TO: Mosey Rathbun files multi-million dollar lawsuit against CoS for harassment

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by rickybobby, Aug 21, 2013.

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    No need to be sorry. I want my om noms and I want them noa.
    Call me impatience.

    Thanks. I'll go do other things to distract myself...
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    In response to Mike Rinder's declaration, we get Chris Mann explaining:
    I like Brian's response:

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    Mike Rinder Texas Declaration

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  4. wolfbane Member


    From Pg 39-40:

    (OCR may not be perfect, I'm tired)

    5. During my service as the Chief Officer, 1 witnessed Captain Miscavige personally spell out what
    was to be said to an FSO client in a counseling session. The client was Lisa McPherson. Mr.
    Miscavige was watching Lisa McPherson receive a counseling "session" through a closed circuit
    TV/Audio feed. While watching this feed, Miscavige stated that Lisa McPherson,s comments in
    that session showed she had achieved a mental state, known within Scientology, as "Clear".
    After Lisa McPherson's counseling session ended David Miscavige hand-wrote a series of
    questions for Lisa's next counseling appointment. Miscavige's instructions were a lead-up to,
    and a statement acknowledging Lisa McPherson as having achieved the Scientology "State Of
    Clear". In Lisa McPherson's next counseling appointment (the next day) she was read, word for
    word, the questions/statement penned by David Miscavige. Over the next several months Ms.
    McPherson had, what appeared to be, a mental break-down. Though counseling someone with
    mental illness was strictly against Hubbard's policy for the Flag Service Organization Ms
    Mcpherson was subsequently roomed in the Church owned Fort Harrison Hotel in Clearwater FL
    and was counseled daily. Miscavige's RTC Reps directly supervised and controlled the manner
    and method of Ms Mcpherson's counseling program. I was made aware that Miscavige's
    Representatives sent Miscavige a daily report as the RTC Reps would ask for information
    required to be included in the reports to Miscavige. Ultimately, Ms. McPherson died on FSO


    /SALUTE Mr. Jason

    I haven't gotten anywhere near Rinder's yet. But I seriously doubt he can top this.
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  6. Good lord, so many words . . .
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    Note for those short on time, there is a HUGE chunk of the Debbie Cook hearing transcript shoehorned into these dox that can be skipped if you've seen those hearing videos. It's the last1/3rd of part 1 and the beginning of part 2. Once removed/skipped, there is only 65pages total to read.
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  8. I knew I should have done the assigned reading back when it was due :(
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  9. muldrake Member

    Most of this stuff that isn't direct details of the case is stuff known to most critics already. The "news" is that Mike Rinder is actually saying it. Other than the declarations, the main matters of interest are the transcripts.

    My main gripe is why did they use sans-serif fonts for declarations? Yeah, I know that's nit-picky but that's terrible on the eyes when you print it out on paper, which is how the court will receive it. I think most of them are in Arial or some other horrible Microsoft creation.

    tl;dr on Rinder's contribution: L. Ron Hubbard said some bad things and Scientologists sometimes do bad things because L. Ron Hubbard told them to do bad things. Not exactly news to anyone here, but one hopes it will be to the court.
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    With all due respect, I certainly read Rinder specifically spelled out Miscavige's direct control over everything and anything Miscavige wanted to control, particularly PR interests about himself. This is a huge testimony supporting Mosey's allegation that Miscavige was the head honcho against her in Texas.
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  11. muldrake Member

    Agreed on that, that's my "direct details of the case" takeaway. I was more interested in seeing Mike Rinder actually be directly critical of Hubbard himself. What DM did is a lot more important on the jurisdiction issue. Arguably, the trust is nothing but a slush fund personally used by DM. If it is basically a sham, it shouldn't destroy diversity. I'll think about that and read the rest of this stuff.
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  12. Random guy Member

    There is some very interesting bits about the FBI investigation in there. The FBI appear to have been interested in Brousseau, and ended up escorting Rinder off a plane with a number of clams tailing him to prevent a meeting. What make this stand out is that it can actually be verified, as it involves other people outside of this case. Very interesting indeed!
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  13. JohnnyRUClear Member

    This stuff is significant.

    Now, here are a few tidbits from Rinder's doc which stood out to me.


    Imagine the Olympian armory of smoking guns in there....

    Has this been explained before and I just never "got it" until now? Because I definitely never understood this until MR just explained it here. I just had a "light bulb" moment. I know this has been known by others, like Brennan, for a while, so I'm curious if it's been explained this clearly already.

    Yes indeed, The Micro Manager! :D
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  14. Anonymous Member

    This has been explained before. The history stems from the creation of the Sea Org to its direct usurping of control of the wider organisation. See, for example, the 82 mission holder's conference where the Sea Org moves in and takes it all over – something Miscavige himself was front and centre of:
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  15. muldrake Member

    It is actually the most vastly important thing about Scientology's corporate structure. Corporations like CST, that officially "own" Scientology, basically have rubber-stamp Boards of Trustees. Guess what you have to be to get on the CST Board?

    "e. A person who is an ordained Scientology minister, in good standing pursuant to those
    principles set forth in the Scriptures;"

    Guess who decides who's in good standing?

    Guess what you have to be to remain on the Board?

    "In addition to each of the foregoing requirements, and notwithstanding each Trustee's having
    attained all of the qualifications enumerated above, each Trustee's continued service as a Trustee
    shall be dependent upon such Trustee's continued study and/or auditing or the receipt of auditing
    for an average of not less than 12-1/2 hours per week. For example, if a Trustee should be away
    from his post for two weeks, he would be required to make up the 25 hours of time lost by
    increasing the number of study/auditing hours during the balance of the six-month period."

    Guess who decides whether you receive auditing and training?

    There's also a clause allowing Trustees to resign and a long-standing belief that DM has, in fact, signed, undated resignations from anyone in any position of importance in the corporate structure (with some exceptions related to the IRS settlement, the tax lawyers comprising the Special Directors and I will note that some theorize they actually run the whole thing but I do not believe this is consistent with what I know about the behavior of the organization).

    So (*) has the One Ring to Rule Them All.

    The "ecclesiastical" position he holds entitles him to do so. An interesting question would be what the legal implications of a coup within the Sea Org itself would be. I think it would be a genuine clusterfuck
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  16. Anonymous Member

    FTFY. I suspect any coup would come from ASI or similar.
  17. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Interesting, but long article is long. What was new here is the brevity and clarity of what Rinder just said. He boiled it all the way down and the light bulb finally lit up for me.

    Here's another metaphor.

    Imagine a circuit board with components embedded into it. Their contacts are available to circuitry on both sides. On one side is the complex corporate structure with all the scads of different organizations, officers within each one, complicated relationships between them, compartmentalization, deniability, etc. etc. On the other side, each officer is wired directly into the Sea Org and Miscavige is its Maximum Leader. Now imagine that a signal coming in on the second side automatically supersedes anything on the first side, and I think you've got the idea.
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  19. Anonymous Member

    Needs moar brevity and clarity.
  20. JohnnyRUClear Member

    It's not easy to do. That's why I was impressed with Rinder's explanation.

    If I could do graphic illustration, I'd have a way to show you what I'm envisioning. Sadly, though, ISCOHB.
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    heatin' up
    brb marshmallows
  22. Are you referring to the Mosey Court Case or the Succinct and Lucid Metaphor Challenge?
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  24. overhere Member

    I feel like all of the tl;dr were things I already knew so I'm feeling a little let down. :/
  25. JohnnyRUClear Member

    I'm not, because these are the things the judge needs to know.
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  26. Random guy Member

    Brousseau's affidavit is also worth a read. He details the "blow drills" quite nicely, and his description of what goes on in the Hole and how it relates to Miscavige's position in the chain of command is interesting. Some of this is new, some of it is just explained in explicit and coherent ways.

    BTW, has Brousseau spoken out before?
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    5 days to go...
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  30. We almost need a little advent calendar for this. One with pictures of cats we open every night before bed with some kind of truffely chocolate goodies behind each door.
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    Why would I want a calendar that advertises vents?

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  33. it's coming Davey... you're sailing your last ship, Little Napoleon

    But you know that already don't you Davey?

    tick tock tick tock

  34. I hope you were going for "Dad Humor" here.
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    Tom Cruise Scientology ‘Labor’ Scandal: Ex-Church Members Allege That They Were Ordered To Work For The Star In New Court Files

    By Radar Online staff

    The besieged Church of Scientology is facing yet another explosive assault as former members of the organization make new allegations about the church’s most famous enthusiast, Tom Cruise.

    According to affidavits recently filed by fifteen ex-Scientologists, church members allege that Cruise has profited for years from a system under which parishioners have been ordered to complete projects for the superstar. From home renovations to auto repair and personal assistant tasks, these Scientologists claim in court papers that they were told to do any number of things to keep the Church’s most prominent member happy.

    The affidavits were filed on December 3 as part of Monique Rathbun‘s lawsuit against the church and its leader, David Miscavige.


    John Brousseau, a former Sea Org member, has spoken out before about how he allegedly completed hundreds of hours of free work for Cruise. Now, he’s opening up even more about his disturbing claims.

    “In or around 2004, I was directed by Miscavige … on several occasions to do specific projects relating to Tom Cruise,” the affidavit, first published by former Village Voice columnist Tony Ortega alleges.

    Among those tasks were “a complete renovation of his home in Beverly Hills,” he claims, as well as “a similar but smaller-scale overhaul” at his home in Telluride, Colorado.

    The next year, Brousseau alleges, “I was enlisted … to oversee the construction of a large custom motorhome for Mr. Cruise over a 5 month period.” And the year after that, he says “I was also enlisted … at the direction of Miscavige to assist in the customization and construction of a special limousine for Tom Cruise.”

    On each of those projects, Brousseau has claimed, he was paid approximately $1 per hour. Marty Rathbun, another former Scientologist, reportedly corroborated his claims previously.

    The Church of Scientology and Cruise have both denied Brousseau’s statements, saying he only “consulted” on the projects.

    But Brousseau is not alone in his allegations: Another former high-ranking Scientologist, Amy Scobee, claims in her affidavit to have been ordered to complete other, entirely different tasks for Cruise.

    “Miscavige’s assistant directed me on a project to locate Scientologists for Tom Cruise’s household to cover the positions of nanny, cook, and maid,” she alleges in the court documents. “I was required to find Scientologists who could be counted upon to service Tom Cruise while remaining more loyal to the church.”

    Reportedly, Scobee has previously claimed that those same employees were then directed to report their observations of Cruise and his family back to Miscavige and the church.

    And Cruise wasn’t the only one who allegedly benefitted from Scientology’s work force. Scobee alleges that Miscavige also ordered her to “obtain a Lincoln town car for the president of another corporation, Celebrity Center International. He ordered that it be a match with another town car he purchased for the President’s Office of yet another [Scientology] corporation … in Florida.”

    Those who did not follow Miscavige’s orders were often subjected to brutal punishment in Scientology “gulags,” the court documents allege, such as being held in bamboo cages, being forced to hand-scrub sewage treatment systems, or being splashed with icy cold water, say the court papers.

    The complete article is here:
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    All I want this Christmas is for that shit to go VIRAL. :D
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