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    Years ago when I worked at Disney University (really) I ran a site "Today in Disney History" where I published important events for each day of the year.

    Has anyone ever done this for Co$ and all its nefarious branches? It would be cool to have a little pop-up window that would display an event or two and the year it happened.

    OK, hackers: Ready. Set. Go!
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  2. Anonymous Member

    The only one for me "remember, remember the 5th of November." Then I don my mask and enturbulate some $cilons.
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  3. Yes, the 5th of November, my favorite day to think of making Scientology History.........for good......
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  4. 223

    Today December 14th in Scientology history

    Narconon Loses Battle For Certification, Must Close
    December 14, 1991, Tulsa World

    he state mental health board Friday rejected certification for the
    controversial Narconon Chilocco New Life Center, 6-0.

    The board stayed its order seven days so officials at the drug
    treatment center can arrange an orderly removal of the 27 patients at
    the Newkirk center.

    After months of board hearings, court orders and press conferences, the
    decision puts an end to the first phase of the history of the center,
    tied to the Church of Scientology.

    Tags: Dennis Lewelling, Harry Woods, Murray Abowitz, Narconon, Narconon
    Chilocco, Oklahoma, Ray Stewers


    Narconon to appeal board's denial of certification
    December 14, 1991, Tulsa World

    "We will be appealing this decision immediately on behalf of the many
    clients in the program right now, some of whom are court-ordered from
    many parts of the country," Gary Smith, president of the Narconon
    Chilocco New Life Center, said after a 6-0 vote Friday against

    The board also voted 5-1 to stay its order denying certification for
    seven days. That would allow for the orderly removal of the clients at
    the facility, which is backed by the Church of Scientology.

    Tags: Dennis Lewelling, Duane Burgess, Gary Smith, John Chelf, Joyce
    Bumgardner, Narconon, Narconon Chilocco, Oklahoma, Oklahoma Board of Mental
    Health, Oklahoma Mental Health Department, Ray Stowers


    Narconon Turned Down for Certification, Must Close
    December 14, 1991, Wayne Greene, Tulsa World

    He admitted past troubles in the discharge planning and medical record
    keeping at the center, but said the program was basically effective and

    Citing evidence from a stack of medical journals, board member Joyce
    Bumgardner charged sauna and exercise programs at the center were being
    instituted without proper care for the possible heart damage drug abuse
    may have caused to the patients.

    Tags: Dennis Lewelling, Dwaine Burgess, Guy Hurst, Harry Woods, Joyce
    Bumgardner, Murray Abowitz, Narconon, Narconon Chilocco, Ray Stewers


    Sect Appeal: A&E Examines The Scientology Phenomenon
    December 14, 1998, Kay McFadden, Seattle Times

    Few sects are as rife with news appeal as Scientology. In its 44-year
    history, the church has been embroiled in battles with the Internal
    Revenue Service, Time magazine and a half-dozen foreign governments;
    had top members jailed for criminal activities; and lists among its
    current members John Travolta, Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman, Isaac Hayes,
    Kirstie Alley, Jenna Elfman and Mimi Rogers.

    Tags: A&E, Bill Kurtis, David Miscavige, IRS


    Tom Cruise Blasted by 9/11 Firefighters
    December 14, 2005, WENN,

    The Scientology devotee has urged emergency services victims to give up
    their medication and inhalers as part of a "purification rundown,'
    which favors sauna sessions, ingestion of cooking oil and large doses
    of niacin as cures instead.

    As co-founder of the New York Rescue Workers Detoxification Project,
    Cruise has also supported a new Scientology clinic preaching these
    remedies near the Ground Zero site.

    Tags: Detox, Purif, Tom Cruise


    Cult Watch
    December 14, 2007, Lynne Wallis, TES Magazine

    This year, it was discovered Narconon, the Scientology-linked group,
    has been invited into British schools to lecture pupils on drugs, and
    the organisation's outpost in East Grinstead - known as the Effective
    Education centre - attempts to coach mainstream teachers in some of the
    precepts of Scientology, which advocates a form of self-help invented
    by its founder L. Ron Hubbard.

    Tags: Narconon, UK


    For first time in years, mayor has opponent
    December 14, 2007, St. Petersburg Times

    The race to become Clearwater's top elected leader kicked off Wednesday
    night with the city's first mayoral forum in almost a decade.

    Former Clearwater Mayor Rita Garvey and incumbent Frank Hibbard spent
    two hours at the Clearwater Beach Recreation Center answering questions
    about the waterfront, downtown, Scientology, taxes and the Community
    Development Board.

    Tags: Clearwater, Frank Hibbard, Rita Garvey


    Valentino to Receive Grand Medaille de Paris
    December 14, 2007, Godfrey Deeny, Fashion Wire Daily

    In 2005, the medal was a source of Hollywood controversy when Anne
    Hidalgo a senior socialist politician promised in the name of Delanoe
    that the mayor intended "to be vigilant" that Tom Cruise would never
    receive the Grand Medaille due to his membership of the church
    Scientology, regarded as a cult in official French circles.

    Tags: France, Tom Cruise


    Will Smith Foundation Donated $20,000 to Scientology
    December 14, 2007, David Foxley, New York Observer

    Rumors suggesting that Will Smith is a Scientologist have been swirling
    and growing as he is seen in public more and more with Tom Cruise, a
    well-known member of the organization. There was even an item about it
    on Page Six today. But now, the likelihood that the I Am Legend star is
    in fact an L. Ron Hubbard disciple seems a bit greater. It turns out
    the Will Smith Foundation, which gives away hundreds of thousands of
    dollars to various causes, donated $20,000 to the Church of
    Scientology's home-schooling program, called the Hollywood Education
    and Literacy Program. Recently on Access Hollywood, Mr. Smith
    reiterated what he told Men's Vogue, saying, "I was introduced [to] it
    by Tom and I'm a student of world religion."

    Tags: Hollywood Education and Literacy Program, Tom Cruise, Will Smith


    Clearwater business owner focused on growth amid gloom
    December 14, 2008, Jeff Harrington, St. Petersburg Times

    L. Ron Hubbard watches over Gendusa's office.

    Actually, two photos of the Scientology founder hang on her walls amid
    marketing awards and splashy pastel artwork. Located in downtown
    Clearwater near Scientology's headquarters, PostcardMania was developed
    based in part on Hubbard's business strategems. Shelved behind
    Gendusa's desk is a multivolume set depicting Hubbard's business
    management technology.

    PostcardMania is a member of WISE, the World Institute of Scientology
    Enterprises, and up to a third of its employees are Scientologists.
    However, Gendusa isn't counting on any Scientology business network to
    ride out the recession. Those contacts, she said, account for only a
    small fraction of revenues. To grow the business anywhere near her 50
    percent goal, she's counting on other strategies.

    Tags: Clearwater, Joy Gendusa, Karla Jo Helms, PostcardMania, WISE


    Web version:
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  6. Budd Member

    Thank you for the link. I was not aware of it.
  7. Anonymous Member


    On December 17 in Scientology history

    [IMG] Lawsuit blames medical examiner December 17, 2002, Cary Davis, St. Petersburg Times

    Wood resigned in September 2000 after prosecutors blamed her for the collapse of a high-profile criminal case against the Church of Scientology. In that case, Wood originally concluded that Lisa McPherson died of complications from dehydration in 1995 after spending 17 days in the care of fellow Scientologists. She later reversed her findings, ruling that McPherson's death was an accident.

    Tags: Joan Wood,Lisa McPherson,St. Petersburg Times

    [IMG] Scientology's inland empire December 17, 2005, Rebecca Perry, Los Angeles Times

    Once a haven for Hollywood moguls, a former resort near Hemet is now a major Church of Scientology base of operations. (PDF)

    Tags: Int Base,Los Angeles Times

    [IMG] Scientology church seeks more units for hotel December 17, 2006, Robert Farley, St. Petersburg Times

    On Tuesday, the Church of Scientology will go before the city's Community Development Board to request a transfer of development rights from the site of its power plant on Court Street to the Oak Cove Building, a 13-story waterfront high-rise that the church intends to develop as a 251-room hotel for visiting Scientologists.

    Tags: Ben Shaw,Clearwater,Frank Hibbard,Real estate,Super Power,St. Petersburg Times

    [IMG] Germany's Battle Against Scientology December 17, 2007, Andrew Purvis, TIME Magazine

    The interior ministers of Germany's 16 states have launched an investigation into the activities of the Church of Scientology, hoping to assemble the evidence to support banning the U.S.-based organization from operating in Germany. But skeptics question whether such a move is politically and legally tenable — or wise.

    Tags: Germany,Ralf Stegner,Ulrike Sweden,Wolfgang Schaeuble,TIME Magazine

    [IMG] Will Smith Gives $1.3 Million to Charities December 17, 2008, Roger Friedman, Celebrity Gossip, Fox News

    He also gave a combined $122,500 to the Church of Scientology, broken into these donations: $67,500 to the New York Rescue Workers Detoxication Fund, $50,000 to the group's Celebrity Center in Hollywood and $5,000 to ABLE, another Scientology offshoot. Smith and his wife have also supported a private school called New Village Academy they opened this fall in suburban Los Angeles that uses Scientology learning concepts.

    Tags: ABLE,Celebrity Centre,Jada Pinkett-Smith,New Village Academy,New York Rescue Workers Detoxication Fund,Tom Cruise,United Artists,Valkyrie,Will Smith,Fox News

    Purged From SF Schools, Scientologists Woo Weeuns Out of State December 17, 2008, Matthew Smith, SF Weekly

    Last month, the cult — which teaches that drugs ooze out the pores in various colors, and that psychiatry is a scourge — convinced Las Cruces, New Mexico Mayor Ken Miyagishima to allow Scientology programs into schools — without informing him they were cult backed. This month, a tipster informed Miyagishima of the Scientology connection, and he canceled the program.

    However, it's unlikely New Mexico schoolchildren have seen the last of the cult. In San Francisco, Scientology infiltrated classrooms for more than a decade unnoticed because they discreetly offered their program to individual teachers, with district-wide administrators none the wiser. It took a 2005 California-government crackdown to finally drive the cult out of schools.

    Tags: Ken Miyagishima,Nanette Asimov,Narconon,New Mexico,Richard Henley,SF Weekly

    Mother Hubbard: The Scientology Celeb Centre on Buckner's Still for Sale December 17, 2008, Robert Wilonsky, Dallas Observer

    Odd timing, but in the last couple of days, two Friends of Unfair Park have inquired about the for-sale sign in front of the Church of Scientology Celebrity Centre on Buckner. Yes, it's for sale — has been since 2006, matter of fact, says Perry Jones of J&B Commercial, who's repping the 1940s manse. He tells Unfair Park this morning the property's "been under contract a couple of times" — once, with a developer who'd hoped to scrape the property and rebuild — but that would-be buyers have backed off for various reasons.

    Tags: Celebrity Centre,Dallas,Real estate,Dallas Observer

    [IMG] Scientology starts collecting bed tax when county questions why it wasn't December 17, 2010, Joe Childs, Tampa Bay Times

    Pressed by the staff of Pinellas Tax Collector Diane Nelson, the Church of Scientology agreed to start collecting the tourist tax a few months ago and pay it monthly to Nelson's office, the St. Petersburg Times has learned.

    It's a surprising reversal that will generate significant new revenue for Pinellas' tourist promotion efforts.

    But the change raises questions about another tax that Pinellas hotel guests pay � the 7 percent sales tax. Does the church now collect that tax from its guests too?

    Tags: Bed tax,Clearwater,Diane Nelson,Erin Sullivan,Fort Harrison,Gary Gray,Oak Cove,Pinellas County,Sales tax,Tourist tax,Tampa Bay Times

    Local Man Says Voice of God Led Him to Burn Historic Provo Tabernacle to the Ground December 17, 2010, BC Bass, Bennington Vale Evening Transcript

    Clerkschilde said he pondered the omens for many hours before he realized the message God was trying to impart. He now says he's converting to Scientology.

    "I'm just heartbroken over the destruction of the tabernacle, but I'm not going to question God's plans. Obviously, He's plenty ticked off with the LDS over something. Maybe it's all that money they raised to fight gay marriage in California instead of installing fire alarms at the tabernacle. I can't rightly say. At least with Scientology, I'll have similar restrictions about what I can eat, drink, do and think, but I won't have to go see that court-ordered psychologist now. Religious objections and the like, you know."

    Tags: Utah,Bennington Vale Evening Transcript

    In the new year, there'll be an app for that.
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