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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by cubby, Apr 8, 2009.

  1. Consciousness is the Awareness of Awareness
  2. Yes, I know that you believe what you are doing is helping. Here then is something that will help us all eliminate one little issue off of the stack, so maybe we can get along a little better.

    I just, supprisingly enough even to me, managed to figure out how to solve a Lambda layer issue. I've been posting what I have been finding out on my FB page, which is and an associated page on my Website, and that is: .

    The subject is about how to most easily and using hardly any money, raise the physical body's midsection's stored semisolid propellant to a liquid state, and get it transported into the circulatory system to feed the cells with that consumable fuel, in order to raise the energy output level of the body, so it can be used to do more in less time, get going better than one is normally used to it doing for them.

    That way you, the operator involved, will be able to accomplish what you want to more easy and save money on your food bill and not have to buy continually larger sizes of clothing.

    I hope you don't think that I am putting you on here, or trying to lead you into a let down, because that is not so.

    What I am saying on my page and my Website works really well for me and I hope that if you could use it, or if you know someone who can, that they use it to get your/their body into the functional condition that you want it to run in.

    Take care.

    It's been nice presenting these ideas to you.

    I'm sorry about the Nazi crack. If I could have edited, I would have pulled it out of there.

    Thank you for reading me.

    Thank you again.

    Best regards,

  3. Disambiguation Global Moderator

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  4. oh sorry : brothers and sisters
  5. realdo have you been hacked
  6. Oh do fuck off.
  7. Please go to ESMB and straighten the lousy bastards out.
  8. It's not his fault, Karen#1 says "
    There is always collateral damage and severe side effects to drugs."

  9. oh the consistency, in seeing the same cranks come out of the woodwork to propel drama.
  10. thesneakster Member

    Karen De La Carriere holds neither the medical nor mental health credentials to make any kind of meaningful diagnosis of adverse drug reaction. Therefore the claim is nothing but PR damage control.

    Edit Addendum: there hasn't even been an autopsy report, as yet.
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  11. Intelligence Member

    Ditto all of the above.

    I'm not waiting to hear a LOUD POP noise coming from Sneakster ... the sound of his heading exiting his arse. Too much TECH-GLUE holding head in place. We don't have all the facts ... yet Sneakster assumes 'it was over unauthorized spending (unauthorized spending does not = crime), of his wife's (Ginger Sugarman) money -AND- Both killers were motivated by the discovery of financial crimes for which they likely would have been jailed.' Motivated? You've found the motive? The only motive? You could work for the LAPD!

    FACT: You don't know it was a 'financial crime' (Ginger said Arnie took money without telling her). You don't know the whole story yet to have a motive. You don't know Arnie likely would have been jailed.

    I hope Ginger heals over time, physically and emotionally. R.I.P. Arnie...
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  12. FACT: thesneakster is a simpleton who believes Hubbard's nonsense, even without the threats and coercion of David Miscavige's mob.

    thesneakster practices scientology on kids.

    thesneakster couldn't get invited to an arse-kicking party, out of fear he'd be the centre of attention.

    FACT: The only significant difference between
    thesneakster and Rex Fowler is that Rex is a little taller and watches what he eats.
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  13. A more laudable gesture would be to donate to the fund for an autopsy of Arnie's remains. Ginger is a fraudster and has a history of defrauding people and obtaining funds through disingenuous means. She started a go fund me campaign when she first emerged on the ex Scientology scene several years ago. She got her money and disappeared (until now), along with getting herself banned from various ex Scientology platforms for attacking people who had actually contributed to her fund. Ginger is now trying to prevent an autopsy taking place on Arnie's body and refuses to submit his PC to Arnie's next of kin until she has had its history wiped - this is highly suspicious behaviour.
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  14. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Oh come on now OSA, character assassination is in poor taste. 4 people have donated 25$ each. Scientology is a cheapskate.
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  15. M.Kipps
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  16. 1. If she is the next of kin, then she gets to decide what happens.

    2. An autopsy isn't necessary. A gunshot residue test of the clothing of the two people involved would tell the police all that they needed to know regarding who shot whom. Presumably, they have already conducted this. If Ginger was airlifted to hospital, then they took her clothes from her. And Lerma was dead, so they had his clothes, too.
  17. ......mmmmmnnn...yeah
  18. It’s wierd the calls for a autopsy instead of help for the victim of a crime. Whatever complaints you have against her she doesn’t deserve to be shot in the face and she needs help. Arnie doesn’t need help anymore.
    I’m assuming you want an autopsy for drug screens, maybe you want to see if he was on anti depressants . He was on opioids and that can cause this kind of paranoia, loss of reason, and violence. So there is a drug answer there. You want to prove he was taking antidepressants and your next cry is “See?! PSYCH DRUGS CAUSE MURDER!”
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  19. The autopsy results might determine whether or not it really was a suicide, or if Ginger in fact killed him. Who knows
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  20. Malory Member

    This autopsy fundraiser is a scam with Tom Padgett's sticky fingerprints all over it.

    Under the Georgia Death Act all suicides have to be referred to the Medical Examiner an they autopsy for free. Families can request a second autopsy and pay for it privately. At most, including detailed reports on toxicology etc. this would cost five thousand dollars but the average is two to three thousand.

    A cursory examination would have cleared Ginger since it only takes a swab to determine if someone fired a gun or not.

    Basically, piss of scammers - you're not getting away with this one.
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  21. This is brilliant news thanks, the prospect of raising the funds for the autopsy is so much more doable now. Thanks for that info Mallory
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  22. Yeah rite still at $200, Scientology is such a tightwad
  23. It will all come out in the wash
  24. Still looking at that lonely $200.
  25. It has transpired that the great critical thinker, who is that large, Chris Shelton has attempted to report Arnie's autopsy campaign to gofundme to have it taken down. Fortunately he was unsuccessful in his attempt. Such a nice guy, that Chris, who knew?
    Costar Cruise
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  26. Elston! not Shelton repeat, it was Elston.
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  27. Malory Member

    The name's no big secret you know, I have mentioned on Facebook that I post here as Malory.

  28. Well said, Malory.

    Ginger agreed to conduct the autopsy. The State of Georgia paid for it.

    GoFundMe for the autopsy is a scam. Call the medical examiner Strickland at Screven County Medical Examiner & Coroner PO Box 166, Sylvania, Georgia, 30467, 912-564-2331 to verify, if in doubt.

    Otherwise, piss off!

  29. There was no fraud on Tom Padget behalf; until recent events the autopsy and associated costs were going to have to be obtained privately, but in light of this all monies will be returned two those who donated to the gofundme. Don't be so rash in pointing fingers.
  30. Your friends were plenty rash, if not outright evil in saying that a woman that Arnie tried to murder and permanently disfigured has a history a scamming people and should not be trusted. This group of people are deplorable and Padgett (with his history of scams) is their leader. It's horse shit that Ginger didn't sign off on the autopsy. Though, who would blame her if she didn't? Arnie almost murdered her! You're deplorables for glorifying a would be murderer and an abuser of women by pretending that he was a saint. The man was a neo nazi sympathizer, a Sandy-Hook truther and a holocaust denier. He didn't snap recently. He's always been a conspiracy theory oriented gun nut. Whatever good he's done for the critics movement in the 90s has been erased by his recent actions.
  31. I support Arnie's son Joseph in his determination to have a full understanding of what happened. There are many who knew Arnie that are wanting more answers, too, and were surprised that an autopsy wasn't immediately done under the circumstances. That news clipping helped provide some more details - that it is still under investigation. So does this update from Joseph Lerma's GoFundMe.
    "Update 1
    Posted by Joseph Fox Lerma
    53 mins ago

    After many hours spent with a lawyer in order to get Arnie's autopsy done, we were still waiting on Ginger to sign off on the autopsy being performed, we had papers drawn up but Ginger was hesitant to sign. The county coroner and local police pled their case to the Georgia Bureau of Investigations crime lab. They have decided to move forward with an official autopsy on Arnie Lerma. A huge thank you to all who donated so far. But this fight is not over.
    Help spread the word!
    Raising money for the autopsy of Arnaldo Pagliarini Lerma. We deserve answers.

    “Truth would quickly cease to be stranger than fiction, once we got as used to it.”

    ― H.L. Mencken

    "I'd prefer to die speaking my mind than live fearing to speake"

    - Arnie Lerma]

    Who you are?
    Joseph Fox Lerma - Arnaldo Lerma's son.

    Where you're from?
    Sylvania, Ga

    Your relationship to the parties you're raising funds for?
    He is my father and I and many others would like to know what (if anything) may have caused this tragedy.

    How the funds will be spent (be specific as possible)
    All funds will be spent making sure than Arnie Lerma gets the due process owed to him after years devoted to helping others, the coroner requested an autopsy be done but the gbi crime lab will not pay if the cause of death looks like a suicide and the bullet leaves an exit wound. This means that to have the autopsy done I must pay for this privately and do everything in my power to keep him from being cremated before this is finished.

    How you intend to get the funds to those in need?
    I am his only son and have already spoken with an attorney to do everything I can to make sure an autopsy takes place."
    That said, I make no comment on what happened and why, as I there just arn't a lot of details yet and I'm still trying to process things. However, no one deserves to be shot. No one. Ginger needs whatever support she can get in order to heal. I support her fundraiser as well.
  32. Here is what Nancy Manny said:

    "I know there have been some communications regarding Arnie Lerma and a Go-fund me page for an autopsy. I just got off the phone with Ginger. She signed the papers today and the autopsy will be done tomorrow [Friday]. The state is paying for it."

    " I am just relaying what Ginger told me (just 2.5 hours ago) - she had signed the papers this afternoon and it is going to be done tomorrow, and the state is paying for it."
  33. Malory Member

    Really? In that case Tom can name where he got the 15k figure for a private autopsy then. I mean I assume he did price one instead of just pulling a random figure out of his arse. I stand by saying the absolute top price is 5k and that was quoted to me by someone who works in that area of the death industry.
  34. Malory Member

    They're running around like headless chickens now trying to silence anyone posting th truth about what they're doing.

    You'd think they'd have seen those tactics didn't work so well for Scientology.
  35. I don't know where you're getting your info from, but Ginger did not just willingly agree to an autopsy. His son fought for one for hours! Get your facts straight. Ortega blew this whole thing up into something it didn't need to be. It showed me what a fame whore I've been denying to everyone, that he actually is.

    No one is saying Ginger shouldn't be helped or cared about, we just want answers first. The truth is none of us know what really happened except them, and until the medical examiner comes back with the results and his PC is evaluated... I think people need to step off.

    This whole community is falling apart.
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