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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Mark Cabian, Jan 24, 2011.

  1. Yes, you are.
  2. Disambiguation thinks it is her job to censor every post in this whole forum and is the sole representative of whatever she wants to interpret anonymous as being for her own purposes, excluding free expression.
  3. The 24/7 365 all day long poster in WWP named "The Wrong Guy" must be on the payroll of George Soros.
  4. At least we're not seeing a return to Why We Pedophile, that was a giant fucking mistake for sure.
    Major embarrassment occurred in the form of good old Mark Watts from Exaro news being discredited for taking on and believing "Nick" that well known fantasist and liar about who he was farmed out to and taped by.
    Not forgetting the imaginary rapist who wasn't even in the country at the time when the alleged tapes took place. Mostly because he was serving overseas at the time in the British Army.
    Lol wasn't that a fucking laugh , oh and the dubious Heather Lying Cunt Marsh currently being investigated for her part in propagating the lies too.
    Yeah Disambiguation you fucked up there too didn't you bitch?

    There is more and I've got the much in demand DOX to substantiate what I'm saying, can't say the same for you bitch can I?
    Fucking Disambiguation you are a big fucking JOKE.
  5. Ever wonder why Exaro News fell of the face of the earth?

    Here's why. Mark Watts investigative journalist and all round gullible dick head believed every single word he was told, this ensuing Exaro come to a complete standstill and investigate nothing else but the Dolphin Sq story.
    There was no substance to it whatsoever.
    Just a made up fantasy from a guy working in the health service in Britain who I hasten to add came up with an altogether different story a few years previously.
    His own family admitted he was disturbed and an all time fantasist and psychotic liar.

    So Disambiguation why don't you take your fucking Twitter and rules and work them up your big fat ass.
    This is not your own personal domain, we were here years before you and it ran much more effectively and efficiently before you set foot in here.

    Do all of us a favour and GTFO BITCH.
  6. She loves Iran. and someone uses the forum for iranian propaganda.
  7. She can love Iran as much as she fucking pleases just as long as she doesn't love it here.
  8. lol

    (I am actually on the payroll of George Soros)
  9. Bitch I'm only thankful there an ignore button because I used it to block you out after your first post.
  10. go fuck yourself, dumbass.
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  11. Can't you guys just go to a "Muslims who hate America" themed forum?
  12. Can't we send Disambiguation to an I love Muslims forum?
  13. I think she would be more at home there. She thinks nobody notices that she censors anything mildly critical of Islam while pretending to be a critic of Scientology.
  14. She's utterly fucking useless here apart from dispensing her own brand of censorship wherever it suits.
    As a Mod she's a waste of bandwidth.
  15. Agreed.
  16. We're not the only ones thinking this way either I bet.

    Disambiguation ought to hang up her mod sock and GTFO.
  17. That must be why you're still replying.
  18. Sumbawa I'm not signed in or are you too fucking retarded to understand that much?
  19. Maria Skankbag the dumbest bitch in WWP. And all time phoney.
  20. Sucking up to mods like your life depended on it.
  21. funny-sock-puppets_o_GIFSoupcom.gif
  22. And ask Disambiguation to mod not censor. Tyvm.
  23. Or, tell her to GTFO on a permanent basis.
  24. Actually you lying bitch Death Hamster pointed out your giant errors in quoting 4chan as your source and the misinformation quoted therein.

    Now why don't you go fuck yourself.
  25. Now you're getting angry. :p
  26. KKS, fuck off dutch twat.

    You are not even American.
  27. Skank I'm endlessly in awe of you deep psychological need to stick your large nose into every bitchslap going in this forum.
    It speaks of a need to prove yourself which in turn shows your deep underlying insecurities . All of which I find highly amusing.
    Your weaknesses stand out like a beacon.
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  28. There you are the neighbourhood busybody always sticking your nose in where it's least wanted.
    It's my thinking your neighbours hate the sight of you with your endless nosey and opinionated demeanour.
    Maria Sklodowska the busy body , curtain twitcher and all round ignorant cunt .
  29. Always determined to get the last word in any situation and always thinking you're right too.
    You're right and everyone else is wrong and knows fuck all about what they're talking about.
    Except you Maria, the expert in all things the one who knows everything. The boring bitch with all the answers. Not.
    All you are is an insecure boring assed bitch who needs constant reaffirmation of her self worth. And who achieves this by continually seeking approval here in pathetic little ways like posting what she thinks are witty answers, they aren't . They are dumb.

    Maria the fucking little twat with parental issues, no body loves Maria.
    Nobody cares you dumbass bitch.
    Fuck off.
  30. <3 u too, bby
  31. What's up Maria, did you eventually get the message that no matter how many times you put out for the boys they'd never respect you much anyway?
    Didnt daddy give you his approval?
    Instead you sought it in other ways by doing blow jobs under the bleachers. Your reputation soon got large and the boys queued up with their phones to record you sucking on them and their friends.
    The girls didn't like you much either did they?

    Poor sad pathetic little whiney assed bitch Maria Sklodowska the school bike.

    You're the kind of girl who smells of desperation Maria, and guys like me wouldn't touch you with gloves on.
  32. I'm sure she is crying in her beer because you wouldn't fuck her in high school.
  33. Aww naw she's an alcoholic as well as a skank.

  34. That's optimistic considering your condition.
  35. wera33 Member

  36. Witamnot
  37. SFA

    International Nobody Does Anything Interesting Day
    • 220 - Emperor Cao Cao of the Han Dynasty, knowing the end is near, has the imperial chef make him his favorite sandwich.
    • 1066 - Celtic warlords, finding the weather too poor to do battle, take a water break.
    • 1142 - Starving peasants in medieval Brandenburg continue to starve.
    • 1877 - Charles Dickens has constipation, contemplates going to the doctor.
    • 1943 - Hitler finds some time out of his day to play with his dog Blondi.
    • 1968 - Lyndon B. Johnson drinks some really bad coffee, tells his wife.
    • 1977 - Eric Clapton orders a tuna sandwich from the deli but is given egg salad instead, doesn't notice until he gets home.
    • 1989 - Gerald Strauss, of Utica, New York, finally starts listening to R.E.M.
    • 2004 - Mark Zuckerberg invents the Facebook status, making Nobody Does Anything Interesting Day an everyday holiday.
  38. Die in a fire you insane fuck this isn't some kind of audition process for America's Got Talent.

    Please go die in a fire.
  39. GTFO fuck off drop dead.

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