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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Mark Cabian, Jan 24, 2011.

  1. 369

    First snow of the year in Tokyo - no comment

  2. TorontosRoot Member

    Stalking is just bad.... Scientology is guilty of that.
  3. This hole is dead.
    You mentally retarded wannabe anons are dead.

    You cunts are kidding yourselves here if you think you're making DIFFERENCE this big news flash of the day is YOU'RE NOT.



  4. Die you wankfaced scumbags.

    Pathetic wannabe jizz soaked fags.

  5. Fuck off you jizz faced spunk bucket and take your fucking stale rhetoric with you and shove it up your hole.
  6. 8am

    STFU you saddo.

    AOTF you're fucking pathetic doncha know.
  7. Hello,and welcome new friends.

    The mods have asked me to welcome you.

    They have also asked if in future ,could all new friends make a small donation to help maintain this fine site.

    They have assured me,that in my long absence they have stopped smoking crack,and you're donations will be used for site maintenance and not crack.

    Thank you.

  8. Yo Cp dude yo da man
  9. [IMG]
  10. [IMG]
    This is a representation of the visual effects of LSD.
  11. AOTF is a FRAUD.
    Geddit gottit good.
  12. RavenEyes Member

    No need, really. Wasn't meant to be a discussion of visas or anything. My intent for this thread was simply the OP post of DHS reporting info. The other comment I posted was in response to Dis' semi-derailment. But, thanks. :)

    I don't want this to become a mosh pit of junk. Succinct info.

    Mods, maybe you can move everything but the OP to the derail thread and lock? I dunno. There's really nothing to discuss, I just wanted the DHS HT info/video/reporting process/numbers readily available. Thanks.
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  14. Is this the new Anti Muslim thread?
  15. White Tara Global Moderator

    Nice work crock :p
  16. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Modding at its best
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  17. There was another story reported this morning in which a crocodile in Florida was found chomping on human remains, and it turned out to be the body of a woman who had gone missing.

    I really would not care if crocodiles and alligators were hunted into extinction.
    They are incredibly nasty creatures. Their only redeeming quality may be when they are turned into cowboy boots or handbags. Other than that, Yuck and gross. Nasty nasty animals.
  18. 104

    You are a fool.
  19. everyone's entitled to his or her own opinion aren't they?
  20. White Tara Global Moderator

    I like handbags
  21. I am bored and tired.
    Liking this album....

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