to Iran's citizens: we are with you

Discussion in 'Iran' started by Unregistered, Jun 16, 2009.

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  1. America's citizens are with you. Sadly our pathetic government is failing to act accordingly. May Iran's citizens persevere through this obvious tyranny! Freedom & Liberty for all mankind!
  2. Actually we ARE the government. The people of the US are the government. And we are acting. Just the people who like to play with our tax money and pretend to be important are doing nothing. Fuck them. Go Iranians, you can do this! We did this over 200 years ago, and now it is your turn. Freedom for all!
  3. STFU, the American government would love to barge in and spread their bullshit but they shouldnt be involved at all in this. The American people can help thats good, but fuck your government.
  4. Craig Member

    Many Americans support your freedom.
  5. Nihad Subasic Member

    I believe that this is up to the American people, we must take matters into our own hands regardless of our government just as you in Iran are. We are fighting alongside you in every front. mentally, and Physically.
  6. The government is doing the right thing at least for now. I am betting all that I have that if US government is involved with this election (supporting Mousavi or condemning the election), Ahmad and Khamenei will use it AGAINST these people (eg: branding them proxy of the west)
  7. You have my support from Toronto!

    People should never fear their government, the government should fear us!!
  8. They do. Why else do they keep trying to go after our guns. Or pocket knives.

    Somewhere in DC some politician is having nightmares over all this, who would think that in this day an age, people can get so pissed off with their government that they would risk life and limb for change. They need to understand, they push too far, it could happen here, and unlike Iranian citizens, we have the guns to back it up. And there is no question where our military would stand.
  9. Adam503 Member

    Today... solidarity with the protesters

    Tomorrow... a toast, then a big argument over whether it's "football" or "soccer" ;)

    Stay safe, everyone.
  10. OP here, I wasn't saying the US should intervene militarily. By failing to act I was alluding to the fact that the US government has failed to provide clear endorsement of our supposed core values in this case: freedom, liberty, democracy, etc.

    Bottom line: The voice of the Iranian people was not heard. The US should clearly denounce this unilaterally with the rest of the free world.
  11. I am American, it does not matter whether we support the the freedom of the Iranians to our government. The way our government would handle it would be vastly different and contrary to how we would have wanted our country's involvement to be. Good luck Iranians, and just so you know, I support freedom for everyone. I am a man of God, and may God bless you. Best of luck.
  12. Just because it got fucked up after it was built doesn't mean the building itself wasn't a good one.
  13. the Jews are with you too, even if the mods on this board don't want to hear it
  14. Video Gamer Member

    I'm surprised at the amount of useless chatter going on in this thread.
    Guys, take your discussions on the US government out of here. This thread is meant to be as a kind of "Our hopes are with you!" to the Iranians. This thread isn't really doing anything, I know that. But at least we can make this one great big "Hey, guys, we really feel for you" card. Don't smudge it up with your arguments. Take those into another thread.
    Or another forum.

    Anyway, I'm with you, Iranians. Unfortunately, I can't do much more than spread the word. But I wish I could be there.
  15. Sol Mann Member

    We want to hear messages of support, we just don't want immature ones. This is one of your first posts that I don't feel compelled to expunge.

    Please try and grow up.
  16. spenceteeth Member

    Post your well wishes for Iran and it's people here.

    It is now we stand together and unite. Let this be the effect for their cause.
    This is not an attack on race or religion but much more like an attack of the most important part of civilization, LEADERSHIP. May the blood of the innocents that are listed on the pages haunt there aggressors with glimpses of there beautiful afterlife and nightmare of there eternal demise for what they did.

    Stand now, stand strong, fear nothing but God and God will stand with you. Whatever God you pray for it doesnt matter because in the end he is YOUR god. We the people of the internet must make these voices heard.

    I will stand with you.

    Hopefully, if needed; you will stand with me.
  17. How pathetic that some can't post in an "Iran citizens: we are with you" thread without spouting their own low-brow political views. I for one stopped in this thread for what the title let the brave opposition in Iran know that they have my support and prayers. You earned the change you're being denied and don't think that the world doesn't know it.
  18. The U.S. Lost the ability to interfere 56 years ago....

    After hearing so many voices about how we, the United States, should interfere AGAIN
    in the sovereign country of Iran's affairs, i have come to a much different conclusion:

    We have become the interfering meddling generally no-nothing parent/in-law you have
    come to righteously hate, and lost our ability to proactively be involved in any way
    in your country and your destiny.

    I'm sorry.
    We f-ed up a long time ago.

    And some of us don't know when to shut up and back off.

    I think I can safely assume that our best intentions are no longer relevant.

    You have heard nothing but "Gee, we're just doing what we think is best for you" for years,
    and I would, in your shoes, have tuned that out completely.

    "Our best intentions" have ended up being your worst obstacles to finding your way in the western world in a Democracy YOU should be forging alone and without interference.

    In my life, I have yet to meet an Iranian born or Iranian American person that was anything but freedom loving kind, thoughtful and compassionate,
    And, I must admit, well educated to the maximum their personal situation could allow.
    I have felt the Iranian people to be among the most wonderful on the planet.

    It is beyond me and before my time how we -the U.S. - felt we had the temerity to erect
    the "Peacock Throne" and then continue to not learn the lesson of that grand debacle for
    two generations now.

    So my best wish is:
    That our - the U.S. - CURRENT ACTIVE leadership back the hell off as we have,
    and let YOU - IRAN - determine your own future; determine how YOU will create YOUR own
    democracy/government that best serves YOU and YOUR aspirations.

    We in the west have never quite understood the nature of the democracy you have forged.
    Blindly then we have operated on some terribly misplaced need to make your world like ours. I suppose there are still many in the world that fear what they do not understand.

    At best,then, I can only respectfully ask that the voices you hear from the west offering to interfere once again are just misplaced concern as in the past and it need no response.

    I have come to recognize then that any position we take in support of any specific outcome or challenge mayy in fact be taken as the MOST negative endorsement.

    Please be safe and kind to one another.
    You've earned the right and privilege to pursue your own destiny.
    You have my respect. You have my promise to back the heck off!

    Los Angeles, Ca.
    born 1953
  19. The value of bearing witness

    I think the most useful thing people who are safe and comfortable can do is take advantage of that relative safety to be witnesses and be supportive...first, so the people in danger know they aren't alone, and secondly (even more important) so the government knows everyone is watching. They are locking down communications and the media and trying to keep information from getting out for a *reason,* and that reason is that they don't want witnesses. Every person who insists on being a witness makes the job of the people who are trying to suppress dissent that much harder. It doesn't seem like much individually, but it adds up to a lot.

    I'm paying attention.
  20. The only marxist in Indiana is with you! Freedom is mearly privilage extended, unless enjoyed by one and all.
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