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Discussion in 'Protest Advice' started by حمید, Jun 24, 2009.

  1. حمید Member

    What more is needed to be convinced of what not? Have not enough been tried? What else are remained to be tried?

    Ado ado ado so much ado
    Why ado not a do
    Not to do do a do
    If a do which ado
    Love a do no ado
    Love ado do a do
    Do a Do Do a Do
  2. Without a positive degree of accuracy i will not articulate upon the subject.
  3. حمید Member

    The need of being secure in society which is indeed meant to be differentiated from animals has continuously resulted by deep thoughts in fundamental principles to ensure society continuous development. The current situation in Iran is result of conflicts between those accepted deep thoughts as culture. An election performed based on a selection violated thus every individuals thought violated. What other deep thoughts ensures society continuous development if it is not questioning the roll of those spiritually responsible?
  4. reform Member

    keep your private thoughts anon

    hameed, you are approaching this too deeply. either do or love or go.

    my brother picked love and returned from USA university to enter iran/iraq war -- big dummy.
  5. حمید Member

    It is unfortunate that solutions are thought through means of sufferings. Is this to be considered a Nobel culture nationally or a Noble quality internationally? Inability to find peaceful means is sufficient and enough to be considered as an improper leader for whom what other means cannot be proper?

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