lemme take another sip and I might get back to you on that.

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  4. So, pretty much the same two handfulls of people are going to get a trip and accommodations paid for them ( like the countless trips to europe, etc.)

    AMA, I don't know how well I do in big crowds, but I would settle for a cup of tea and a walk by the beach. Maybe Disneyworld or a swamp tour. 25K is a lot of money. :)
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  5. Anonymous Member

    The trolls will come, OSA will arrive. Then there are the well meaning people who will try to help by telling her how to run this. If amaX needs help, she'll ask for it. If the OSA trolls don't think we know who they are they are delusional. I think there is plenty of support here for this event and for amaX while it is planned.

    tl;dr Bring it trolls.
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  6. Anonymous Member

    Stay home. Keep your money. Shut the fuck up.
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  7. Well well well.
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  8. Pretty defensive, this sounds....

    sounds like assholes. making me think
    I'd rather hit a several year reunion frat party or maybe the local gay bar on drag queen disco night or maybe camping in a national park for a weekend or going to the mall
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  9. [IMG]

    I want to throw a party for only my speshul inner clique. Yeah, all 20 of them.
    send me monies for my partee but do not come because you are not one of us even though you created us.
    Maybe after we scrape the last bits of meat off of the bone with our teeth, we will take a picture and put it online with our smug mugs. Or not. ????

    Everglades? i don't like alligators, tho......
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  10. Anonymous Member

    There now little troll, you have your own thread.
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  11. amaX Member

    Can't you people behave for one day?
  12. no
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  13. [IMG]
  14. The OP has about as much of a chance of raising $25,000 in 60 days from her cadre of cult members as David Miscavige has of delivering super powers to his. And the OP's blatant sycophant mod in this thread is saved from having to move this post to the derail thread as it has been posted there as well. So now all said mod has to do is delete this message to suppress any rational discussion
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  15. She is so impossibly rude.
  16. amaX Member

    I'm dreadful.
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  17. You are.
  18. Anonymous Member

    Rational discussion? Okay, I'll bite.

    Why don't you begin with explaining why it's any of your concern how much OP does or does not raise in 60 days?
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  19. amaX Member

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  20. Anonymous Member

  21. Most of us call it reality. You & the OP should look into it.
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  22. Anonymous Member

    The question was, why is it YOUR concern?
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  23. N..

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  24. still an arse
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  26. Do your ideas include shopping and cooking dinner?

    I am hungry.

    I am working on a list of things i would like for the holidays, also.
  27. Anonymous Member

  28. faggot
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  29. Anonymous Member

    me too
  30. OP - What is Journalism?

    (I am not your teacher, i am not your therapist, i am not your free advice corner.)
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  31. Marc Pierre Member

    Nice robot thanks.

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