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  1. Consciousness is the Awareness of Awareness
  2. Yes, I know that you believe what you are doing is helping. Here then is something that will help us all eliminate one little issue off of the stack, so maybe we can get along a little better.

    I just, supprisingly enough even to me, managed to figure out how to solve a Lambda layer issue. I've been posting what I have been finding out on my FB page, which is and an associated page on my Website, and that is: .

    The subject is about how to most easily and using hardly any money, raise the physical body's midsection's stored semisolid propellant to a liquid state, and get it transported into the circulatory system to feed the cells with that consumable fuel, in order to raise the energy output level of the body, so it can be used to do more in less time, get going better than one is normally used to it doing for them.

    That way you, the operator involved, will be able to accomplish what you want to more easy and save money on your food bill and not have to buy continually larger sizes of clothing.

    I hope you don't think that I am putting you on here, or trying to lead you into a let down, because that is not so.

    What I am saying on my page and my Website works really well for me and I hope that if you could use it, or if you know someone who can, that they use it to get your/their body into the functional condition that you want it to run in.

    Take care.

    It's been nice presenting these ideas to you.

    I'm sorry about the Nazi crack. If I could have edited, I would have pulled it out of there.

    Thank you for reading me.

    Thank you again.

    Best regards,

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  4. oh sorry : brothers and sisters
  5. Oh do fuck off.

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