To my fellow soldiers [wall of text]

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    To my fellow soldiers [wall of text]

    My brothers, my sisters:

    The hour grows near. Soon we will begin in earnest the War on Scientology. Plans have been made, provisions set aside, victory assured. But please indulge me some encouraging words, because I feel that we cannot hear enough of them.


    We are Sun-Tzu’s “victorious army”, for we have secured victory first and foremost, and only now do we enter the Fray. Our great strategic “weakness” (in the strictest sense) is also our great strategic strength: the lack of a general. We, Anonymous, comprise both the general AND the fighting force, making us a unique and dangerous foe. There is no leader to strike down. “Of old, the Skillful Warrior first ensured his own invulnerability; then he waited for the enemy’s vulnerability.” Our Anonymity makes us invulnerable; Scientology’s reliance on deceit is its vulnerability.

    Remember that we do not hate Scientologists – rather, we must love them. We must love them enough to sincerely want to help them out from under the thumb of the oppressive regime they follow. They are innocent victims of their organization’s corrupt methodology. The bad guys are on a private yacht in the middle of the ocean. The Scientologists yearn for freedom as we do; they have only yet to hear the truth with open minds.

    The weapons of the enemy are darkness, deceit, fear, suppression, and hatred. Our weapons are light, truth, courage, freedom, and love. Where there is light, there can be no darkness. Where there is truth, there can be no deceit. Where there is courage, there can be no fear. Where there is freedom, there can be no suppression. Where there is love, there can be no hatred.

    “Weakness stems from preparing against attack.” Our enemy knows what we are planning, and is no doubt preparing a counter-attack. But we attack first, and force them into a defensive position; because of that we have the advantage, and we will press it.

    “Hence the saying, ‘Know yourself, and know your enemy, and victory is never in doubt, not in a hundred battles.’” We know ourselves. We know our enemy, better than he knows himself in some cases. Our victory is inevitable.

    May our enemy be wary this Tenth of February. We are coming, and we will be heard.

    To victory!

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