Tinfoil Rant: Is Scientology Spreading the Katie Homes Jamie Foxx Rumors?

Discussion in 'Celebrity News' started by wolfbane, Jun 28, 2016.

  1. wolfbane Member

    Rant: The Jamie Foxx + Katie Holmes bullshit has been going on for YEARS now, with absolutely NO PROOF or even a teaspoon of semi-rational speculation behind it for a long time. IMO, it has gotten so freaking ridiculous that it is beyond far-fetched, and has entered the bat shit crazy realm that is demeaning to both actors who appear to be the type of celebs who cherish their privacy and have the grace to NOT rail against the unfair attention they get. /rant

    Now here comes the tinfoil part, mostly because I just spotted a Katie Holmes + Matthew Perry spree of tabloid drek and I thought "FINALLY! Katie gets treated the same as TC with the tabs hyperventilating over a fabricated co-star conspiracy theory rather than dragging Jamie Foxx into it!!!"

    Tinfoil: This bullshit line of repetitive Jamie+Katie tabloid frenzy has gotten so bad, it is almost as if somebody with a cold war 1950s racist mentality has an axe to grind against one or both of them, and who thinks an intra-racial affair is a really bad thing in this day-n-age making it the ultimate revenge smear. (DERP!) /tinfoil

    Idea: Then it hit me, if this Katie+Jamie crap is simply fabricated bullshit on the part of the tabloids having nothing else to clickwhore so they reach for the easy pickin' trash, then why not try to flip the false narrative and blame it on Scientology spreading revenge-driven lies! After all, the tabs don't even bother making psuedo-sense out of the claim anymore, they just run with it like a drugged up hamster on a wheel who can't get off.

    In comparison, alleging Scientology is spreading those lies to the tabloids actually does make a little sense and it isn't that big of a reach. Also, it is a claim that could be circumstantially provable. And circumstantial evidence would be far more convincing than the hot air keeping the Jamie+Katie nonsense alive.

    Whether it's true or not a Scientology black pr revenge plot is the source of the Jamie+Katie conspiracy theory is beside the point. After all these years of pushing this cock-n-bull story with not even a photo to back it up, there is obviously some degree of media-desperation driving the headlines that needs fed. So the point is, let's feed it! Let's use this thread to gather some counter-bullshit bullshit and make it an easy reach for celebutard bullshit to beget some lulz worthy bullshit that actually does some good. /idea

    I hate the scilon celebfaggotry stuff, but giving credit where it is due - the Katie/Suri escape from Scientology significantly leveled up the game of raising awareness and interest in the cult's abuses. It took things to a whole new level and more than justifies a little trolling of the tabloids to give Katie/Jamie some cover or at least a well deserved break from fending off the nonsense.

    Useful Speculation: Remember when Will and Jada Smith's Scientology-connection was still strong, and every time the cult was taking a beating in the press for something scandalous, suddenly some Will+Jada sex life retread story would pop up and derail the Scientology attention into useless bullshit? Similarly, we've seen a pattern with other cult celeb trash reporting stories conveniently pop up in the tabloids whenever Scientology is getting kicked to the curb, with the Smiths merely being the most recent long term pattern of celeb bait distraction.

    Ever since it became known that Will and Jada are NOT scientologists, walla - the crazy sex life stories have STOPPED. And <drum roll> I've been noticing a possible pattern that the Jamie+Katie stories might just be the new go-to bullshit story to dilute GoogleNews feed for keyword=Scientology when the chips are down for our favorite cult. /speculation.

    Ammo Wanted: I propose we use this thread to start tracking ^^That theory, and see if we can nail down a trace-able pattern and document any other turd of celeb-friendly trash we can find to support the counter-bullshit claim that Scientology is spreading the Foxx+Holmes stories as an act of revenge against Katie for making them look so bad.

    Here's a good sauce for just flat out debunking the claim, we need moar of these:

    I also remember seeing a TMZ video a few years back where Jamie comes across as honest, worn out and worthy of sympathy as he tells the paparazzi there is no truth to the claim they've been pushing for several years at that point in time. I need to find that and repost ITT.

    Tony Ortega has also dropped mention somewhere along the line of having intel on Scientology actively involved in feeding the tabloids info because mainstream media no longer listens to them. Digging this reference up would also be a worthy addition to this thread.

    I'll also take some time when I get a chance to backtrack through the most recent iterations of the Jamie+Katie bullshit making the faux headline rounds, and add some tracking/comparison notes to this thread on which outlets are pushing it and what other legit Scientology dirt is getting buried during that same time period.

    ^^That will give us a basis for a timeline of sorts. It will also be interesting to see if the outlets pushing the Jamie+Katie lies are the same outlets quick to jump on the Scientology expansion blowjob stories surrounding the ribbon cutting promo events. Any halp on this front, for the lulz, would be appreciated.
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  2. My opinion, OP, is that they would do so at their own peril.

    Katie Holmes is kryptonite to them and to Tom Cruise. That's a war they're just as happy to have over, because they lost. Badly. It would not be in their interest to resume hostilities.

    Just my opinion. I have as little hard evidence to go on as OP does. The persistent rumors about Foxx and Holmes are indeed curious - I don't think I've seen many photos of them out together, and certainly none recently.
  3. jamie-foxx-katie-holmes-romance-cfmp-lead.jpg

  4. wolfbane Member

    When TC sued Bauer over the InTouch story about him abandoning Suri, during his deposition Bauer hammered him about his legal team planting the crazy Nazi story in TheWrap.

    The Tom Cruise Smear Machine: Accusations From His Deposition You Haven’t Heard
    3/11/2013 Tony Ortega

    (Not the scilons feeding tabloid scum reference I was thinking of, but it fits the new counter narrative and I'm still searching for the other mention)


    DOX show both sides were accusing each other of feeding the tabloids, based on the emails Radar got copies of. TC's team was loosing their damn minds over the fact that Katie became the darling of the paps after leaving him. They had their own tabloid conspiracy theory running wild long before the Bauer lawsuit was filed.

    Inside Tom & Katie’s Divorce War: Leaked Emails Reveal 'Team Cruise' Accused Holmes Of Smears, Dirty Tricks… And Having A Hotline To The Paparazzi
    Nov 8, 2013 By Amber Ryland, Dylan Howard & Jen Heger

    In light of the fact the paps STILL love her 4yrs later and have never landed any discrediting dirt on her, kinda makes the tired old Jamie claim eve more suspect imo. Especially since they live on different coasts.
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  5. wolfbane Member

    Ahh yes, the August 2013 charity event they both attended and hung out together. Something old friends tend to do, especially after one of them just went through a hellish ordeal wrapped up in a divorce in the wake of an escape after years of living with a control freak weirdo cultie.

    Debunked, in short order, and is the oldest archived entry under Foxx's name spanning over 6 pages of deflated false claims on GossipCop that are nearly ALL about Katie+Jamie.

    Katie Holmes & Jamie Foxx Are “Hooking Up,” Claims Webloid
    August 28th, 2013 By Michael Lewittes

    And the two never appeared in public together again.
  6. wolfbane Member

    Thanks! That is more recent than I remembered it being. But here's da shite...
    Comparing their imdb profiles, I see no overlap with Zuiker, yet. In fact, I see no animation projects credited to Zuiker whatsoever aside from a video game in 2003. So either this project hasn't come together yet, or it got scrapped.

  7. EXCLUSIVE: Claudia Jordan Says She 'Misspoke' About Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes Dating: 'I've Never Seen Them Together'
    June 21, 2016

    “I have no knowledge of Jamie with Katie at all,” the reality star exclusively told ET’s Kevin Frazier. “I've never seen them together, he's never told me he's dating her.”

    Other places repeating the story clarify Jordan is an employee of Jamie Foxx and has worked with him since launching his comedy channel on Sirius in 2007.
  8. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Meh -- unless you're right.
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  9. wolfbane Member

    Definitely a meh. But I'm still going to document useful bits for making the argument that it is possibly just for the hell of it. And for the lulz. Sooner or later, the tabloid desperation driving this crap through the revolving door of clickwhoring headlines might just lead to this thread and some moronic outlet could run with it. Or not. At the very least, this thread will stand as a humorous exercise of showing why it is silly to take the Katie+Jamie claim at face value after all these years with no confirmation.
  10. Simple tin foil theory - Tom Cruise's inbred crazy and anything related to it historically made the tabloids a fuckton of money. The 2012 Katie divorce stories made the tabloids a fuckton of money.

    Who cares if someone is feeding the tabloid beasts? They definitely don't because (all together now) they make a fuckton of money.
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  11. Isn't miscegenation considered a "sin" in Scientology?

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