Time magazine on Snowden/Manning/Assange/Swartz (24 June 2013)

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    Snowden, Manning and the New Generation of Hacktivists

    Monday, Jun. 24, 2013
    The Geeks Who Leak

    By Michael Scherer,8816,2145506,00.html

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  5. The real story, and one that isn't being told and it seems is purposely being hidden by yet another corporation and the unhealthily connected Justice Department itself, is that those copyrighted academic articles were stolen by JSTOR itself. There is a massive unreported scandal and tragedy of corporates seizing academic articles by acts of massive piracy as a business model, selling the databases to institutions, and those institutions increasingly locking out access. In many cases, the researchers who wrote the articles (usually for no recompense) cannot access their own work. So the big question is, why aren't the corporations who are undertaking massive piracy for profit not being prosecuted, while Swartz was targeted and prosecuted to protect these pirates' interests?

    A site devoted to this issue:

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