TL;DR of Cananon meeting this week.

Discussion in 'Active Projects' started by PresidentShaw, Apr 10, 2012.

  1. PresidentShaw Member

    Here are the highlights of this week's irc meeting.

    Meeting Agenda:

    -What should the operation to get laurie Hawn to accept his own debate challenge be named?

    -Possibility of a Real life raid to accompany the op, to get public visibility.

    - Flyer raids, writing down website address on money,

    -PR re: Laurie Hawn Jake Daynes's video Coordination.

    -Should we work with pirate party? Is it ok to have jake daynes go public to debate Mr Hawn?

    - Maybe use green face guy or another anon culture related image than the guy fawkes to make us stand out from anonops etc as a collective?


    Agreed upon points during meeting:

    1.AnonShaw will write up a flyer for the op, notbanksy will make it pretty.
    2.Gather questions from canadians and hand them to jake for debate. (make a page where they can submit those on )
    3. LAURIE HAWN HAS CHALLENGED YOU TO A DEBATE, DID YOU KNOW? (possible title for flyer)
    4.Possible hashtags #LaurieHawnWantsToKnow #TickTockLaurieHawn #internettaliban #AskLaurieHawn #BlackHawnDown
    5. Might start using green face man @ protests and as a symbol instead of g fawkes, to stand out from other anon ops that are not what we do.
    6. Op name suggestions: Black Hawn Down ,
    7. Possible meeting on parliament hill
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  2. anonNFLD Member

    i am now part of this thread
  3. Anonymous Member

    I am now watching this thread
  4. AnonTesla Member

    That was a great meeting, glad I participated !!!

    Let's keep up the good work Canada/CanAnon

    (Edit note: Fixed for AnonShaw)
  5. PresidentShaw Member

    Yes, let's
  6. moarxenu Member

    Oh, Canada!
  7. kittypark Member

    i approve of this message :)
  8. veravendetter Member

  9. Good luck Canadia!
    Would you let me know if good olde Laurie ever gets the balls to show up on #cananon.
    Would like to be witness to the ass raepin'.
  10. Anonymous Member

    This thread gives me the hawn.

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