Tokyo, Comic1: Post Game Report, April 30th, 2012

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    Comic1 ended a lot more successfully than we'd expected, relatively speaking. Unlike the Summer/Winter Comic Markets, there was n0 dedicated "Religion/Cult" topic section, so we were on our own in the "Miscellaneous" section with other unrelated topics.

    As such, we weren't expecting to be very busy at all without the usual spillover from other cult-watcher groups. But in spite of that, we actually got a fair number of visitors who flipped through the books, and a slightly bigger than expected number who actually picked copies up (around 10 or 12), so there are some people who know more about Scientology now than they did before. Small win is still win.

    A couple of events of note. The interviewer for "@IT Media" who did our first ever interview dropped by the say hi, introduced some of his coworkers and picked up some books for them to read. He also gave us an amusing gift:


    The other interesting event was one of the last visitors to our booth, near closing time, a woman who worked for a website Comic Sha-keen, a digital comic/doujin download market. From what we talked about, the creator of the work sets the price of the download, meaning that (as I understand it) we can just set the price at zero and allow it to be a free download. I'm not sure if there's any sort of service charge involved or not, but after we get the artist's opinion, we may consider using it as a distribution platform for PDFs of the comic in all the different language formats.

    Finally, it's not directly related to Comic1, but another IT journalist wrote another article about Anonymous which included an interesting Venn diagram, laying out the different branches of Anon as best as he understood it. I'm sore some will disagree with the layout he's created, but I'm just happy to see an emphasis in the media on the reality that "Anonymous is not a single monolithic entity". I'll end the report with his diagram:

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  2. anon walker Moderator

    Diagram reminds me of contraceptive pills.

    Other thing, this Sha Keen would be a good project. We did a (now woefully outdated) booklet that was up on's on-demand publishing site, with profit set to zero and free digital version available for download.

    I think it's a good idea. Run with it!
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  3. Anonymous Member

    Vendetta condom? It wouldn't surprise me as I have seen many forms, even like jelly candy. Anyway, well done.
  4. Great job! Thanks for the report.
  5. Trev6 Member

  6. BlooAnon Member

    Thanks for the report.

    A bearbrick; I've seen them before, but never knew what they were called. Awesome random present.
  7. Anonymous Member

    Epic as ever Trev6
  8. Anonymous Member

    Anonymousが注目を浴びるようになったのは、2008年初めに起きたサイエントロジー(Scientology)に対するデモ活動からで す。きっかけは俳優のトム・クルーズが出演するサイエントロジーのビデオがYouTubeにアップされたことでした。このビデオは他のメディアでも紹介さ れて話題となりましたが、サイエントロジーが著作権侵害などを理由にビデオの削除を要求しました。

     これにAnonymousが反発し、「Project Chanology」と呼ばれる反サイエントロジー活動が生まれました。当初はFAX/メール/電話による嫌がらせのほか、DDoS攻撃も一部で行われま したが、のちに平和的な抗議デモ活動へとシフトしていきました。2008年2月に世界中で行われたAnonymousを中心とした大規模な街頭デモには、 100都市で約7000人が参加したともいわれています。彼らはChanologyと呼ばれ、サイエントロジーに対する平和的な抗議活動を現在でも続けて います。
  9. Epic Report & Photos, Trev6! Bravo!
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    Xã Bình Cảng dog ỗ 1 y ( ộ g

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