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Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by muldrake, Nov 8, 2013.

  1. muldrake Member

    This is a tactic I think a lot about, and even has some reflection in the professional literature, like Steve Hassan's original Combatting Cult Mind Control book.

    Yes, I know you're not allowed to call it what it is that bluntly any more, and there are good reasons for that other than just pure political correctness, but it is what it is. It also has little to do with cults as such, and frankly, if you are a member of any political party (and I am), you are subjected to tactics like this yourself. So be aware of them.

    If you are of any strong opinion, there will be organizations you despise and consider to be using evil tactics to keep their sheep in line. Maybe you're right. Maybe you're just an asshole. For a long time, one of my such organizations has been the cult of Scientology. I think I'm right about my opinions of this group and the despicable tactics it uses against its own members. I'm probably in like company here, but this is not at all limited to Scientology.

    Sometimes, though, you'll casually encounter someone in a group you hate. Sometimes, you'll encounter them in the heat of battle, as it were. Sometimes, if you're paying attention, you'll think about someone in the latter group "hey this is ONE OF US" thinking about your own group and its own positive qualities.

    This is no cheesy mindfuck or cheap manipulation. It has to be sincere. Anyone here worthy of the Anon monicker already has a whole arsenal of cheap mindfucks at their disposal (and if you don't where the fuck have you been) but this has to be sincere to work.

    If your target really is "One of You" and the group really DOES do things that your "One of You" target despises in spirit and would never tolerate, do this simple trick. Yes, the lead-up is tricky, and the opportunity is rare, but the "trick" is really simple.

    Point out to them that the group they are a member of will eventually do to THEM some specific thing they despise, and may even cite as one of their reasons for admiring the group. If you get a chance before their mind slams shut (most groups even including "normal" ones install such control functions), point out that when it does, "you'll remember I told you this."

    This is itself a mind control technique (not that you're allowed to call it that now because this concept has been banished from discussion), but this kind of depth charge does in fact work. And you will in fact see results from it.

    These results literally take years. Usually, you will never know personally that they happened. But there are few things more satisfying to experience than knowing that something you said, sometimes years later, actually had an impact.

    Make this a part of your life and it is a long-term investment that has a huge payoff.

    On the contrary side, look for this being done to you, often inadvertently. Sometimes, you're the target of this and it's for your own good too!
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  2. may be very helpful at esmb.
  3. muldrake Member

    Feel free to post it there. I'm not going to. Frankly, I try to be really, really nice and kind to the people there, who are often going through some pretty horrible shit and don't need my mind droppings dumped on them as well. So if you do, post it as "something from this asshole on WWP."

    I note I realize after posting it that it says a lot of stuff about me, some of it pretty negative. For instance, being personally satisfied about one of these working. Really? That's what I think? I guess that's why I said it, but it's a horrible personal motivation.

    I still advise the tactic, but any time you do it, you're going to be dropping your own mind bombs on yourself.
  4. muldrake Member

    Okay. Short, and as ego-free as a dick and professional troll like me can manage. tl;dr to the above post.

    You don't see this cage you're in. Here's the key if you ever do see it.

    (You have to be right for this to work and you might be wrong.)
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  5. The Internet Member

    Maybe an example of what you mean would help.
  6. Anonymous Member

    I'll have a stab at it, apologies to Muldrake.

    "If you were ever to come to the conclusion that COS makes up things in order to trick you, they will feel the need to attempt to destroy you, just like they try to do to SPs. Remember that when you are wondering why some of the things in the cult don't make sense."

  7. anonamus Member

    Interesting suggestion, OP.
    My favorite is still " Your doubts are valid! "
    Whoever came up with that deserves infinite caek IMO.
  8. I came up with that, sweetheart.
  9. muldrake Member

    I could give examples, but I won't. It wouldn't be prudent.
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  10. How about some examples using pictures.
    I like random pictures. :)

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