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Discussion in 'Kyle Brennan' started by YouSeeNothing, Sep 18, 2012.

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    Remember Thomas Brennan left his Chaplain Denise's house right at or a few minutes after 11pm, it only takes about 10minutes for him to get home. Also remember the note in Kyle's pocket had 11pm on it. This as twenty minutes prior to Kyle's death he was making a series of frantic phone calls.
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    Also during Kyle's 2 1/2 hr with his uncle Gary L Robinson they spoke of his medication.
    "Kyle proceeded to tell his uncle that he was fearful of running out of the prescription. Wanting to conserve it, he was taking it when he thought he needed it most.
    Gary went on to tell Kyle that he no longer had to worry about not having enough of his medication, and to start taking it everyday. Kyle went on to say that he knew he would be feeling much better when he did this, and promised to do so."
    This writing is found in the last 1-2 paragraphs;


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    From KR on file Feb 17th, 2007; after recieving a call from Tom, Jerry Gentile's KR

    "Tom had been over his work just before that and had left at about 11:50PM. Denise and I immediately left the house and arrived at the coachman parking lot at approximately 12:10am, Feb 17th, 2007."

    Both he and his wife left which contradicts both of their depos
    Thomas Brennan left at 11:50 which contradicts Denise's depo

    "Yen: What kind of gun?
    Tom: a .38 special. It was never loaded or fired. I don't really like guns
    Yen: Were the bullets with the gun?
    Tom: I really can't remember. The gun was definitely not loaded.
    Yen: Ok. What time did you come home?
    Tom: I got off work around 11 and dropped by Denise's house from work to drop
    something off.
    Yen: Who is Denise?
    Tom: Jerry's wife (points to me). she's my chaplain. I just stopped to drop something off
    and say hi real quick.
    Yen: Ok. What time did you get here?
    Tom: About 11:45 I think. He must have done it just before I got home. He knew I got
    off at around 11.
    Yen: Do you know how many he has taken?
    Tom: No, I never saw him take them. He gave me the bottle when he got here. He did
    not really like taking them.
    Jerry: Ok, can I take Tom hone now, he won't be staying here? What do we have to do
    Jerry to Tom: Tom how about a locational assist
    Tom: No I'm alright

    11:45 when he left slam dunk at 11:pm by Denise's own depo
    He gave me the bottle when he got here. Another contradiction
    Jerry writes a Knowledge Report to OSA Int the same day, what wait a minute is this a church or a criminal organization?
    Note; Tom: I got off work around 11 (remember the note found in Kyle's pocket with just the number 11)
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    That's where I got .38 special! Thanks.
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    Something to keep in mind;
    From earlier deposition attorney to Scientologist
    Q: Okay. When is lying an overt?
    A: Probably when it does the most harm to the most number of dynamics.
    Q: And when is lying not an overt?
    A: The opposite; when it's for the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics.
    Q: So then lying is permissable?
    A : Well, it's -- if you look at the ethics in the context of society--I mean, I don't think lying is right. Lying isn't good. It's almost like saying
    it's a sin to kill. Did people sin in World War II when they killed people who were trying to harm them? And I would say no.
    So if you as me is lying a sin or an overt, I would basically say yes. If I had to lie because you were threatening my physicaly to hurt me and
    it was the only way I could do it to save myself, would that be an overt? No. So it's--ethics is a relative philosophy. It's not--I don't believe that
    it's carved-in-stone always this, that.
    Q: What is an, quote, acceptable truth?
    A: One that works
    Q When is an acceptable truth okay?
    A: When it works. When it's ethical. When it does the best good for the most number of people.

    I did not underline "ethical" in the last sentence because these people are not ethical by their own admission. Which is evidenced in the above posting "Knowledge Report" filed on the day that Kyle Brennan died.
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    Privilege Log

    Date Type Content Author Recipient CC Basis
    Feb 15th List of Actions Private personal confidentialMatteo Rosetti Matteo NoneHighly personal
    2007 prepared by Tom communication made by ethics officer Rosetti, ethicsconfidential
    Brennan and ethics Tom Brennan to his ministersand Tom Officer andcommunications made
    officer. for the purpose of seekingBrennan Tom Brennanby Tom Brennan to his
    spiritual counsel under the ethics officer (Master at
    procedures of Scientology Arms) for the purpose
    of seeking spiritual
    counsel under the
    established practices
    and procedures of
    Scientology, as directed
    by the case supervisor.

    Mar 15,Post suicide memosFacts and circumstancesMisc Persons Counsel for variousAttorney Client
    2007 and reports surrounding the suicide Flag Service privilege and Attorney
    forwardinvestigating the Organization work product
    matter and legal staff YEA, THIS IS HOW A CHURCH OPERATES, GET REAL!
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    Tom never says he "took care" of Kyle, it's always "handled".
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    Wait, wait, woah, hold up: Jerry Gentile was present for this whole conversation between Officer Yuen and Mr. Brennan?

    When interviewing witnesses at what might be a crime scene, is it not standard procedure to gather *independent* testimony?
  11. Anonymous Member

    Yes, separating and questioning potential witnesses is paramount so no quick rehearsals or suggestion can be given by others.

    However the street cop Yuen with 2yrs experience totally screwed up this investigation. The star shaped entrance wound pointed to it not being a suicide, one among many mistakes.

    Let's say when this finally goes to trial all of the defendants are Literally screwed they gave different timelines there was evidence tampering etc....
  12. grebe Member

    To interview people AND secure the (maybe) crime scene, don't you need at least two dudes?

    When a gun has been fired and somebody is dead, don't you hold open the possibility of foul play until some smart people have had a chance to review the evidence?
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    There were multiple uniforms on scene a Sergeant, Corporal and others however they let a 2yr rookie work, process and interview all parties. 15hrs later the case was turned over to the detective why they did not call him out, maybe budget issues.

    The 2yr rookie walked in called it a suicide and no evidence or correct processing was done they completely failed investigative techniques 101. In reality Thomas the so-called father would have arrived around 11:15PM at the latest. More than enough time to do his thing then call it in as a suicide at midnight.

    Like I said the star entrance point wound was not consistent with a suicide I draw this from the EMS write up that was on scene yet they disregarded it all.
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    Wait, dude got his own gun wrong? Wtf?
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    I'm puzzled by, "Look inside." If I were afraid I was about to be killed and somebody was going to try to make it look like an accident or suicide, I might write, "Dad did it," or "Murder" on myself.

    If people made me swallow weird stuff, I might write "look inside."

    I can imagine a guy writing, "look inside" above the top of his pants as a sexy joke just before meeting his lover. Photos of the writing would clarify if that might be the meaning. Cuz if "inside" means "my pants" then the writing has to be just above the pants.

    A guy having sexy fun time with a lover isn't likely to shoot himself, unless maybe there is a terrible rejection.
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    Page 132: Brennan says he took the bottle to the library to research it. Afterwards it went in the trunk and never came back out. Most importantly, he says he believes he never told Kyle he put it in the trunk! That didn't come out in the appeals court. The court discussed the interaction between Kyle and Brennan regarding the meds, but in this deposition he admits to taking the meds, locking them in the trunk AND NOT discussing it with Kyle. Am I not understanding something or is this all the court really needs to hear that Brennan took it upon himself to withhold the meds without discussing it with Kyle?

    Later, on page 136, he claims that Ky;e told him he didn't want it (the meds), that he didn't like taking them, but he never told Brennan "Take them I never want to see them again." He handed the meds to Brennan because Brennan wanted to know what they were--he then took them to the library. In my mind, based on the testimony, I believe the appellate judges are going to reopen the case. There's enough questionable material here that a jury needs to decide on.

    I read those pages as: Brennan asks about the meds, Kyle says he doesn't like the way they make him feel, Brennan asks what they are, Kyle says, "Here" and hands him the meds to so Brennan can see and then proceeds to take the bottle to the library and ultimately locking them in his trunk.
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    While wearing my tinfoil fedora the other night, I imagined that he may have swallowed a lock-deposit key. I haven't gotten to the ME report yet, but I read elsewhere that his stomach was empty.

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