TO: Mosey Rathbun files multi-million dollar lawsuit against CoS for harassment

Discussion in 'News and Current Events' started by rickybobby, Aug 21, 2013.

  1. Nancy Beazley Member

    If Sloat has any sense at all, he will take good stock of his upside and downside in the coming litigation. He would be wise to figure out which side he really needs to be on -- for legal, as well as integrity reasons. Bert Leahy (who also had NO idea what he was getting into when Lebow hired him as cameraman for the Squirrelbusters "documentary") figured it out in record time. Maybe Sloat can, too.
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  2. Anonymous Member

    sounds like he needs to do the doubt formula :p
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  3. JohnnyRUClear Member

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  4. Anonymous Member

    SOOO, CO$ offered settlement money, are the rathburns accepting? The suspense is killing/organismming me.
  5. Anonymous Member

    Is there a basis for the settlement offer other than an unsourced anonymous statement ITT?
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  6. Anonymous Member

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  7. I don't think Dinky David Miscavige will ever settle with the Rathbuns. His vendetta against Marty is just far too personal to him. Also, I don't think the couple would agree to a Cook-style gag order... then again, everyone's got his price.

    Mine $500,000.00 US or equivalent, in case anyone's wondering ;)
  8. Random guy Member

    Not to be a spoilsport, but Leahy appears to really be a one of kind guy. He started off by going public with Rathbun to set the record straight, despite then being basically broke and out of work. From then on he has become one of the cults more obvious problems. Leahy has my undying admiration for both his integrity and persistence, but I don't think we can expect to see many people of his calibre.

    Sloat probably has some basic self-preservation traits though. If he has a mediocre of intelligence, he'll carefully consider his options.
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  9. Anonymous Member

    However, I doubt watch repair/writer/excop can afford a long drawn out lawsuit. Cult ain't going to pay for his attorney. He has to have some represent him, at least if he is smart. With the way the cult likes to drag on lawsuits this thing could easily bankrupt him. I would imagine he is smart enough to turn on them to save his own skin and bank account.
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  10. rickybobby Member

    Agreed. If he is smart, he will immediately tell all he knows, apologize to Mosey, and wash his hands of it. The more you lie, the more you have to lie, and it will eventually catch up to you. I wonder what the CoS will try and use to hold over his head? Wonder if he will be offered a payoff to lie?
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  11. timthephoto Member

    "welcome to FLAG Mr Sloat, I understand you're doing a complimentary TR-L course?"
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  12. Malory Member

    Yep, I've got a lot of admiration for him.
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  13. Anonymous Member

    Herald-Tribune: Scientology leader is subject of order

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  14. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Aw, hail no, dawg.
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  15. Blog for the original Marty

    Archive for the ‘Marty Rathbun’ Category

    Constant non-Scientology-like comm-lag of Miscavology press speakers

    with 2 comments

    Dearest Marty, my hero, how are you? I am thinking of you.
    The case of Devon Newman just confirms what I am saying for many years: C of S is infiltrated by non-Scientologists. What a real Scientologist using the tonescale and other Scientology knowledge would allow a man like Brutsche in her home? Good grief! As if she couldn’t have found another room-mate! It is also weird that an alleged Scientologist shares her home with a non-Scientologist. In other words: Newman wasn’t and isn’t one.
    There are often hundreds of negative media articles that smear the name of Scientology before the many press speakers of C of S today make any statement. They rather wait for people to absorb all the negativity on Scientology.
    In the last years, I have read so often: C of S was not available for comment. Or: C of S declined any comment.
    C of S Int has at least six official press speakers, four women (don’t think DM is a misogynist) and two men. But what on Earth are these six people doing all day? What conditions are they in? Around non-existence, if you ask me.
    I understand that often a speaker has to read up or be briefed on a situation in order to make a final statement. However, most of what is going on is so clearly non-Scientology that they could make at least preliminary statements without waiting for the world to just read and soak up what plain anti-Scientology cooked up.
    If infiltrators of Scientology (non-Scientologists lying that they would be Scientologists) would not occupy each level of the Scientology orgs, their press speakers would make decent and truthful statements to the media about any and all situations concerning Scientology and not be “unavailable” and silent.
    If I would still a speaker, I would say:
    “The Sovereign Citizen Movement has nothing whatsoever to do with Scientology. Its mission, goals, and activities are anti-Scientology. Our religion does not tolerate terror and lawlessness. Our organisations are targeted by non-Scientology infiltrators trying to entangle the religion in non-religious and even criminal activities. We work constantly to change this and ask law enforcement offices all over the world to support us in this effort. We will support and coordinate with law enforcement in solving this and any other criminal case. Scientology goal is to create a world in which good people have rights. It does not protect criminals, it doesn’t matter on which level they infiltrated the Scientology organizations.”
    And I would not just say it but also mean it and do it.
    And you too, I know this, Marty.
    Many kisses, my love. I miss you.
    Yours forever,

    Written by Barbara Schwarz
    August 24, 2013 at 2:27 pm

    Marty, why am I not surprised? Monique (Mosey) Banks Rathbun (psych daughter) and married to your impostor: a gold digger

    with 6 comments

    Hey Mosey, add me to your case! I’d like to prove more than anything that your hubby is the impostor of the original Inspector General for Ethics in Scientology, and I bet the farm that you know that! Let’s roll in the specialists who provide the expertise that your hubby is not the original Marty!
    Also stop feeding wildlife with chips. (Saw you doing this on a YouTube video!) Junk food is not good for them!
    Dearest Marty, my Prince,
    How are you?
    By constantly paying people high amounts to make them “go away”, His Cobness pulls in more and more gold diggers. Another thing that he doesn’t get. The price of freedom is being ethical and fighting back with the truth not becoming the cash cow of anti-Scientologists!
    Mosey filed a multi-million dollar lawsuit against the C of S in the District Court, 207 Judicial District, Comal County, Texas on August 16, 2013. Defendants are David Miscavige, the C of S, and two people named Steven Gregory Sloat and Monty Drake. Case no. C 2013-1082B. Her attorney is Ray Jeffrey.
    Like Ron and you, Marty, I am not motivated by cash as Mosey and her husband but this case made me aware of how many damages these people owe us.
    Mosey’s husband impostors you. It is impossible that Mosey never looked and compared photos and didn’t discover that she married your impostor.
    Mosey, her hubby, and their co-conspirators (incl. DM) are making the world believe that you are not missing. They are helping the German government to keep us actively and gruesomely apart. In an impartial court, this would mean huge damages but not for Mosey, her hubby, and their co-conspirators but rather from their pockets.
    If these both are getting cash by a judge who falls for their act (and lies), we have the right to demand it right back from them.
    Mosey’s husband never was a Scientologist. DM put a non-Scientologist on one of the highest posts in Scientology to impostor you as DM is none either. He thought it worked with Ron’s impostor, so he tried it with Mosey’s husband instead using his head that you and I will never accept this.
    Mosey’s husband infiltrated the orgs and created a false picture of Scientologists being violent. He, the non-Scientologist and former infiltrator is violent. We are not.
    David Miscavige is no Scientologist either. No real Scientologist would conceal that the founder of Scientology was impostored by agent ”Jack Vistaril”. DM hired Mosey’s husband to impostor you. Which real Scientologist would hire a non-Scientologist (Mosey’s husband) to impostor a real and ethical Scientologist (you)? EXACTLY, JUST A NON-SCIENTOLOGIST WOULD TO THAT. Besides, pretty all of the current bad PR situations, legal situations and attacks against Scientology were created by nobody else but non-Scientologist David Miscavige himself, his behaviour and wrong decisions.
    As DM is no Scientologist, Mosey (if she is entitled to any damages) should demand cash from DM personally but not Scientology. It must be emphasized that as infiltrator, DM does not just deserve the millions of Dollars of Scientology money that he put aside for himself personally; he also owes Scientology and us damages, which will not leave him with anything but a stiff prison sentence just like impostor Mosey’s husband and their co-conspirators.
    The Squirrel Busters are no Scientologists either. They played right into the hands of Mosey and her husband to help them to their “claims”. Real Scientologists do not turn the other cheek because Scientology haters will just hit them again, but they will not harass as the Squirrel Busters did and will not turn the country or even just a state or a town against Scientology.
    Here is more of my opinions about Mosey’s gold digger lawsuit:
    Mosey’s attorney Ray Jeffrey doesn’t mention in the complaint that Mosey’s husband married her providing a false date of birth to the authorities. I wonder if their marriage is valid with a false birth date of the “husband”. BTW, I never would marry a man who does not provide his correct date of birth as such a man has no true love in his mind. If he would want to protect his “beloved wife”, he wouldn’t have married her providing a false date of birth.
    In Mosey’s complaint, Ray Jeffrey does not inform the court that Mosey’s husband is not you but your impostor. I’d say that it is impossible that this attorney hasn’t heard that Mosey’s husband is an impostor and has not compared photos.
    How can a decent attorney take the case of a woman who is married to an impostor and the original is likely suffering innocent behind bars?
    It is striking that in all that alleged or real misconduct and illegal activities by DM, Mosey’s husband continues to keep it a secret that the founder was impostored and he (Mosey’s husband) impostors you. The real crimes are kept under wrap by both of them: Mosey’s husband and DM. And I bet Mosey knows it too and also keeps these acts a secret. How “law-abiding” is that?
    What rights do Mosey and her husband grant the both of us, Marty? She must know that by having her husband falsely claiming that he is you and her supporting that and him, that it is even harder for me to find you! “He is not missing” is what they are telling me, but you are missing as her hubby is NOT YOU but a freaking impostor!
    Mosey’s complaint contains falsehoods. They didn’t marry in “quiet times”. Mosey and her hubby married in 2010 (stated so by her lawyer himself) more than a year after the turmoil of the “Truth Rundown”, his interview with the St. Petersburg reporters was published, where he made once again the world wrongfully believe that he is you.
    It is also not true that Mosey did and does not speak out against Scientology. Besides accompanying her impostor husband to Germany of all Scientology hating countries, she gave an Interview to the Roast Beef Productions against Scientology that aired on ITV4 in UK before she filed this complaint and her affidavit saying that she never gave any interview.
    Tony Ortega even used a photo of Mosey while she gave that TV interview and webbed her affidavit in which she lied that she never granted an anti-Scientology interview. Unbelievable.
    I really don’t want to excuse any of DM’s actions. He belongs as little in Scientology as Mosey’s husband and Mosey. DM’s and the actions of Miscavologists (OSA) really also play into their hands.
    I don’t know if the other two people named in the complaint, Steven Gregory Sloat and Monty Drake are hired by the orgs to move in the area, but I say that there is a big chance of them working for DM. However, if they do not enter her land, if they do not install cameras on her land or within her home and just watch from a distance, she has no claim.
    If they provide her employer with false information, she would have a claim. But if these information are correct and not false, I guess she has no claim.
    Under oath, she says that she never has given interviews. That affidavit is signed on August 11, 2013, and the Roast Beef Productions interviewing Mosey aired on ITV4 UK end of June 2013. Isn’t lying under oath to a court a perjury? And how stupid is that of her saying that she never gave an Interview against Scientology when the evidence is plastered all over the Internet?
    Mosey complains in her affidavit that “Scientologists” have worked to drive a wedge between her husband and her. Apart the fact that DM and the Miscavologists are no Scientologists and her hubby never was one but is just an impostor, what is it what she and her hubby are doing to us? By having her husband impostor you, Marty, are they not working to drive a wedge between the both of us?
    I can’t say if the other claims in her complaints/affidavits are true. I don’t put it beyond Miscavige and the Miscavologists. This is not ex-Scientologists vs. Scientologists or the other way around. This is former infiltrator (and “wife”) against current infiltrator. Agents against agents and it has nothing to do with original Scientology. What I know for sure is that they are playing hand in hand, and Scientology is paying the price.
    Scientologists are never fascinated by the likes of Mosey and her husband. It is DM, the wog (pardon my French) who goes after these bores in non-Scientology ways. A real Scientologist would say: the man is an impostor, would inform the authorities and would ask the original to speak out.
    As DM has dirty hands as far as hiring Mosey’s husband is concerned and also in regards to that the founder was impostored by another impostor, both remain quietly in the background. Judges should throw the book at both sides!
    The orgs would be so much better off with real Scientologists leading Scientology. DM is pulling in one motivator after the other.
    I think Mosey is tired having to work for other people and thinks she can get rich by getting cash from the orgs. And DM is pulling such cases in because he always “pays out” instead of fighting back with the truth. He is as unimpressive as Mosey’s husband.
    We need not even detectives. We know what they did and do.
    I love you, Marty. I have the feeling the house of lying cards is coming down soon on all sides.
    And I’ll be here.
    Yours forever,

    Written by Barbara Schwarz
    August 21, 2013 at 5:50 pm
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  16. Anonymous Member

    So now OSA is threatening to kill Mosey's little Texas Hill Country deer that she feeds by hand? Is that what the above really means?


    Hey, Jeffrey -- over here. You'll want to add this to the harassment file, I betcha.

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  17. Anonymous Member

    Babbles's '10 prediction (immortalized by ED) ...

    Of course one might be a little hard pressed to find links between pychs and sovereigns but I'm sure Babbles has what it takes...
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  18. Anonymous Member

    I think Babbles has exactly what it takes to become the new Public Relations Director for the Las Vegas Ideal Morgue and Celebrity Centre. Go, Babbles!
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  19. This is brilliant, and hilarious.


    It's a brainwashed cultie getting mad!


    Expect us.
  20. The Internet Member

    Reading Babbles makes me crave Haldol and a nice nap.
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  21. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Reading Babbles makes me stop reading Babbles.
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  22. I wish all paranoid schizophrenics could be as entertaining as Babbles. She must have inherited her father's personality!!!
  23. Anonymous Member

    you go, grrl
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  24. JohnnyRUClear Member

    The voices in his head are bothering her, now?
  25. No doubt, their similar writing styles and subject matter were surely passed from father to daughter.
  26. Anonymous Member

    I was offline for a few and may have misssssed something but did this (from op) happen today?
  27. wolfbane Member

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  28. RightOn Member

    oh my!
    tower of babble
  29. The Wrong Guy Member

    Scientology Leader David Miscavige Files Declaration in Texas Lawsuit

    By Tony Ortega

    It’s not every day that we get to hear directly from David Miscavige, the leader of the Church of Scientology.

    When we see or hear his words, it tends to be in speeches that he gives to other Scientologists at church events. We also suspect that he often writes some of the public pronouncements that Scientology puts out under the name of its international spokeswoman, Karin Pouw. But words for public consumption under Miscavige’s own signature are very rare, and tend only to occur in court declarations. As far as we can tell, the last one he made was in 1999.

    And that’s why we think it’s a pretty big deal that this week, Miscavige submitted a declaration in the lawsuit filed August 16 by Monique Rathbun, a lawsuit which alleges that Miscavige and Scientology have orchestrated a four-year harassment campaign against her simply because she is married to Mark “Marty” Rathbun, who was once Miscavige’s top lieutenant before he became an outspoken critic of the church.

    Miscavige this week denied that he has anything to do with the state of Texas or the allegations in the lawsuit, and his attorneys argue that for that reason, he should be dismissed from it. And we have the docs.

    Continued with open comments at
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  30. anonamus Member

    Oh my. Ecclesiastical David Miscavige's declaration reads as if loads of popcorn is needed. Can't wait until sep. 12.
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  31. Anonymous Member

    Reposting full declaration here for lulz and for anon dissection.

    Thank you TonyO for posting.
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  32. anonamus Member

    Probably not.
    But I'm confident it will be proved that you ordered said activity which, even you David Miscavige should be able to grasp, is criminal.
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  33. Nancy Beazley Member

    So, so, so, soooo many holes bigger than Mack trucks in Davey's declaration. Yup, Davey's playing dress-up lawyer again.

    Maybe one of his real lawyers could explain to him how "I am the ecclesiastical leader of the Church of Scientology" doesn't actually absolve him of responsibility in this litigation, where the Church is accused of harassing the plaintiff.

    Calling David Lebow, Arnie Marrick, Greg Arnold, Monty Drake, Greg Sloat, and Bert Leahy to the white courtesy phone, please.
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  34. rickybobby Member

    I find this little written temper tantrum to be lulzy:

    He fancies himself in the same "ecclesiastical leader" class as the Pope, I fancy him in the same "ecclesiastical leader" class as the Rev. Jim Bakker. Or Warren Jeffs.
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  35. sallysock Member

    Funny what he doesn't say. Which entity of paid for their services? Do we know?

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  36. Anonymous Member

    Imma guess Eliot Abelson signs the PIs' checks. The question is who pays Eliot Abelson's bills?
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  37. sallysock Member

    This dribble makes me giggle. As far as I know, the State of Texas doesn't contract out to follow ex's and their wives.
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  38. DeathHamster Member

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  39. The Internet Member

    There's a Squirrel Buster video with Allender at Rathbun's door demanding to see his e-meter, due to Scientology rools about certifying e-meters or something. Right there the Church of Scientology is implicated in the Squirrel Buster phenomenon. Just show that video to the court to rebut Miscavige's "I'm head of a religion but that has nothing to do with Texas" crazy talk which I can't believe was written by an actual lawyer.
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