TO: Mosey Rathbun files multi-million dollar lawsuit against CoS for harassment

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by rickybobby, Aug 21, 2013.

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    OK, I'm starting to get worried now. He posts over 9000 times all day until lunchtime, and then nothing until 8PM? He'd better have gotten a dinner date with a Cowboys cheerleader.
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    He might be cross-checking his material with other attendees, so a delay isn't surprising imo.
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    Ya think he was transposing his written notes since he wasn't allowed to have the laptop in the courtroom?
  10. Oh god, to be present in that court room or have video would be a fapalalooza
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    How did the scions know Mosey and Marty were trying to have a baby? Miscavige is in charge of everything in the cult, it's a guilty pleasure hearing his high priced attys explain how he is not involved.
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    Just caught up on Mosey's testimony. I feel soiled just reading it. I am also taken by the line of questioning that is so eerily similar to the tact the trolls here take, or at least push. Did Miscavige want these questions? Are they somehow going to prove that they deserved to be harrassed?
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    Yeah, they push the limit of creepy.
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    they surpase Anons by their on the ground private eye sleaze bags
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    What a great day!
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    It has got to be exhausting TO, but thanks for posting. Fuck the cult.
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  17. and than tomorow

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    Hey COB, Everyone has your balls. Go hide some more. Pathetic scarebaby.
    Wuss. Word clear it.
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    Ray Jeffrey then put up a slide showing that the Squirrel Busters had leased a house that gave them a direct view of the Rathbun house. They had later leased another house just down their block. And they had inquired about three other properties surrounding them.
    Monique said that one of them would have given them a direct view of their bedroom window.

    Jeffrey then showed more footage of the Squirrel Busters, bringing her attention in particular to Ralph Gomez, a local former cop who she described as their muscle. At some point, she testified, he had called her a bitch.

    And how did it make her feel, with the Squirrel Busters outside her home, filming every day for 199 days?
    “Like I feel today. Nauseous. Shaking.”
    One day, she got a sex toy in the mail at her work. After she’d had a day off, she came in and it was sitting on her desk, in a Fedex box.
    Then, another day she was out of the office, some flowers arrived for a receptionist, and they included a note with a suggestive message, supposedly from Monique.
    “How do you explain something like that to your coworkers and your peers? How do you do that?” she asked.
    At some point, Marty and Monique escaped the madness of the Squirrel Busters with a trip to Arizona. (Marty had been to LA, and Monique met him in Prescott, Arizona.) They had a week of escape, and Monique was happy to finally be away from the madness. Then they went to the Phoenix airport to fly home, and suddenly they were surrounded by church operatives, with Jim Lynch getting in her face, asking her questions about her father..

    “It crossed a line for me,” Monique said, and we only wish we could convey the contempt in the sound of her voice.
    “Jim Lynch was standing there, asking whether my dad had hypnotized me to get Mark to attack the church.”
    I feel gross I do.
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  21. I love you Anonymous don't feel bad
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    This is why

    Sorry, someone had to say it.
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    I'll say it, too.

    This is why.
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    Is there any evidence that the Church of Scientology International ever trespassed on your property? (No.) Have you seen any photos from the camera that was mounted behind your house? (No.) Do you know if that camera ever took any photos of you inside your house? (No.) Did the Squirrel Busters every trespass on your property? (No.) After they left in September 2011, did anyone else ever trespass on your property? (No.) Did you ever see any photos taken by the cameras in the house on your block in Ingleside on the Bay? (No.)
    At this point, however, Les asked if after the Squirrel Busters had left, there were consequences for people who visited them, and Monique said yes, there were. And she got in that people who visited them were then questioned by Jim Lynch or other church agents. We think Les walked into that one a bit.
    And then it happened again. Previously, when Jeffrey was questioning her, he had tried to ask her about harassment of her father, but Strieber had objected, calling it hearsay. But now, on his own cross-examination, Strieber had opened the door by asking about harassment that people she knew were getting after the Squirrel Busters had left, and she said yes, in December 2012, her father had been harassed — something she had not been able to get in when Jeffrey was questioning her.
    That’s months after the Squirrel Busters had disappeared, and when her father was still recovering from a heart transplant. Again, Les seemed to walk into that one.
    (One more section coming — have patience!)
    More from Les: Were you ever physically assaulted? (No.) Do you believe that people should have the right of free expression?
    At this point, a reporter I won’t name leaned over and said to me, “Oh, here comes the irony.”
    Does Marty write on his blog every day? (No.) Is the blog available for people to read every day? (Yes.) Is the majority of what he writes anti-Scientology, or anti-Church of Scientology? (No.) Is there anti-Scientology material on the blog? (Yes.)

    Are you on the blog? Huh? Are there pictures of you on the blog? (Yes.)

    At this point, the Scientology team put up Marty’s blog on a big screen in the courtroom. Les pointed to a link on Marty’s blog that said, “News about Monique.” He asked his colleague, Lamont Jefferson, to click on it.
    And it led to…

    At this point, when Les Strieber then began hyperventilating about what the hell “The Underground Bunker” was, and who this Ortega character was, frankly, we were so busy grinning like we’d swallowed Les Strieber’s tie we forgot to write anything down.

    Right there, in a Texas courtroom, the Church of Scientology was trying to make it look like Monique Rathbun was some kind of evil collaborator because your proprietor was so darned quick to get a story up about her lawsuit and beat the rest of the world’s press.
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    Sorry^^ from TO.
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  27. The better it gets.....the better it gets.....

    Slappy is not happy. Jack Daniels is the only one listening to him.
  28. And Jim
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    It's OK. We already read it on Tony's blog. :)
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    They asked Mosey:
    "Did you ever see any photos taken by the cameras in the house on your block in Ingleside on the Bay?

    She said (No.)"

    Although it may not be photos or footage taken from the cameras "in the house". (do they mean the rented house? did she see any photos that were taken from within that house?)
    If you go on Youtube there is a video with footage and stills from Ingleside Bay.
    It is the whoismartyrathbun channel
    Plus they list the Whoismartyrathbun DOT come there too.

    Maybe someone should copy this before OSA yanks it?
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  32. Guaranteed these 'spirits' are in the Alcoholic Asthmatic Dwarf's liver:
    Bruichladdich 17yo
    Glendronach 15yo
    Glen Garioch 21yo
    Glengoyne 21yo
    Glenlivet 1976
    Signatory bottling Glenmorangie 15yo
    Johnnie Walker Gold
    King of Scots 25yo
    Ledaig 20yo
    Linkwood 17yo, Adelphi bottling
    Robbie Dhu 12yo

    William Grant’s 21yo

    The Maniacal Midget should be clearing the liver.
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    /get gotten.
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    paging Open Comments.
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    He's mostly a Macallans 25 drinker. Though it would be wise for him to begin dialing that back some if he hasn't already.

    Something just a little simpler so as to prepare his palate for the raisin hooch that he'll ultimately have to settle for.
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    I wondered why you were bawling about the time lag. Sorry mate, don't read from the end of the thread backwards tmo.
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    Somewhere in Texas, maybe 12 of 15 Lawyers are drinking and making fun of a certain cult leader. Cause he is a joke, just like LRH.
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