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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by cubby, Apr 8, 2009.

  1. No! It’s a snake!
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    yea is the person who threatened me is suggesting I see a psychiatrist? You're names quite similar?
  4. esad
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  7. LOL Level 8: "Feeling persecuted, that others are "out to get them," they lash-out and act irrationally, bringing about what they fear. Fanaticism, violence".

    "When moving in their Direction of Disintegration (stress), dutiful Sixes suddenly become competitive and arrogant at Three".

    It's funny cuz it's true Who goes on forum and announces themselves to be the biggest whimp that's also prone to cult mindsets on an an anti cult forum?
  8. "Fives can see Sixes as closed-minded drudges and fanatics" "Sixes get nervous about making a mistake and do not want to be criticized (much less ostracized) for their efforts. They can seem to be prejudiced and not open minded, petty and political, playing favorites and trying to please authorities rath" why are you here in the first place? Perhaps you are counterphobic?
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  11. He lost me at cake!!!! Right, back to the enneagram versus MBTI! You can not like enneagram, because I think you're a seven!! Also this is a simple system, apparently! The 6 must've created it! Keeps them at ease when they, get scared of something like their own shadow!
  12. LOL moved on to twitter!
  13. Enneagrams for sale! Get your cheap enneagrams here. Two for the price of six! A bargain! Real cheap enneagrams. Treat your family and friends this Easter with a brand new enneagram. Don't be left behind folks get your cheap enneagrams here.
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  15. Seems to be the case. Not sure, if Scientology is trying to reach out to the enneagram community, or it's just a personal thing?
  16. Certainly interesting seems like there's an enneagram Christian account following as well.
    Haha coverup or alliance?
  17. Happy Birthday L. Ron Hubbard!
  18. The YUOMOUi is the STAR CELL's vertical axis.
  19. The COW holds the STAR CELL's other three axes.
  20. Consciousness is the axis that connects Knowledge with Reality.
  21. Ownership (Havingness) is the Axis that connects Control with Communication.
  22. Will (Intention) is the STAR CELL Axis that connects Responsibility with Affinity.
  23. The YUOMOUi COW is the STAR CELLS's guts.
  24. ...pronounced "EeeeUUUUUOOOOmmmmmOOOOOooooooo'EEEEEE-kauw," ug.
  25. YUOM is the way that life takes one from the beginning, the top, to the end, the bottom and Scientology auditing takes life from the end, the bottom, back up to the top, the beginning again.
  26. Scientology auditing is M-O-U-i!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "mmmmmmOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooooo'eeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
  27. Happy flipping birthday, L. Ron Hubbard!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  28. !cid_79D9A994D8284E3C8B81038BD942B325@PIA.jpg Thank you for letting me post here. Thank you again.

    Best regards,

    Baron Philip Shrabisky
  29. You see, you guys really aren't duplicating the picture that is from this viewpoint, IMO. I was protesting too. I am the president of a Public Psy Services (PPS) Recipient and Survivor Network in Herkimer County NY and in twenty years half of the people who were in it are now dead, that's in deceased.

    The system people kill people off for the incumbent regime, which you happen to unwittingly be supporting through your efforts and working against rather than with the Scientologists to help people stabilize their lives.

    It's a matter of lesser evils IMO.

    You heard me? Half of the people in my PPS protest group are now dead on a twenty year informal research study, you could say. That's about 15 people out of 30.

    Now how many people did you say that the Nazi Scientologists are killing off out of the millions of them that there are?

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