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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Mark Cabian, Jan 24, 2011.

  1. edit: Not all cultic movements are religious or religious in nature.
    There are many different types of cultic movements.

    Nobody joins a cult. You join a self-help group, a religious movement, a political organization.
    They change so gradually, by the time you realize you’re entrapped – and almost everybody does – you can’t figure a safe way back out.
    Deborah Layton, who was involved in -- and escaped from -- Jim Jones' Peoples Temple cult
  2. The Internet Member

  3. [IMG]


  4. You are a nasty unpleasant little cunt and I hope your conscience eventually gets the better of you and you relent all the harm you did to the users of that board.
    Maria I hope you die painfully and alone you don't deserve anything better you vile shit stain.
  5. Maria Sklodowska I hope your bullying and curtain twitching ways come back on you hard because you deserve everything you get you cunt.
    There is no good inside you , just evil .
    Nasty manipulative evil.
  6. Maria Sklodowska you are a lying fucking bully and the misery you inflicted on other people I hope returns to you a million times over. You are a nasty manipulative evil cunt.
  7. Encouraging people on a forum to commit suicide is totally abhorrent but you went ahead and did it.
    I hope you die alone and painfully in a fire you evil repulsive cunt.
    You have no conscience . You are the most vile person alive and your sins will never be forgotten. You are a fucking devil . A cunt . A dirty vile manipulative cunt.
  8. I hope your life is miserable for every day you have left on this earth. You are a waste of organs . You are vile manipulative and controlling and the worst kind of cunt imaginable. Die in a fire alone you troll cunt from hell.
  9. Some day I hope your life ends in the most painful way imaginable. Burn in hell you miserable troll cunt. You manipulative vicious bastard.
    You are a cunt.
  10. Did you get pleasure in encouraging that person to commit suicide? Did you have fun knowing how miserable they were? Did you sit by your keyboard and laugh you sadistic cunt? Maria Sklodowska you are a bully , a liar and a manipulative bastard. And a CUNT.
    A vicious CUNT. You are the most evil person alive , a vile sadistic person who derived fun from encouraging someone to kill themselves. I hope your days on this earth are lonely and you die a painful and miserable death. YOU CUNT FROM HELL.
  11. The Internet Member

    Climate scientists have called out Al Gore for saying some exaggerated things.

    You should listen more to what the science says that what Al Gore says, although Gore is basically right when he says global warming is real and we need to do something about it.
  12. Still sitting on the short bus ?
  13. The Internet Member

    Wait, I thought Dis and Maria were supposed to kill themselves due to being worthless losers. So your compassion is confusing me.
  14. Dharma Apollo Member

    Sick burn. Suppose someone was actually mentally challenged or slightly off. Would you then object to their wanting to join the movement?
  15. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    I'm waiting for the "build me up" thing.
  16. This guy is our resident jerk and bully. No, he genuinely doesn't want you involved with WWP. He doesn't want anyone involved with WWP, and is trying (feebly) to make it (and you) go away.
  17. Dharma Apollo Member

    O ok thx for the heads up
  18. Disambiguation Global Moderator

  19. Maria , forgive me for not signing in to ask this question I don't want to appear to take sides with you or the person making the accusations.
    It has crossed my mind on a number of occasions that it is entirely possible you have offended someone from / pol / who has recognised your style of posting here and as a result decided to make those posts in return.

    Your manner is unique and at times abrasive, and while I'm no delicate flower I notice it. I've been here since the end of 2009 and I've seen a lot of anons come and go but none have been so vehemently opposed to any other anon in the same way as this person is to you.
    I have grave doubts that the intention behind the posts are to prevent anyone else becoming active in the forum newfag or old either.

    Nor can I see any evidence to support your assertion that this person is aiming to make WWP go away , had that been the case a greater effort would in all probability be made to that affect.

    There are no other anons being targeted in the same way or anything even vaguely close to it ,even you have to admit that.
    The more consideration I give it the more convinced I become that you have caused offence elsewhere and have been exposed here also.

    The disturbance on the forum has been directed solely at you and you alone.

    It might be worth your while to sort your differences with the person concerned, preferably elsewhere too for the sake of the rest of us that is.
  20. Erm. No. AOTF was a target before this.
  21. The Internet Member


    I've never heard Marie Curie talk about /pol/ so I wonder why you keep fishing for info about this.

    To quote Mme Sklodowska, "Be less curious about people and more curious about ideas."

    I think we should all have more respect for the first woman to win a Nobel Prize in Physics.

  22. Erm. No. AOTF got found out.

    Go back to December 2012 in the dome and check his spat with Anon 612 and others, from that point he was excluded in various ways by several anons.

    In time in an attempt to improve his reputation he told a few widely exaggerated lies about his career seemingly forgetting it was all there in print in various threads throughout WWP and in PM too.
    A few anons put two and two together and saw him for what he was , a fantasist.

    Subsequently he self immolated due to his being in a particular kind of internet trouble.

  23. The original Marie Curie is dead so don't quote her as if she's the one in our forum.

    Maria Sklodowska , the anon using her name has quoted /pol/ as a source. Do some fact checking TI you're better than that.
  24. The Internet Member

    Most of the good quotes are from famous dead people though. And I think the one I found from Marie Curie was a good one.

    I do not know about /pol/. Is that a forum for Polish people?
  25. OMG if every Anon who fucked with other Anons was beat up we'd all be bloody. If Anonymous punished every Anon who fucked with other Anons IRL There roadwould be....o wait. SWATed, dogs shot, calls from the police, government lawyers. Hmm.

  26. This is a drive by post for me I'm not interested in the Maria Tl;dr saga I find her a drag .

    Regarding our anon Agent he did get himself into serious trouble which we discussed at length over several weeks before he went to court.
    There were no shot dogs or SWAT involvement just one person who took some hefty legal action against him to bring him to a halt and prevent anything more occurring.
  27. The Internet Member

    Damn I miss all the juicy stuff.

  28. Use yer googlefu
  29. It's cheaper by yourself we charge $40 per 20 words minimum.
  30. Don't pay this shit hole anything . It's going down like birdshit and fast too.
  31. The entire site panders to trolls and pedos and all of it instigated by Disambiguation the moderator from hell.
    It's time she went thereby allowing us the right to speak freely on topics without her particular brand of heavy-handed censorship.
    She's a domineering cunt who treats this forum like her own personal fiefdom ruling with an iron fist against anything and anyone she deems offensive to her lily livered sensibilities.
    What a dainty flower she is . Not.
    If it suits and it frequently does she encourages anons to go into pedo forms and have little chats there.
    She's no more a protector of children than she is president of the USA. Instead she's a lying fraudulent coward .

    DIAF Disambiguation you unpleasant cunt.
  32. White Tara Global Moderator

    eewww Taylor Swift. That hurt me more to post than you could ever know. Please to not be trolling the NMA kthx :)
  33. Hiding opinions that don't match up to the sainted reputation of Disambiguation again?

    That's fucking typical of this forum isn't it?
    Never a word against our holier than thou moderator Disambiguation in this forum it's always bby this and bby and isn't she fucking fantastic.
    Fantastic my big brown ass , what she is in reality is a fucking lying bitch.
  34. White Tara Global Moderator

    Your posts are still visible but the welcome thread as you well know is kept to introductions and welcomes as best we can.
  35. It's thanks to that cunt Disambiguation that this forum is on its last legs it's she who decided to turn it into a pedo hunt against the wishes of the rest of us . She went ahead and did that all by herself turning every fucking thread into pedo this and pedo that.
    Day after day it's all go talk with pedos .
    Once she begun that game numbers dropped through the floor and on she went regardless of the fact the forum was sliding into oblivion.

    Time for a change Disambiguation and not one with you in it.
    Go fuck yourself elsewhere.
  36. White Tara Global Moderator

    I haven't seen a lot of activity in OP innocence in a long while. Perhaps its time to let the pedo rage posts subside. FYI, the numbers, they were not so healthy before OP innocence came to pass. Shit comes, and shit goes, the very nature of forums. Now, as this is still technically the NMA and the NMA is a low trolling zone, could we take this elsewhere please.

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