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    Rub it hard and fast.
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    Never mind, help has arrived.
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    Wow, Shaw. Really? You're stooping that low? Respect lost. Not that you'd care. But, I thought you should know anyway.

    Take a random tour of your posts through the years. I did. Lots of jpgs, rants, trolling. So, I got to thinking and realized it was on other forums where I got to see your intelligence, leadership, and activism.

    Don't be an arrogant prick, please. You're better than that. You're smarter than that.
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  5. get ready to get banned, Shaw ... this place is just like that now.

    you disagree, u r OSA lol
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  6. Remember what it was like when people strove to be Neutral and Objective, and it was not their place or job to pretend to moralfag about their pet peeve. It doesn't matter anyhow, because all of the smart people are not hanging out at this site anymore. That is really what it is. Fags want to make everything political, and there is a lot of harassment thrown at that one individual who may think differently about any particular subject and who has the dox to back it up.
    There is no making the site go back to when it was years ago. People have changed and a lot of shit has happened. Even with that, people want to argue that there is only one story explaining chanology, or one regular poster who must be so powerful. It is lame.
    I would open a "Go fund Me" account, too. For my important research into how it is lulz cells become infected with a cancer that has no cure.

    Also, disambiguation is a sucky mod.
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    You're a bit late to the party mate.
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    I bet the term 'A day late and a dollar short' has been used to describe your character on many an occasion.

    Also, you're a sucky guest. :D
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  10. When it comes to anything coming from you, I just cannot be offended at all.
    Since we're not friends, it's not personal.

    How come you de-modded yourself?

    I wrote the rules of the internet.
    Now, i don't care. Whatever.
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    Like all of your other posts, that makes no sense. That the best you got? :D
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  12. I don't want to be a member. :D
  13. HOC never makes me laugh.
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    So much for "Now, i don't care. Whatever" seeing as you keep coming back.

    Eh lil guesty? :D
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  15. I see U Using, "Not Answering My Questions Tech" ? :D
    Spending too much time on the internet, particular certain types of social media can and does fuck with your head. Why you so interested in all this six years later?
    Are you not allowed to talk about it? It is good sometimes to take break from a toxic hive.:D

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  16. You are a complete retard. It never was this way. Sounds like you were one of the moralfaggots that Shaw mentioned.

    Also: you should start a Go Fuck Me to fund better posts than this dated old shit.. Your trolls are old as hell and twice as boring.

    Nobody gives a fuck. Go cry to your dad's dick.

    Keep telling yourself that faggot. Whatever makes you feel like you have any worth in this world and fuels your USI.

    May I suggest moving this nigger's posts to another thread so he can continue being the boring fuck and others can waggle their penises with this bitch and let Shaw work his magic in this thread in peace?

    ...Or is this faggotry the kind of shit Shaw wants back?
  17. HOC is mad? :D

    ( i know, everybody wants to be a leaderfag.)
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  18. *YAWN*

    Wake me when you got better. You got to get up very early in the morning to rustle my jimmies, boy.

    Until then: Keep talking out your ass about whatever delusions of grandeur you have.
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    Afraid not dear. I got bored of you and went back to IRL things. Looks like someone else thinks you are a moron too. Shocking!
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  20. You keep
    On answering
    He is trolling you.
  21. MOD EDIT
    This is the opinion of one poster. WWP doesn't condone or support violent protests or illegal acts
    .Terror-Suspect Kill List

    Barack Obama
    George Bush
    Dick Cheney
    Donald Rumsfeld
    Tony Blair
    Condalisa Rice
    David Cameron

    They're the real fucking "Terrorists"
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    If you stopped shit-stirring, I'd imagine things would be a lot more peaceful, Mr. Guest. :D
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  23. Introduction

    By request from some WWP users, I am posting excerpts from some Skype conversations between myself and Ed Ravel. The point of this is to document some statements that I've made in the past and that have been repeatedly challenged by some at WWP, specifically that Ed's repeated and prolonged absences from WWP have been due in part to a plan to put Chanology aside to focus instead on international activism, and to his declining interest in Anonymous.

    I am posting only what's relevant. My comments and redactions will be boldfaced. Most of the conversations I’m quoting from took place during the time when Ed had gone AWOL from WWP. Da5id was acting as admin. Ed was using his time to buy and read books about the internet, attend networking conventions, solicit donors for a future international activism project. This is the condition that he set when he contacted me on Skype:

    [4/11/11 8:44:56 AM] E R: Conditions : No wwp related discussions, no mention to anyone we talk. Thats it.
    friend.. E R
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  24. #1: Diverging Visions of WWP

    After Ed took a leave of absence from WWP, da5id became more active in his role as admin. At one point he decided that only one mod should have ban powers, and that that mod would be Rufus T Firefly, whom he had appointed. (Ed appointed me.) He wrote me the PM below explaining his decision. It's relevant here only because it indicates a growing difference of opinion between Ed and da5id over the direction of the site.
    [5/13/11 9:44:41 AM] Miranda: Wanted to take a moment to explain why I didn't give you ban permissions. Cos I certainly considered it. Obviously you and sue worked together a bunch and he has had nothing but great things to say of you. From what I have seen/read from you, I too respect and value you as a part of the team. But we haven't had a huge opportunity to really work together, and as such I know that your feelings about the direction of the site are more in tune with what Sue was setting forth. That isn't altogether a bad thing because he and I do agree on many points, but at the same time it could lead to confusion since we do disagree on a few key issues. And since I'm the lone man standing....

    One of the qualities that makes you great, your compassion and ability to connect with people, is also one of your downfalls within this community. It's a bit fucked I know, but it is what it is, and I think it's high time we embrace our nature while still managing a modicum of respect and tolerance. Don't read too much into that because frankly I haven't thought it all out well enough to really speak on it yet, but rest assured I will post a lengthy philosophical diatribe on the subject when I can.

    Anyway, the point being that due to your sensitivity, I felt concerned that you would be more likely to use the banhammer in ways that I disagree with. Again, in a normal world, I feel that your decision making is rather spot-on, but yeah, WWP isn't exactly a bastion of normality. Soooo, long story short, that's why I decided to give the powah to Rufus.

    I hope that you take this for what it is, and not any sort of attack on your character. I happen to enjoy these attributes about you, but I'm not certain that it would play well in that one capacity. Feel free to argue counterpoints with me if you wish
    The following excerpt from a conversation about a month later includes Ed's views on these differences of opinion and style.

    [6/18/11 7:29:24 PM] E R: I do not miss the walking on eggshells, it was driving me mad. It influenced how i communicated with peers, had to cover every aspect of any proposition, taking away meaning from any of the opinions i may have (had) simply by conforming to this correctness.
    [6/18/11 7:29:41 PM] E R: Politicians must know that feeling, burdensome.
    [6/18/11 7:29:45 PM] Miranda: i had no idea it was like that for you
    [6/18/11 7:30:08 PM] E R: There is so much you can shrug off.
    [6/18/11 7:30:14 PM] Miranda: yeah
    [6/18/11 7:30:52 PM] E R: I think it is more or less inherent that someone in a position like i was tries for their own personal esteem to avoid criticism.
    [6/18/11 7:30:57 PM] Miranda: it was only when da5id said what he said about me being loyal to you that i realized there were serious differences, i always thought you guys were pretty unanimous about things
    [6/18/11 7:31:03 PM] Miranda: yeah
    [6/18/11 7:31:13 PM] E R: The unhealthy kind at least. So one method is by making empty statements.
    [6/18/11 7:31:32 PM] Miranda: yes
    [6/18/11 7:31:49 PM] E R: I think he has more of a nostalgic view than me.
    [6/18/11 7:31:54 PM] Miranda: yes
    [6/18/11 7:32:15 PM] Miranda: he does not think anon is a cancer
    [6/18/11 7:32:40 PM] E R: I got past the whole anonymous is "this", he for some reason seems to think its a recipe for success.
    [6/18/11 7:33:14 PM] E R: I can understand where he comes from, or atleast guess. But can't say for sure.
    [6/18/11 7:33:32 PM] Miranda: yeah, i don't have a clear enough grasp on the detailed history to quite get it but he has strong loyalty to the anon of some point in the past i think
    [6/18/11 7:34:10 PM] E R: This may sound very pretentious but i think it is a sense of belonging, how crazy it might sound.
    [6/18/11 7:34:25 PM] Miranda: doesn't sound crazy or pretentious
    [6/18/11 7:34:31 PM] E R: He isn't the only one, i think most that actively use the forums have that.
    [6/18/11 7:34:56 PM] E R: I had that too, for a long time, untill i started to feel i simply didn't belong with those people.
    [6/18/11 7:35:02 PM] Miranda: yeah
    [6/18/11 7:35:03 PM] Miranda: you grew out of it
    [6/18/11 7:35:11 PM] Miranda: i'm still new to it
    [6/18/11 7:35:21 PM] E R: I hoped wwp would grow out of it.
    [6/18/11 7:35:38 PM] Miranda: maybe you just tried to move it in that direction too soon
    [6/18/11 7:35:43 PM] E R: But that is kind of difficult when you aren't on the same line :p It might come at some point, or it might not.
    [6/18/11 7:35:51 PM] Miranda: i think it might
    [6/18/11 7:36:31 PM] Miranda: they kind of need to establish a strong basis for expansion--i think it's a step forward to put all the issues on one board and include foi
    [6/18/11 7:36:43 PM] Miranda: just will take a while to grow into that
    [6/18/11 7:36:57 PM] E R: right.
    [6/18/11 7:37:10 PM] E R: It is mostly the mindset that needsto be cultivated.
    [6/18/11 7:37:15 PM] Miranda: yes
    [6/18/11 7:37:35 PM] E R: anyway, regardless. It's not my burden anymore.
    [6/18/11 7:37:40 PM] Miranda: no it isn't
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  25. HOC Member

    Miranda is entitled to her opinion and should voice it as she sees fit. That is not a problem. :)
    As one user to another, everyone can see what you're trying to do.
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  26. #2 Ed and Anonymity/Doxing

    When he left WWP, Ed made it very clear to me that he intended to disassociate himself from the site, and that he no longer cared to remain anonymous and in fact welcomed doxing. This was in part because going public freed him to do more related to his planned future project. This point is important given that some have accused DBZ users of doxing him in an unlogged-in post at WWP. Yet Ed did not care about being doxed.
    [7/7/11 5:37:04 AM] E R: it is only a matter of time before i am found, as i am no longer hiding it.
    [digression deleted]
    [7/7/11 5:42:52 AM] Miranda: are you talking about scientology finding you?
    [7/7/11 5:43:20 AM] E R: Scientology, stalkers, [name redacted] you know, the usual :p
    [7/7/11 5:43:27 AM] Miranda: yeah
    [digression deleted]
    [7/7/11 5:59:31 AM] E R: My main concern is with [name redacted] and consorts.
    [7/7/11 5:59:44 AM] Miranda: are they still after you, after all this time? crazies
    [7/7/11 5:59:57 AM] E R: I don't mind them finding me, it will be hillarious rubbing it in their face how much they suck at dox and that i had to do the fieldwork for them.
    [digression deleted]

    [7/7/11 6:00:18 AM] E R: regardless, im not going to let them run my life.
    [7/7/11 6:00:44 AM] Miranda: i'd be more concerned about scientology but since you're not on wwp any more they may not be looking
    [7/7/11 6:01:03 AM] E R: besides, im good looking, intelligent and have friends. Interesting to see how theyy'll register that.
    [7/7/11 6:01:14 AM] E R: what is scientology going to do ?
    [7/7/11 6:01:15 AM] Miranda: lolol yes
    [7/7/11 6:01:23 AM] E R: picket my house?
    [7/7/11 6:01:43 AM] E R: Sue me :p ?
    [7/7/11 6:01:48 AM] E R: for what exactly.
    [7/7/11 6:01:54 AM] Miranda: dig up dirt about you and go to your employer or your gf's employer, but i suspect not because you're not on wwp now
    [repetition deleted]
    [7/7/11 6:04:36 AM] E R: They can sue me, i got nothing. Im not married so we won't be affected financially.
    With respect to an attempt by someone to “dox” him as Jasper Lingers, Ed wrote
    [7/20/11 10:32:34 PM] E R: do you see how pathetic those stalkers are.
    [7/20/11 10:32:39 PM] E R: it's right in front of them [This refers to the Whois information on WWP, which identified Ed by name.]
    In the same conversation, he discussed how he planned to present himself publicly.
    [7/20/11 8:06:28 PM] Miranda: well you didn't say "former admin, WWP"
    [7/20/11 8:06:40 PM] E R: well that's the next thing.
    [7/20/11 8:06:49 PM] E R: updating the wwp whois information
    [7/20/11 8:06:50 PM] Miranda: you're going to say that?
    [7/20/11 8:06:58 PM] E R: and maybe writing out a "goodbye and see you" post.
    [digression deleted]
    [7/20/11 8:09:52 PM] E R: you know it's a goodbye anonymous, hello me kinda thing.
    [7/20/11 8:09:54 PM] E R:
    [7/20/11 8:09:59 PM] Miranda: i know

    [7/20/11 8:17:26 PM] Miranda: so if your stalkers find you, what would they do?
    [7/20/11 8:17:56 PM] Miranda: i mean doxing isn't really a big deal now that you're not on wwp right? or is it?
    [7/20/11 8:18:21 PM] E R: lol doxing, i am doxing myself if you hadn't noticed.
    [7/20/11 8:18:25 PM] Miranda: true
    [7/20/11 8:18:28 PM] E R: and yes i remember that.
    [7/20/11 8:18:47 PM] E R: (there's nothing they can do, everything they do is predictable).
    [7/20/11 8:18:52 PM] Miranda: yeah

    In the following conversation, Ed became actually annoyed that he hadn’t yet been doxed. He seemed to cling to the notion that certain people would continue trying to dox him.

    [9/22/11 10:49:07 PM] E R: i still haven't been doxed [IMG]

    [9/22/11 10:49:11 PM] Miranda: awww

    [9/22/11 10:49:16 PM] Miranda: that sucks
    [9/22/11 10:49:29 PM] Miranda: you get yourself all ready and no one doxes you
    [9/22/11 10:49:30 PM] Miranda: stood up
    [9/22/11 10:49:35 PM] Miranda: by your enemies
    [9/22/11 10:49:57 PM] Miranda: i'm glad, then they wont follow the google trail and find me
    [9/22/11 10:50:08 PM] E R: [IMG]
    [9/22/11 10:50:31 PM] E R: it's pretty incredible if you ask me.
    [9/22/11 10:51:03 PM] E R: or maybe they did and they are wondering wtf to do with the information now :p
    [9/22/11 10:52:23 PM] Miranda: i think possibly (in [name redacted]'s case anyway) maybe out of sight, out of mind. for her it seemed to be jealousy over your power.
    [9/22/11 10:52:40 PM] E R: haven't you heard about backtracesecurity?
    [9/22/11 10:52:48 PM] Miranda: yes
    [9/22/11 10:52:57 PM] E R: lol
    [9/22/11 10:53:08 PM] Miranda: but she hasn't come after you with it has she?
    [9/22/11 10:53:21 PM] E R: back with their initial release? yes
    [9/22/11 10:53:34 PM] Miranda: oh thats right you showed me that
    [9/22/11 10:53:47 PM] E R: remember i am responsible for everything in the world. Not so long ago i was "doxed" as some dutch guy living in spain remember?
    [9/22/11 10:53:52 PM] Miranda: and she had you misidentified as that dutch guy yes
    [9/22/11 10:53:58 PM] E R: indeed
    [9/22/11 10:54:04 PM] E R: she isn't letting go, ever.
  27. #4: Ed's Return to WWP

    Eventually da5id faded from activity, and many of the other mods became less active. Occasionally I complained to Ed that the admin-free forum was very hard to run, especially since before leaving, da5id had given exclusive ban powers to Rufus T Firefly, who then abandoned the site. So, we were running WWP with extremely limited powers and it was often exhausting. In the following conversation, I urged Ed to return. Eventually, I organized the mods to try to buy him a gift (an upscale Guy Fawkes mask that he wanted), and shortly after that he did return for a time.

    [7/28/11 7:12:59 PM] Miranda: da5id is NEVER on

    [7/28/11 7:13:17 PM] E R: i can't blame him tbh.
    [7/28/11 7:13:19 PM] Miranda: there are tons of questions for him in the mod forum
    [7/28/11 7:13:33 PM] E R: define tons?
    [7/28/11 7:13:34 PM] Miranda: yeah well it's pretty hard to run the site with zero admin
    [7/28/11 7:14:17 PM] Miranda: maybe 5-6 different threads--plus various reports that we're unsure what to do with, or that require IP banning, pluse problem threads that really need an admin to step in
    [7/28/11 7:14:38 PM] E R: ok
    [7/28/11 7:15:00 PM] E R: no one but the mods miss me ? [IMG] ?
    [7/28/11 7:15:00 PM] Miranda: he just seems to expect it to run on auto pilot, but admins do have a function on the site
    [7/28/11 7:15:39 PM] Miranda: the good mods miss you a LOT. i haven't talked to users at all, figuring it was your private business. i think they assume you'll be back, just on leave.
    [7/28/11 7:15:50 PM] E R: ok
    [7/28/11 7:15:52 PM] Miranda: orson and hush often say they wish you would return
    Eventually Ed discussed with me the option of simply taking the database from da5id, who hadn't been around for a while. I haven't been able to find this conversation although I think I do have it somewhere. He asked my opinion, and I told him I thought the ethical thing to do would be to discuss it with da5id. However, he did not take my advice, and removed the DB to put it under his sole control.

    I don't mean to imply that da5id was even upset about this. As far as I know, he had moved on. It's the secrecy and the unilateralism that bothered me at the time and that still bothers me.
  28. #5: Ed's Future Plans for WWP

    Because most of our conversations about Ed’s “grand plan” for what WWP should become in the future took place in calls and on PiratePad where we collaborated together on various related projects, this is the area in which I’m least able to provide good dox. Below are a few excerpts that give a very general idea of what he envisioned. As he explained it to me (very generally), it would be a way of bringing together people with opposing views on a variety of subjects to discuss overlapping areas of concern. He also mentioned food drops. When we had these discussions, he was grappling with the idea and struggling to clarify it, so it was still vague, and he was enlisting my help to clarify it and (as if I could!) sell it to da5id and gregg. Anyway, the excerpts below give some idea of his thought process as he read a number of books on technology and activism, and formulated his ideas.

    [5/25/11 2:52:01 PM] E R: im trying to soak up some academic works, i felt let down by the "blur" book, i want fast paced but analytical and thought provoking works, no need for copious ammounts of references but just enough for me to cascade from one author to another as i build up a knowledge base on those subjects.
    [5/25/11 2:53:29 PM] E R: once i am able to determine the common root i'll get into reading more of the classical works of that domain, sofar it lays inbetween philosophy of the mind and political philosophy.
    [5/25/11 2:54:09 PM] Miranda: so, what is the common denominator you're looking for--between what, i mean.
    [Irrelevant chat deleted]
    [5/25/11 2:56:31 PM] E R: the common denominator is " how do i mold the idea i have / had, into something workable" for that i need to understand the audience, how to convey messages to them as efficiently and captivating as possible, also understanding the broader political effects and backgrounds of what i am trying to affect. [The idea he refers to here is an international activism site that would replace WWP.]

    [5/25/11 2:58:37 PM] E R: I remain optimistic that while the majority audience is captive of what i am going to call social lobotomizing networks, there is a margin to work within it. Unfortunately it won't have as much of an impact to reverse this possibly negative tendens, but i hope it (the product) [meaning his international site] wouldn't increase it.
    [5/25/11 2:59:11 PM] E R: on the political spectrum, i need to determine whether what the press and consensus reflect is wishful thinking or actual fact.
    [5/25/11 3:01:43 PM] Miranda: i see
    [5/25/11 3:02:28 PM] E R: It's easy to attribute the topling of egypt and tunisias government to twitter and facebook, but i think it would be wise to narrow down the actual real impact those technologies have and had, as well as how reflective of the local community the effects brought upon those nations was. Think of for example the press publishing headlines "thousands march at ivory coast demonstration", they insinuated there was a lot of support and aid came from france and others to topple that regime. Turned out it was an intelligence coup, the pictures were highly doctored /the angles taken gave the impression there was far more significance than there was.
    [5/25/11 3:02:55 PM] E R: in other words, not falling pray to rogue politics.
    [5/25/11 3:04:12 PM] E R: i just want to do what is really right.
    [5/25/11 3:04:18 PM] Miranda: yes
    [5/25/11 3:04:28 PM] E R: i resent the idea of the right thing being not getting involved at all.
    [5/25/11 3:04:48 PM] E R: but i think cuation when threading on such subjects is pretty fundemental.
    [Irrelevant chat redacted]
    [4/22/11 4:58:44 PM] Miranda: i can see how you got bored with people stuck in their notions of freedom and internet and etc. i'm interested to hear what your future positions/ideas will be
    [4/22/11 4:59:09 PM] E R: no idea (yet) :p
    [4/22/11 4:59:18 PM] Miranda: [IMG]
    [4/22/11 4:59:27 PM] E R: i think crafting things to be one purpose only is a good start.
    [4/22/11 4:59:54 PM] Miranda: what do you mean?
    [4/22/11 4:59:58 PM] E R: make them as components as a larger thing maybe but independent and one issue focused as not to face more problems than things you try to solve.
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  29. #6: Freedom of Information

    As we discussed his plans for a future activism endeavor, Ed not only rejected anonymity as a generally useful option—he also wanted to restrict access to information. As on the anonymity issue, I was reluctant to openly disagree with him (he tended to get angry), so I again acknowledged his points but also tried to remind him that open access has its benefits. I was starting to realize that all he wanted from me was spelling help and approval, and that most of the time he wasn't open to real discussion or disagreement. My point here is not that Ed is wrong or bad for advocating restricted access--it's simply that this position diverged from the past customs and objectives of WWP and was not revealed to users or even to other mods.

    [9/5/11 6:03:45 PM] E R: for some reason i think the "open to all" internet activism" thing is flawed.

    [9/5/11 6:03:51 PM] E R: make it invite only and private.
    [9/5/11 6:04:00 PM] E R: hard to get accounts for the wrong people etc.
    [9/5/11 6:04:19 PM] Miranda: i'm not yet cynical, but it is frustrating at times
    [9/5/11 6:05:06 PM] Miranda: what makes it so flawed is the combination of open to all and a troll culture--the result is you're just stuck in intractible arguments
    [9/5/11 6:05:17 PM] E R: yes
    [9/5/11 6:10:39 PM] E R: what do you think of invite only?
    [9/5/11 6:12:13 PM] Miranda: i think it's kind of severe--you would limit yourself a lot. what about limited access until people prove themselves somehow?
    [9/5/11 6:12:24 PM] Miranda: but it depends a lot on your objectives
    [9/5/11 6:12:31 PM] E R: ammounts to the same [IMG]
    [9/5/11 6:12:46 PM] Miranda: if you're brainstorming and not interested in attracting the public, invite only makes sense

    [9/5/11 6:13:02 PM] Miranda: sort of but you would still have a chance of meeting more people and being happily surprised
  30. HOC Member

    Except that I didn't downvote your posts, and no I'm far from upset. Thank you for inquiring after my well being though! <3
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  31. RavenEyes Member

    I could've sworn it was CNN-famous Gregg (now of "House of Cards" fame) who took WWP and spread its focus, and sorta left Sue holding the ball), but, anyway, ...

    ...why are we supposed to be so concerned with a private conversation between two persons from THREE YEARS ago, DBZ. Do you all really care that sue didn't wanna be totally invested in the demise of scientology for the rest of his life?

    Honestly, it really does sound like some stalking behavior going on on the part of one specific side, from a legal definition. There's nothing new to learn from rehashing old conversations, and unless you have a legal matter that's in play, I am not quite sure why you kept those conversations, Miranda. It's quite creepy. There's nothing to read between the lines and learn from.

    People can move on when and for whatever reason they want to. Sue knows I think he's an arrogant asshole because I've said it to his face, but even "those people" have the right to dox themselves without their personal conversations becoming future fodder for people with grudges, crushes, vendettas, or mental illnesses with which to continue to harp on and on and on and on.

    It was precious how you spent the time, Miranda, redacting the name of the other person who was trying to dox sue at the time. I had no clue who in the world you were talking to.

    While we're on this stalking thing, Tang - I don't know you (or do I?), so would you be a love and be so kind and log in and unfollow me with your sock(s) please. It's sorta creepy why you felt the need to follow me in the first place.
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  32. HOC Member

    Afaik, it is a combo of positive ratings and a pre-determined time period. I'm afraid I am not sure of the exact length of time. Something to inquire about though, for sure.

    Happy to hear it!
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  33. Anonymous Member

    I have been here for over a year.

    Is a years worth of participation enough to count?
  34. i hate the politics in here very much.
  35. HOC Member

    Judging by your low post count, and seemingly only posting more frequently under your regular handle as of late (I'd imagine anon-posting had a part to play in that), it may have set you back a little bit. No worries though, you will get there. ;)
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  36. .....A power struggle in which nobody wins.
  37. Lol. That's BS HOC and you totally know it.

    I saw you angrily ban a poster who was not doxing. This occurred after you chastising the poster on the open forum numerous times and doing to the poster what you were claiming he/she was doing: flamed them, made huge assumptions about them, trolled their posts, ad-homed them. You were definitely supported on these actions by at least one other mod as well as other mod backers. But doxing was not one of the things they were supposedly doing. It was bad. It was clear that you banned this person because you announced doing so.

    I don't even know if that person was guilty of doing what you accused. They seemed to have some compelling information that it was mistaken identity because you thought another poster on the thread was the accused poster.

    I won't say anything further on this as there is enough derail already going on. You can do some variation of an "I-said, you-said" on this but I will not respond. If the thread has not been nuked, it can be found by those who wish to see for themselves. It was right before you quit or got kicked off as a mod. I saw what I saw and you are definitely lying on this point.

    HOC Says What?
    This message by HOC Says What? has been hidden due to negative ratings. (Show message)
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  38. HOC Member

    Again, please quote the relevant material and I will be happy to address your concerns.
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  39. Anonylemmi Member

    This is a privately owned forum. The owner could censor shit if he wanted to and you little weasels could not do anything about it. He chooses not to censor, but I wish he did it just a little to really piss off the moonbats and culties.
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  40. Miranda is trying to claim that a WWP mod altered an original post that read:


    Into the following revised post:


    Despite the fact that both are different posts that are still viewable in the dome! WTF!

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