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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by cubby, Apr 8, 2009.

  1. NewCalle Member

    Think of another ID to guest post with this one has been worked to death.
  2. NewCalle Member

    As of this moment I declare this to be the New Calle thread!
    This is a Spam Free Zone and all posters male or otherwise ( there are no gurls on the internets) cannot and I repeat cannot use the name Calle for guest posting. Or else.

    Now go about your business peacefully and legally please.
  3. NewCalle Member

    Or any way you like but stop using Calle !
  4. NewCalle Member

    I own this thread.
  5. NewCalle Member

    There will be no more Calle's as of today.
  6. NewCalle Member

    Apart from me that is.

    I am the supreme being, the one and only Calle, the rest are fake! fake!fake! like Donald Trump but less orange.
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  7. NewCalle Member

    Is everyone paying attention to your new Calle.
    The original Calle.
    The one and only Calle.
    The real Calle.

    I am Calle.
  8. Behold!
    It is I, Calle the Original Calle.

    Bow before me all of you and show obedience to your Calle.
  9. I command you bow before me and show allegiance to your Original Calle.

  10. It is I! Calle!

    Here in all my glorious splendour.

    The Original Calle.

    Bow before me.
  11. Isn't anyone paying attention?

    I Command you all to bow before me.
  12. All of you are impertinent.
  13. Impostor.
  14. All of you go home and take the day off while you're at it think of a new name to guest post with because I am The Original Calle and the rest of you are impostors.
  15. Let me weigh in here. "Calle" is the same as the anonymous button.
  16. ZeroC Member

  17. Cool font bro
  18. You can help by fucking off pronto .
  19. How about cleaning out the traps someone vomed in the last but one from the door. When that's done mop the floors in the ladies , clean the sinks and re up the Tampax machine. Our mod White Tara is always on the blob and steals them from here.
    She's menopausal y'know.
    Notwithstanding it's no excuse for leaving her used ones lying around , dirty whore that she is.
    When that lot is done fuck off by the back door we don't want to see your ugly face again.
  20. Hey sonny suck my dick and when you're done fuck off and take your worries elsewhere ,far far away from here because we don't have any fucks left to give about you and your sob story.
    Did in a fire why doncha and stop bleating about some you tube shit that you can report on site instead of bringing it here.


    Get it.

    We don't give a fuck we have no fucks to give.
  21. Our cupboard is empty of fucks, it is bereft of fucks we dont give a fuck because we have none to give.
  22. Look at you bawing about some offensive you tube content and acting like someone stole your lunch money.
  23. [IMG]

    Hey princess nobody cares.
  24. Trolling?
    No one's trolling here just offering friendly advice to assist our newfag with a view to enhance his experience in our wonderful community the same way as we always do.

    We delight in helping our newfags feel right at home even when they ask us silly questions.
    We are patient and polite to a fault irrespective of how unappreciative they appear to be what's more we have an inexhaustible supply of time and tolerance for their impolite ways and ridiculously childish questions.

    We are here to assist.
  25. Fucking arseholes that they are.
    • Fuck cunt arseholes bastards wankers all of you.
  26. White Tara Global Moderator

    Tsk Tsk indeed, your delight in welcoming newfags is apparent, but sheesh, anyone might think you guys were trying to chase any newcomers off....
  27. White Tara Global Moderator

  28. Yeah Tara , you ugly ass know it all bitch. SHUT THE FUCK UP.

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