Today Tonight takes on the Oxford Capacity Analysis

Discussion in 'Media' started by TinyDancer, May 6, 2011.

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    Thank you!
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  4. Anonymous Member

    Yet another cult footbullet,and a sign of desperation.
  5. hushpuppy Member

    Today Tonight needs to go international!
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  6. Anonymous Member

    I love it how persistent Bryan Seymor is in his reports about Scientology. Well done.
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  7. AnonLover Member

    can some who's good at pulling a screen snap still from footage get me an image of seymour standing next to the "Scientology Brainwash Campaign" caption/slogan around the :14 mark?

    imma full of fail with graphics, and my screensnaps keep coming out blurred.
  8. I <3 T/T !!!

    Another great story on the cult from them.

    And Dean was awesome as the "hit reg." I love this "buyer beware" stuff that makes creepy cult look creepy.
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  9. adhocrat Member

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  11. Cheappassion Member

    Anyone know how many viewers the show gets?
  12. Anonymous Member

    over 9000
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  13. Cheappassion Member

    Smart Ass.
  14. Anonymous Member


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  15. thefatman Member

    Loving Xenuphon's expression as he shreds the stress test. Fucking priceless.
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  16. Budd Member

    I love this guy! Aussies rock!!
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  17. TinyDancer Member

    Great image, but that's not Bryan Seymour, AL.
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  18. AnonLover Member

  19. Anonymous Member


    It's really funny that they are not even pretending to be journalistically objective on this one. [ooops, I sound like Louanne now]. But normally journalists have to give both parties the opportunity to respond and at least pretend to be neutral. Not on this show. They know Scientology is a brain washing cult and don't even try to hide their opinions.
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  20. adhocrat Member

    well, all journalists are Merchants of Chaos.;)
    But at 3:45 they read a letter from CoS explaining the purpose of the OCA, excuse me, the shore story of the OCA.
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  21. Kilia Member

    If this was taken at the :14 second frame as asked, then who the heck is the guy standing there??
    <don't mind's 9:30pm here in AK and the sun is still shining!>
  22. His name is Matthew White. He used to be a sports reporter before he got this plum gig.
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  23. TinyDancer Member

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  24. CarterUSP Member

    An educated public is a protected public.
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  25. AnonLover Member

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  26. slobeck Member

    TD: Thanks for that.

    aside. I swear your sheep knows what I'm thinking.
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  27. Zhent Member

    What the fuck, I recorded every ep of TT this week waiting for a scientology report, how did I miss this!?!!
    Only in Victoria maybe? *confused and furious*

    Anyway, another excellent segment on Scientology exposing another one of its nasty facets. The footage at the end of Nick putting the OCA through the shredder is priceless, classic TT there.
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  28. thefatman Member

    They kinda did. They did ask Scientology and all they said was "No you can't film and we won't comment." They also read out a statement the CoS has sent in.
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  29. Anonymous Member

    I love the way the Aussies say it like it is. UK tv is so blindly 'unbiased' a lot of the time in general news that they unwittingly give positive airtime to groups like scientology and the BNP.

    Another great piece of reporting.
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  30. Orson Member

    Scientology can't take a shit in Australia without TT reporting on it and getting Senator Xenophon's reaction to it.

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  31. Sponge Member

  32. RightOn Member

    "If someone needs help, The Church of Scientology would have to be one of the last places you'd go to"

    Like Hubbtard said, "write that down in great big letters in your book" (or something like that)

    I dedicate this most awesome news report to Kaja Bolla and her family.

    And to Brian Seymore you sexy hunk of man meat THANK YOU once again!
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  33. RightOn Member

    oh! and love ths smile on Xenophon's face when he shreds the test at the end!
    OMG that was lovely
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  34. Anonymous Member

  35. Anonymous Member

    But they are a brainwashing cult. Not that they literally said that in the program anyway. They used the &quot;Brainwash Campaign&quot; wording in sync with the announcer introducing the term &quot;Personality Test&quot; and after that they state their case. It wouldn't be my favorite term for that either (I'd have preferred &quot;Horseshit&quot;), but it still kinda works.
    Whatever the outcome of the OCA Presonality Test, the scientology assessment at the end is to convince you (i.e. fuck with your head) that that there is some aspect of your personality that needs fixing with scientology (or even the physical in some cases). It is this attempt to fuck with your head and then stuff faux solutions into it that is the first cycle of the &quot;brainwash&quot;.
    Do you really expect to have an entire point-counterpoint essay about their bait &amp; switch and their &quot;button pushing&quot; techniques in less than 4.5 minutes or every other time there is a short magazine programme about scientology? They stated their case, got independent professional comment and finally scientology's response. Consider the TT programme segment part of a long series which they are able to draw from. TT already established scientology as a &quot;brainwashing cult&quot; (and many other things) many times, and there is no indication that things have changed, yet TT is still willing to afford them the courtesty of using their official title of the &quot;Church&quot; of scientology throughout the piece.

    Fuck 'em.
    Scientology has huge propaganda resources with which to push its fraud and lies to an unsuspecting public so boohoo if they don't get a politically correct amount of airtime and even handedness every single time. Even the highly acclaimed ABC Four Corners documentary on scientology wasn't neutral and there was nothing wrong with TT's News magazine style here. I will bet you a dollar to the cent that had you given the cult the time then they'd use it up trying to change the subject onto &quot;Humanitarian Projects&quot; and &quot;Fastest growing religion&quot;, which they even do in their written responses, because they want publicity on their terms.
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  36. BigBeard Member

    I find this part of the Cof$ response letter very interesting:

    I suspect the actual rational behind this statement is trying to avoid being investigated for practicing psychiatry/psychology without being licensed to do so. And which I firmly believe should happen.

    But more telling is the statement this test is "used within the religion." So why is it being sent in mass mailings to people who are not members of $cientology, therefore not "within the religion", unless the actual aim is to bring them within the religion?? In which case, why are they not openly admitting this is a tool for proselytizing new members?? Are they ashamed of their religion, and of admitting they are looking for new members?? Why would that be....?

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  38. xenulondon Member

    Great video, but I wonder about it being pulled from YouTube

    This video deserves to be #1 result for google search for Oxford Capacity Analysis
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  39. thefatman Member

    O rly Scientology?


    Looks like that says:

    Doesn't sound like something you'd say to your members does it?

    O rly? That doesn't sound like something that is used entirely within the organisation?

    O rly? That sounds kinda bizarre for something that's used entirely within the religion. Especially since the wikipedia defines Scientometics as:
    So if it's entirely not scientific and is only used with in the religion, why is it that Scientometrics is a science or measuring and analysing science?

    Looks like you lot got caught out again.
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