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    Re: Timeline?

    This thread would be a great place to steer those who are far from any Cof$ tentacle.

    Also, pooks, that link brings up a page with a lot of errors for me. The timeline on the right side appears OK. I'm using Opera 9.63 build 10476, FWIW.
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    Re: Timeline?

    It pushes a lot of work of being a pocket Wiki on to client-side Javascript, and works best with Firefox 3.x, followed by 2.x, then IE, and after that, not so best.

    The most likely error is that the javascript times-out while loading. Just tell it "yes, continue" or "no, don't stop" (depending on browser), as many times as it needs. (It eventually gets there even on a Pentium 1 166MHz.)

    And there's always the flat HTML version without the index links or references to paste to Wikipedia.
    FrontCite list of media articles on Scientology and related groups
  5. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Re: Timeline?

    No dialog boxes occur. It eventually displays an error-riddled page with this at (pretty much) the top:

    "Problems were encountered loading plugins. See PluginManager for details"

    I can do the screen cap thing if need be.

    That works fine.
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    Re: Timeline?

    FrontCite - The truth shall make you Freep!

    Try that
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