Time to compile!

Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by Consensus, Feb 25, 2008.

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  2. ruebennase Member

    Re: Time to compile!

    i really liked the suggestion about the flash game, probably because that's an area where i could personally contribute a lot (i do graphics design, flash stuff, video editing and motion graphics for a living).

    i already started a (somewhat lame) attemt at a game[/url:1t1nrlfd], but i liked this suggestion better:

    something like SimCult sounds like a fun project. it could even be made into a multiplayer game, with rivaling cults struggling for world domination.

    i guess i could handle most of the graphics and flash stuff, though if we do go multiplayer, i'll probably need help with database programming.
  3. Anon123456 Member

    Re: Time to compile!

    what about a flash wack-a-mole style game but call it "wack-a-theten" with little ghosts popping up. all i know is COD4 so that could be a crappy idea.
  4. Consensus Member

    Re: Time to compile!

    I don't know much 'bout flash games, but if you get two or three people interested, I'd encourage you to make a thread for that topic and go with it.

    I personally *love* the idea of burning CD Roms with information. Seems like a cheap and effective way to spread info, so long as the person is willing to pop it in their computer. Anybody else interested? If so, we could start a thread to decide which files ought to be included, and maybe even design a simple autoplay interface.
  5. ruebennase Member

    Re: Time to compile!

    i could help with interface design and stuff. though as was already mentioned, people probably won't accept CDs coming from a group that has been labeled as a "hacker group". :wink:
  6. Anon123456 Member

    Re: Time to compile!

    speaking of compiling, have we gotten together a central library of docs with everything evil about scientology?
  7. Consensus Member

    Re: Time to compile!

    That's a reasonable concern... but I don't think it means this will inevitably fail. I'm sure some people will refuse to use the disk because of just that risk; but I'm sure others will think about it and say 'nah, I'm just being paranoid' and still others won't even consider it. And not everyone we hand the disk to will load it, but the goal is to get just a few. The only question is whether it's cost effective, and the likelihood that they'll be too scared to open it is related to that question.

    In any case, a cd of key documents, videos and so on could prove useful even just amongst us. There are sites online that have every document imaginable... and there are sites that have just a few select documents... and there are documents that are hard to find, becuase the COS sues people who have them, or documents that are copyrighted, etc. If we could compile a short-list of documents -
    the Panorama video; the Road to Feb 10th video; a couple old-school Xenutv vids; Paulette Cooper's first-hand account; a couple clips of the Fishman deposition - just things that will whet a person's appetite....
    and if we include a few more in-depth things for people who want to look further (like the OTIII documents, basically anything that's 'source' in scientology)...
    and then a simple html page with links to all the major sites...
    That would be useful to me. I could take that with me and show it to friends, even if there's no internet connection. I could copy it and hand it out to people who do trust me. I could leave copies of it around in computer labs...

    There'd be a dozen uses for a simple cd like that. I mean, imagine that Anonymous never existed. Imagine Tory never left scientology, Bunker never protested, that scientology shut down ARS, that Lerma and Fishman never leaked any documents. Imagine the ideal world for scientology. I want us to have a CD that would terrify the COS in such a world. The kind of CD that spreads, that everyone wants becuase it's forbidden, that spreads like a virus.

    Thankfully, we don't live in that world. Thankfully we have all the critics, we have Anonymous, we have a number of things working to undermine the evils of the COS. But I don't see why that means we shouldn't put together such a CD anyhow.
  8. K3vin Member

    Re: Time to compile!

    The only thing we've found that's blocking that idea is the image we've been portrayed as: Hackers. Plus, it would be easy for a Scientologist to slip a CD with a virus into our pile, thus ruining that whole thing once word gets out that we've passed a virus on an innocent person.

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